Health Sector: Time to call a spade a spade


Dear Dr ______,

Is modern medicine scientific? I dare say it is not. The prime objective of any medical system is health. Modern medicine, propagated and backed by corporate philanthropists and the pharmaceutical industry is about profiting from selling drugs/ devices and diagnostics. Thus we have a spate of disease names, increasing by the day, followed by protocols that do nothing to cure people and restore health but add tremendously to sales and profit margins. 

This brand of medicine benefits everyone but the patient who loses health and wealth. It is the single largest contributor to poverty. It is highly exploitative, sans accountability and responsibility, and decides its own outcomes. It is known to vilify those who dare point out its shenanigans. Frankly speaking no other system comes close to it in terms of arrogance, spite, haughty demeanor, and criminal intent. It is a blot on the name of medicine and healthcare. 

My assessment is here;

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The PPT that I presented at a health conference attended by UN and WHO representatives is attached. In it you will find that the "scientific venture" is ignoring its own science just because it will affect the profit margins. We all know how in a conference of oncologists cancer cures were opposed on the ground that it was not the desired objective; "bad for business". What happened in Covid times should shock us all. The upcoming Pandemic Treaty is putting a seal on the nefarious moves of the same forces that masquerade as healthcare and it is not pretty. Entire nations will be subverted and rights decimated to establish "science". God forbid. 

Why is it so difficult to realize that things are wrong? Maybe we should start thinking in terms of patient welfare and health? Why should things be so complicated when in the not so distant past it was the humble mother and grandmother who ensured both care and health? What prevents us from realizing that this system is consciously creating epidemics of disease and disability so that it can prosper by managing them? Maybe we all should introspect. What is our vision; a healthy society or a healthy industry?  

Health is such a simple subject! It is a personal responsibility, a family venture, and a community initiative. The doctor's role is minimal and can be done without. It should be measured by the strength, vitality, and healthy mentality of individuals, the love and cohesion at the family level, and unity, fellow feeling and lack of criminality at the community level. Today we are profusely and irreversibly sick at personal, family, and community levels. This was pointed out by Gandhi in his writings. But then the Rockefellers and Rothschilds were more appealing to us instead of a pauper.  

I feel very sad when seemingly intelligent people condescend to levels they ought not to. A profession that ought to be helping people is today engaged in plotting its demise, sending sane populations into a tizzy when they realize what is coming. That is the important part. The people are waking up, and the industry is baring its fangs trying to keep the inevitable at an arm's length. 

May good sense prevail, 

With regards,