An Indian Saint on the coming destruction

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(This blog post of mine has been circulated and read by people globally. Many videos too have been made based on this post and have been viewed by millions. This is also a part of the Malika predictions. Swami Achyutananda had predicted that his prophecies would circle all over the globe along with Jagannath culture. He has also predicted that at the end of Kali Yuga there will be tremendous interest in his prophecies; people will be eager to know and read about them.)

The date of this article is 24th May 2015 which is when I wrote the first draft. The date appearing in this blog changes whenever I add anything.

Suffering the intolerable heat that has engulfed Odisha with temperatures going past 46C, my memory heads back to my childhood days. It was in the year 1971, at the age of 9, that I had accompanied a group to explore certain scenic spots of Odisha. That map contained Chhatia - a small temple town - a village really. There is a temple of Lord Jagannath here with the prophecy that at the end of Kali Yuga when the city of Puri will be inundated by the sea, the idols of the Trinity will be rescued and placed in this temple where the worship would continue.

However, that was not what sparked my interest. There was an old priest there who we children gathered around. He started telling us about how one day the water, land, air and food would be poisoned and people would suffer on account of it. He also spoke about the pollution of minds and how people would increasingly become criminals and commit the most heinous acts. I remembered drifting away unable to believe him. In 1971 pollution was not heavy on our minds and we children did not recognize it. We had not come across rampant criminality either.

When I started reading about environmental issues in my high school and college days my mind kept drawing back to that hermit. I soon had a few books containing the prophecies of Swami Achyutananda (contemporary of Lord Chaitanya) called the Achyutananda Malika, and a few others of that period. Going through the books was not easy but I could comprehend the following sample (please consider these were predicted 500 years ago);

At the end of Kali Yuga;

1. People would forget God and even ridicule Him and the few believers that would remain.
2. Respect for elders and teachers would disappear. Many mischievous people would pose as religious leaders and through their oratory would mislead the masses. 
3. People would disregard their parents and become attached to their wives.
4. Tradition would be lost and time old teachings would be disregarded.
5. People would take to dishonesty and crime as a profitable livelihood. The criminals would carry deadly weapons openly and use them. Many of those who indulge in large scale corruption would be shamed (exposed?).
6. Both men and women would lose their modesty and develop illicit relationships.
7. Children would become addicted to sex and even have offspring.
8. Incest would be rampant with sex within relatives and family.
9. People of the same sex would enjoy each others company. Sexual crimes and conflicts will become common 
10. The Sun would lose its benevolence and rain fire on the people.
11. Winds would create havoc. People would start fearing the hissing wind. (Cyclones?)
12. Rainfall would fail the farmers who would abandon their profession. (Happening)
13. Strange diseases would appear, epidemics would spread that would baffle doctors and kill people in large numbers. People will get tired of cremating bodies and they will be left rotting within homes to be eaten by predators. Mental peace would be lost. Strangely, the medicines would aggravate the epidemics instead of controlling them.

Achyutananda has a specific couplet for modern day doctors. He writes in Odia;
"Roga na chinhibe, Nidana na janibe, Vaidya bolaibe."
Which means;
"There will appear a class of people who will not understand disease, nor know about cures, but will still be called doctors."

There is also a warning for the doctors;
The Malika talks of a disease characterized by blood vomiting. It says,
"Adya Vaidya Thare Prakash Hoibo Are Anya Hebe Nasha,
Vaidya Nash Jebe Hoibo O Barang Auke Hebe Dhangsha
The blood vomiting will first appear in doctors and will lead to mass deaths of doctors, wiping them out (vaidya nasha).

14. Wild animals and snakes would leave the forest and invade villages and homes. (Happening)
15. There would be a National Highway to Puri. (Complete)
16. Stones would fall from the temple. The flag atop the temple would fall a number of times. The innermost precincts would see blood. The covering of cloth atop the Trinity would catch fire. Temple ceremonies would be grossly mismanaged. (These have happened already)
17. The last King of Odisha would be a "Balaka Brudhha" - Aged child.
18. The last King of Puri would be Gajapati Maharaj (the name is mentioned)
19. The last King of India would be a strong Hindu ruler.
20. During the build up to the end, the people would suffer inflation, non availability of food, diseases, mishaps, increased taxes forcing people to rebel against governments
21. Lord Jagannath would be maligned (Recent happenings during the Nabakalebara festival and subsequent events have indeed maligned the Lord)

After the terrible super Cyclone Fani that devastated the town of Puri and its surroundings on 3rd May 2019 many have asked me if it was predicted by Achyutananda. Yes, he had predicted a Cyclone that would hit the Jagannath Temple at Puri and break the Banyan tree known as Kalpa Briksha within its premises which has happened. He had said that after this Lord Jagannath would emerge from the Temple riding a horse and with a sword in his hand start annihilating the polluted population. So this will be the starting point of the predictions regarding increased deaths due to infighting, mishaps and epidemics.

The end predictions are as follows;
1. When the farmers would lose interest in agriculture and wild animals would invade villages, know the end is very near.
2. Two Sun's would be visible in the sky terrorizing people. (A comet?). (A friend informs that according to the prediction this comet will be visible in the sky for 33 days terrorizing people. It will crash into the Bay of Bengal letting loose the terrible tsunami which will invade coastal Odisha. The sea will reach up to the Khandagiri hills of Bhubaneswar which is more than 60 kms away. Also a whale will wash up and be stranded at Jajpur, again quite a distance from the sea).
3. The world would become dark for 7 days and the skies would scream putting great fear into the hearts of men killing many. (If Yellowstone blows in the USA this will indeed happen as the bellowing smoke would engulf the world). 
4. The earth would shake violently destroying towns and villages.
5. The sea would surge forward (look at comment no 2 above) and the Temple of Lord Jagannath would be inundated up to the 22 steps that lead to the Temple atop a sand hill. The sea would be so violent that the surf from the sea would fly above the NilaChakra - the Chakra positioned at the top of the Temple. (This is indeed a scary prediction. The height of the sea at the Temple denotes an inundation of an extensive nature maybe up to 60kms inland)
6. Foreigners would destroy the Hirakud Dam (leading to large scale flooding?)
7. Only 2-3 persons per village would survive the catastrophic end to carry the seeds of civilization forward.
8. All machines created by men would cease to function (Very interesting. How can this happen? A solar storm that wipes out electrical grids? Pole shift?)
9.The major destruction in Odisha would occur at midnight - Nishardha

What are the monetary predictions of Achyutananda?

  • Saved money will be confiscated by the State, stored money will be be destroyed by the earth.
  • There will be no rich, all will be equally poor.
  • People will look at their money and weep.

The prophecy of the sea waters reaching the Jagannath Temple has three phases;

  • In the first incident the water will reach the wall of the Temple called the Meghnad wall. This wall was set up so the roar of the sea could not reach the ears of Lord Jagannath
  • In the second incident the water will go inside and inundate the 21 steps to touch the seat of the Lord called the Ratna Singhasan
  • The third event will witness the water flow over the temple top. This will happen as a comet falls into the Bay of Bengal

The first incident could be due to a big cyclone. The second will be a tsunami where the waters reach about 25 kms inland. In the third incident the water will reach 60kms inland to touch the Khandagiri caves in Bhubaneswar. The coastal areas of South India and Bengal too would be severely affected.

Many of the major end time astrological signs prophesied by Achyutananda are falling in 2024. It is also in this year that Lord Jagannath will leave the temple. An incident that will happen prior to it will have a huge fallout and expose many.

The 13 day period (13 dina paksha) predicted falls during the retreat of Lord Jagannath after Snana Yatra post 22nd June 2024. This period is not considered auspicious ordinarily as Lord Jagannath leaves his seat. There is the apprehension that this may be the last Ratha Yatra fulfilling the no Ratha Yatra for six years prediction.

Update on Jagannath Temple Happenings (9th April 2022)
True to Swami Achyutananda's predictions the Lord is being maligned. Many negative events are being observed in the Temple and its surroundings. 
- There is a festival that takes place every 12 to 14 years when the wooden idols are replaced with fresh ones. Known as the Nabakalebara this is done with great devotion and many rules have to be meticulously followed. However discrepancies were noticed in the last two festivals. In the last festivals many rules were blatantly violated for the sake of personal gains. The devotees of Lord Jagannath were hurt and there was talk of the end of the Kali Yuga
- The Jagannath Ratha Yatra is being carried on without devotees since 2020 due to corona restrictions. The prediction is that Kali Yuga will end 9 years, 9 months, and 9 days of that happening. 2030 seems to be the end game 
- In the name of beautification the surroundings of the temple have been cleared by taking down religious institutions hundreds of years old and which were vital for the many festivals that are a part of the Jagannath Culture
- There is proposal to build an international airport at Puri and link the airport to the Temple by way of an underground channel. The Sankaracharya has opposed this. There is also an attempt to build a very big building by the side of the Temple premises breaking ASI regulations. This has caused an uproar
- Many happenings are definitely bad omens;
               1. Fire from a lamp being taken to the top of the Temple took a threatening form and burnt the Temple flag
               2. Many vultures suddenly appeared and flew around the Temple top. This is highly unusual and considered a very bad omen. The sight was ominous and shocked people 
               3. The sky atop the Temple became dark red one evening. The prediction is a big war will break out. The Russia Ukraine confrontation has happened and no one knows which direction it will take
               4. A miscreant (a dissatisfied devotee) was suddenly enraged and at midnight he broke 100 earthen cooking pots that are used to cook the Maha Prasad of the Lord. If we take Puranic lore into consideration this indicates Mother Laxmi has left the Temple and there are famines and food crisis ahead
               5. A women has jumped from the Singhadwar ‘Gumuta’ (entrance arch) of Jagannath Temple in Puri on 30.04.2022. There was bloodshed in front of the Temple gate as a result - a very bad omen. This is an unprecedented event and occurs in the day of the Solar Eclipse that occurs in a very crucial period of massive planetary shifts in April - May 2022

              6. The attempt by the Government to construct buildings and walls surrounding the Heritage Temple is also very disturbing. Besides flouting ASI norms, the construction, according to experts, will pose a threat to the Temple itself as everything here is sand and the Temple is delicately poised atop a sand dune. An ASI team has visited the site on 1st May 2022. However considering the political atmosphere it is doubtful that anything meaningful will emerge.

Another stone has fallen in the temple premises on 10th March 2024, Shivaratri,any%20danger%20to%20the%20temple.  

Those keeping count say six such incidents have happened so far. One more stone has to fall.

These events are fulfilling the prophecy of Achyutananda that, "Lord Jagannath will be maligned". This is a last stage prophecy before the great destruction begins.

There is another prophecy that the Garuda Stambha in front of the main gate of the Jagannath Temple will be taken away. Will these construction activities damage the Garuda Stambha that will then have to be dismantled? This event will herald the coming of Lord Kalki.  

There was a case filed in the Supreme Court to stop the illegal construction work around the temple. The Supreme Court has turned down the plea. While expressing his satisfaction over the judgement the Government lawyer who is also a politician has revealed that there are plans to model the Temple surroundings on the design of the Vatican City.

The Temple will continue to give omens. The last event will be a full scale attack on the Temple with a lot of bloodshed in its premises. The final events of the end of the Kali Yuga are supposed to take place after that.

Update July 2024

A terrible thing has happened on 9th July 2024 during the third day of the Ratha Yatra at Puri. The idol of Lord Balabhadra, the uncompromising and unforgiving elder brother of Lord Jagannath, has fallen on the servitors while being led down the Chariot injuring 9. This is a very bad omen considering that Achyutananda had warned about the Hindu year 2024 beginning April 2024. We witnessed terrible heat, increased accidents, fires, floods, and landslides. He also warned about the 13 day period from 23rd June to 5th July that will be followed by 4 months of turmoil in the world. This year also has many other malefic astrological combinations.

As per the scriptures this fall indicates danger for both the King and the subjects. It also indicates famine, epidemics and natural disasters;

 The TV coverage;  

Update March 2023

Two of Achyutananda's predictions have been fulfilled in this month;

  • A branch of the tree atop his Samadhi in Nemal has come down and touched his Samadhi. It will denote the end of the Kali Yuga.

  • On 24th March the sight of the crescent moon with Jupiter as a dot beneath it, fulfills Achyuta's prophecy of the end of Kali Yuga and the imminent appearance of Kalki. He called it, "Bindu below Indu" or "the spot beneath the crescent moon".

Update 21st June 2022

On 20th June 2022 a congregation of intellectuals at Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Bhubaneswar deliberated upon the ongoing demolition and construction activities around the Jagannath Temple at Puri. Eminent journalists, lawyers, historians and academics put forth their views. 

The issues discussed are;

- Demolition of prominent religious institutions surrounding the temple violates state, national, and international laws that protect ancient structures and cultures. These institutions were hundreds of years old and a part of Jagannath culture worldwide

- The construction of houses and pathways around the temple violate the law that nothing can be constructed within 100 meters surrounding the temple that is under ASI supervision

- There is a permission from the ASI for minor construction but what has happened is major work that has violated the permission conditions

- The massive digging near the temple that is built on a sand dune has threatened the existence of the structure. It is a matter of time before the results become evident. Water is certain to seep into the temple base and threaten the temple that does not have a plinth base and is built with massive stones without any kind of cementing support. It is a very delicate construction that hinges around gravity and balance. Earlier it was observed how even the length of the flag atop the temple was shortened because it was perceived to be a threat. Previously normal water seepage has led to massive stones being dislodged and fall from the temple. The temple architecture is very complex and mysterious. So far no technical expert has been able to decipher it. It was built by consulting very old building instructions recorded in palm leaf manuscripts

- The culture of Lord Jagannath predates the temple. The history is not fully known but there are references in Indian texts that date back to prehistoric times. The state of Odisha has nearly 12000 temples that are more than 300 years old (7000 recorded by historian Anil Dhir ) . These desperately need funds for repairs and maintenance. The thousands of crores being spent on the Jagannath Temple premises can be gainfully utilized in this regard

- The Jagannath temple was connected to Bengal by a road called the Jagannath Sadak. People travelled on foot, oxen and horse driven carriages to Puri. The road itself was a pilgrimage with hundreds of temples and Maths lined across it. The road is today only a shadow usurped by development activities but still villagers worship the remnants of the road as it leads to Lord Jagannath. This shows how much the people are attached to the Jagannath culture

The speakers expressed anguish at how the surrounding ambience around the temple has been disturbed and an entertainment park like scenario created around this most prominent religious identity of the Hindus. This has pained the devotees all over the world they have claimed. They pointed out that the Jagannath Temple has attracted the likes of Adi Shankaracharya, Ramanuja, Guru Nanak and Sri Chaitanya who have traveled by foot across inhospitable terrain and set up their Maths in the city of Puri enamored by the charm of Lord Jagannath. They felt that the maximum damage has been done and there is no hope of recovering from it.

They said they were amazed that the people of Odisha have remained mute spectators to this development. They appealed to people to get together and exercise their rights as Citizen of the country, forgetting political and religious affiliations, to protect this extremely important monument and the surrounding culture.

The Kalki Avatar: (I have received this as a feedback after initially circulating this article)

1. According to the Malika, the Kalki Avatar would be born in Odisha. He will be averse to publicity and engage with his devotees (leela) mostly in forests and far away places. His devotees will also keep themselves hidden as they lead tortuous lives under the wrath of Kali.
2. According to the Jagannath Malika, Sishu Ananta Malika and also the Hadidas Malika His name would be "Chakradhar"
3. He would (through his spiritual powers?) initiate a World War - the destruction of which will strike immense terror in the hearts of people who would not forget it for a thousand years and would kill and disable many.
4. After the War people would engage in reorganizing a new society. Wealth hidden in temples and in many unknown underground places would be used for gainful purposes. Civilization would push forward with a new mindset. (Reminds me of Sri Aurobindo's descent of the Supermind)
5. Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Devi Subhadra would incarnate as per Achyutananda and Hadidas Malika. They would also stay hidden.
6. The next King of Odisha would be "Anantakeshari", around 65 years after the destruction.

Recently I had visited the Sankaracharya Math at Puri. They are collecting donations for a grand revamp of the Math. The priest collecting the donations suddenly looked forlorn and shared this with me. "We are trying hard but the Sankaracharya is not taking any interest. He says that before the project would be completed the combination of an immense cyclone, a very big earthquake and a huge sea surge would strike Odisha. No town or village would emerge unscathed. The seat of the Sankaracharya too would be sent underground by the quake."

I may mention here that the Sankaracharya Gobardhan Math at Puri has been extensively damaged by the Super Cyclone Fani that made landfall at Puri on the 3rd May 2019.

Those well versed in the Malika may please add or correct me.

Reference to Kalki Avatara Sri Chakradhara in the Malika

Panchasakha Malika: Saraswati Vidya Bhandar, Badambadi, Cuttack (Page 32)

 Here is described how 74,000 devotees and other historical souls of Mahabharata period will take birth and will be attracted to “Sri Chakradhar”

Sri Sishu Ananta Malika

 Chausturi hazar bhagata puna

Sholakosha madhye hebe janama [29]

Ethu adhike shola sarkar

Chaushathi mahanto janma abara [30]

Ashta senapati ethi sangare

Janma hoibe nanadi jatire [31]

Baishnaba nohina gruhare thibe

Balaka swarupe Prabhu milibe [32]

Jahara jeun seba adhikar

Dakini debe se Sri Chakradhar [33]

 (74,000 devotees would be born within a specified area. 64 religious leaders would also be born. Eight military generals would be born in various castes. They would not be Vaisnavs (sannyasis?) and be householders. They would find the Lord to be one with the simplicity of a child. The Lord would graciously tell them about their duties towards Him)

 Dwadasha Khanda Srimad Bhagawata

Dwitiya Adhyae

Suka Ubacha

 Page 69

 Bishnu jasha name Brahman, Bishnu je tara grihejana

Jashobanti name Brahmani, Ta garbhe janma Chakrapani

Kalki namere Avatar, hoibe parama Iswara

 (Chakrapani would be born to the Brahmin Bishnujasha and Jashobanti as Kalki Avatar.)

 (Note: Everywhere it is written that Kalki Avatar will take birth in a Brahmin household but in Sri Krishna’s last message Krishna Uddhava Samvad, he has clearly declared to Uddhava that he will be born in a Shudra household, much to the surprise of Uddhava. – (Krishna Uddhava Samvad))

 Achyutananda Sunya Sanhita

Chaturtha Adhyaya

 Page 99

 Kali seshabele ghor tama achhadiba

Krushna bolibaku kehi janehein nathiba

Emanti dekhina je apane Jagannath

Benihate dhari khanda nashibe daitya

Gayare Sambal nagre Bishnusharma ghara

Janamani tapasya karibe Chakradhara

Andhakar nashi bhakta uday karibe

Nirakar mantra dei kalmasha nashibe

(Towards the end of the Kali Yuga there will be great fall in values. There will be no one left to even utter the name of Krishna. Witnessing this Lord Jagannath will incarnate and kill the criminals with a sword. At Sambal Nagar in Gaya to Bishnusarma would be born Chakradhara who would undertake great hardship from his childhood days. He will ultimately pierce through the darkness and create devotees. He would give the Nirakara mantra to end the ills plaguing mankind)

 Achyutananda Malika O Hadudas Malika, Dharmagrantha Store, Alishabazar, Cuttack


Agata Bhabisya Malika


 Page 60

 Karnadei shuna sujane Kaliyuga vichara

Kalki rupare janama hebe Sri Chakradhara

 (Listen with all ears all those who still cling to Dharma in the Kali Yuga, Sri Chakradhara would be born as Kalki Avatara)

Clearing Certain doubts;

·  Kali Yuga is of 432,000 years. According to Achyutananda 35 kinds of sins have shorted the period to about 5,000 years

·  Why should destruction occur? The world runs on dharmic principles. Currently adharma is ruling. At the end of Kali Yuga Dharma will re-establish itself. At that time all adharmic structures will fall. This is not the fault of Dharma, but for the irresponsible nature of Adharma that we are facing destruction

·       When will Kalki appear? Kalki is already on earth. He is roaming as an ordinary person. He will make himself known when the destruction reaches a stage.

·     How powerful is Kalki? He has all the powers of an Avatar. There are descriptions of Kalki that show he has a spiritual indestructible body. He has a vehicle that is very powerful and indestructible. He has a weapon that is unparalleled. The world, despite its weaponry, will fear Kalki.

What did Chakradhar say about the immediate future?

He was born as Chakradhar Mahato in a very remote tribal village in the tribal district of Mayurbhanj in Odisha. His parents had given up hope for children when the Mother saw a divine personality with a Discus (Chakra) in His hand in her dream who promised to be born as Her son. She then became pregnant and bore the pregnancy for 12 long years. It was a period of great frustration for the parents but they were blessed with frequent visits from the divine personality who came to uplift their spirit. Ultimately a child was born on 12th February 1976. Keeping in mind the divine personality, his parents named him Chakradhar. He had a short lifespan of 40 years during which He led a very normal but hidden and inconspicuous life even as He interacted periodically with a multitude of devotees from several states in India and beyond. He preferred to stay away from the formal gaze of people though He did convey his presence to religious and political leaders of India knowing very well they would not believe that He had come. He never wanted praise or adulation, and the usual allegations against him he bore with patience and without animosity.

These were his observations about the future when he grudgingly touched upon the subject and which I have collected from various people;

- Whenever I appear on earth cataclysmic changes happen. I come to lead the world from one era to another. Such periods are extremely problematic and catastrophic. Without my physical presence on earth such changes are difficult to manage.
- When you want to build a new house at the spot where your old house stands you need to bring down the old structure for the new to take its place.
- Yes today (this was around 2012) both people and politicians have forgotten about Dharma but in the form of religion it will soon raise its head globally and be the center of discussions with people both for and against.
- All religions have a place in this world, but geographically they have separate places where they are powerful in their individual forms. That revival and shift will take place. Each will return to its source. Encroachments will end.
- India will attract the world's attention as sincere seekers and researchers will find in its philosophy, scriptures and secular texts the solutions to the problems that afflict the world. The present Western mode of hedonism will lose its grip upon the world. People will rediscover the importance of human nature and humanity and their relationship with nature.
- But these changes will not come easily and will be challenged at every step by the representatives of the present culture. They will be unwilling to change and will ultimately perish.
- The suffering of people will increase at several levels as the economic and monetary systems will collapse at a global scale. The country will witness unrest at external and internal levels. It will be drawn into a vicious war with its neighbors. That war will end with a very devastating earthquake that will severely affect the entire war zone
- Even as the country recovers, the system of governance within will change drastically. It will seem as if all problems have been conquered and won.
- But then will begin a very ferocious world war. It will be equally matched by huge natural disasters of a magnitude rarely seen on earth. The geography of the present world will change as a result. Much of what is land will be under water; new land will rise from under the oceans. Only 25% of the present population will survive the catastrophe. Of that 15% will be disabled. More women will survive then men. The ratio of women to men will be 3:1. All prophecies in this regard will be fulfilled. India, and Australia will retain much of their land. When the prophecies begin to happen, the events will be swift and decisive. The egoistic people of today can only watch helplessly with great fear in their hearts.
- Inhabitants of a very advanced civilization will appear after the catastrophe and help with the rebuilding and restoration work. They will introduce eco-friendly advanced technologies. The funds for restoration will come from Temples whose unlocked treasure house doors will open at the behest of people who know how to but are leading anonymous lives now. People with prior knowledge of buried wealth will reveal themselves and help dig that out.
- As the civilization slowly recovers, reorganizes and settles down, around 2035, very lofty spiritual souls will take birth in human form. They will revive the spiritual traditions and also tap into the universal records (known to us as Akashic records) to revive the spiritual practices that have been lost. This knowledge will spread to the entire globe and people will be benefited and be grateful for the knowledge that will spread from the Indian subcontinent and will result in transformation in the mindsets of people all over the world. (Incidentally while the major destruction begins as Saturn enters Pisces in the period March 2025 - February 2026, and ends by 2030, normalcy is expected to return to the wounded earth by 2035 which is the same as predicted here)
- The spurt in spirituality will witness a direct link between individuals and Nirguna Brahman (the unfathomable all knowing consciousness that alone exists) without intermediaries. That knowledge and practices will be spread by selfless souls who will regard themselves as compatriots rather than Gurus.
- "Yes, a Golden Age will arrive, but are you ready for the immense wars and destruction that will precede it? Once the events begin they cannot be stopped." (He appeared extremely troubled and agitated when he said these words to a devotee).
- I cannot take the responsibility of all, not even of many of those who have come and surrendered to me. All must prepare themselves for what is to come.
- I do not want my name to spread. I have not come for name or fame or for performing miracles of any kind. I have come to redesign the new world. I have come to meet my devotees who see me once in every cycle of 4 to 5000 years.
- My coming will slowly reveal itself to all as Sages come and write about me and what I have done in the subtle sphere unknown to all. That will be around 120 to 200 years from today.

Himalayan Earthquake & Future Badrinath (Bhavishya Badri).

A huge quake is imminent in the Himalayan range. This has been foreseen in our scriptures and mythical records - the Puranas. A prophecy involves the Badrinath shrine. The path to this shrine goes through a narrow space between two mountains called Nara and Narayan. It is said that the two mountains will come together and the Badrinath shrine will simply disappear. It does not end there. There is a Narasimha deity in the nearby Joshi Math which is supposed to be protecting the shrine. So long as its hand is present and intact the shrine will remain protected. Very strangely the hand of this deity has inexplicably started narrowing and today it hangs by a thread. The servitors say they are afraid of handling the deity lest the hand falls off. There is also the prophecy that the Lord will magically appear at another place that will then become a pilgrim spot. That place is known as Bhavishya Badri or the future Badrinath (shown in accompanying photograph). Here too a stone established by Adi Sankara, is growing on its own and today there are very distinct marks of a face, torso, hands and legs in it. With every passing day the stone is sculpting itself to a human form. Our Puranas say that of the four major pilgrimage spots (Chaar Dham) of the Hindus two will be completely obliterated. Jagannath Dham and Badrinath Dham. I have already written on how a tsunami and an earthquake is prophesied that will destroy the Temple of Lord Jagannath necessitating the transfer of the idols to another spot where a temple complex is now ready and is waiting to receive him. 

The sinking of the Joshimath is a frightening indication of what is to come.

Update 10th April 2023
A friend has called and informed that the Puja of the deity in the Narasimha Temple has stopped. The Priest has dreamt that the hand has fallen off. He immediately informed the authorities and the public and Government officials opened the doors in the morning. They may have noticed some aberration because they ordered all rituals to stop. The devotees can only have darshan now.

Jagannath Temple waiting to be submerged!

There is a small Jagannath Temple at the coastal village of Pentha in Kendrapara district of Odisha. The Temple was constructed by the King of Kanika who ruled around 250 years ago. He had wanted to build a huge structure that would compete with the Jagannath Temple at Puri. Accordingly he had gathered a lot of competent people around the place, ancestors of the present population in the village. He called the best vastu experts from neighboring states to lay the foundation and design the Temple. The experts began their work by studying the signs and consulting their books. Then an ominous silence descended. The King anxiously wanted to know what had happened. It was not advisable to construct a big structure at the spot, opined the experts, as the region would one day be engulfed by the sea. The spot at that time was around 10 kms away from the sea. Thus a small structure came up as the King did not want to entirely give up and Lord Jagannath is being worshipped for more than 200 years at the spot. The elderly in the village say the sea was 6 km away from the village during their childhood days – about 60 years ago. In their lifetime it has moved those 6 km and is today just adjacent to the village separated by a stone embankment put up by the government. I myself have seen it advance around 50 meters since 2011. The beach where we used to gather is today taken over by the ocean and dolphins play on the spot. It is not improbable that the sea will one day engulf the entire region. This is another prophecy coming true.

A Tibetan prophecy;

- A period of plagues will become widespread in the middle of summer. People will die from dawn to dusk. At that time, all the forest (ecosystems) will collapse. All the rocky mountains will crumble at their bases. One will not be able to bear the levelling (process) of the earth's (mountains). For every ten persons, only one will be left.

- A period of sickness and diseases will come. Some will die from fever; some from chills; some from stomach ailments; some from madness; some from skin diseases; Some from heart disease, others from liver disease.

The Christian prophecy;

- People with extensive sores all over their bodies will suffer horribly in extreme temperatures. They will also be mentally affected

Predictions of Haidakhan Babaji  

Shri Babaji said that mankind is in great danger during the period of Kali Yuga-the Age of the rise of materialism and the decline of spiritual life. He foretold of widespread physical destruction and change and death in this decade. He said that those who worship God (in any of the ways man knows Him) and repeat His name and live in harmony with the Universe will be saved and that a new, humanitarian society of people who are focused on God will be formed.

 Shri Babaji said that when the great destruction comes to the world, those who believe in and worship God sincerely and especially those who repeat His Name(s), would be saved by the power of the mantra. "God's Names are more powerful than a thousand atomic and hydrogen bombs.”

26 JULY 1979 (Herakhan)

Some important observations made by Sri Babaji on the future world events.
The change of the present, which is full of turmoil, will be brought about by bloody revolution. Peace will return only after the revolution reaches its zenith.
In the aftermath of the revolution-which will be total; no country will be spared big or small-some countries will be totally erased, leaving no sign of their existence.
In some 3% to 5% and up to maximum of 25% of the population will be spared and will survive.
Earthquakes, floods, accidents, collisions and wars will bring about the destruction.
The destructive elements, which were kept in cheek by Sri Babaji, have been released to do their worst.
Those who pray to their chosen divinity will not be affected.

28 JULY 1979 (Herakhan)

Giving reference to his earlier prediction Shri Babaji foretold that the revolution (like a scythe) will be total and will be from one end of the world to another. Revolution spoken about on 26-7-1979, will increase in tempo, and will reach its culmination point. It will not be confined to any particular country, but the whole world will be engulfed, big and small countries alike.

People today are full of misery and unhappiness. Misery and unhappiness is not confined to the poor, but rich people are affected too. All are suffering from difficulties, misery, and unhappiness. The leaders of all countries are busy safeguarding their positions and have totally ignored their people needs and interests. These leaders are misguiding the public. There is complete insecurity. There is no safety of person or property. New leaders are being trained and prepared to take over from U the (corrupt) leaders who will restore just and proper order and bring peace.

At present, demonic influences have engulfed men. Man will fight and devour men and they will destroy each other. First, destruction will take place, then a lull and then peace will prevail. Some of the countries will be completely destroyed. Prayer will be the only safeguard and saviours against destruction. Forget past and future, abolish all other thoughts, but pray with total concentration of mind and soul and have full faith in God. Chant OM NAMAH SHIVAYA and you can defy death. Have no thought about your life and death. No evil influence will ever come near you if you pray with purity of heart and mind and with all faith and concentration.

Babaji then said, "More than half of the people are oriented towards destruction" and went on to relate a story of how, at a time in the past (Mahabharata times), all the resources of Ravana's kingdom were used for the creation of a bomb so large and powerful that it was even more powerful than those we have today. Then some positive and creative forces got together and created something that would be even more powerful than this enormous destructive bomb. They created the mantra bomb.

"The mantra is still the only way."

Babaji then gave two examples of survival and said that those who use the mantra will survive in the same way.

First Example: When Lord Krishna was at a battle where everything was on fire, a locust came to pray at His feet. Krishna then placed His helmet over the locust. Everything on the field was burned and killed, except the locust, which survived under Lord Krishna's helmet.

Second Example: in a flourmill, all of the grain is ground up, just like people are in the destructive process. A few grains escape because they are near the centre pole and fall down and away from the grinding wheel.

"I am happy that you are here. You should not waste your time while you are here. Have faith."

Babaji used the term "Kranti", which may be interpreted as "revolution" or "destruction". He said that a Maha Kranti (great revolution) was fast approaching and would be known as the Blood and Fire Kranti. When asked if everybody would be killed in this Kranti, Babaji compared this destruction with that of the Mahabharata (the great battle fought in Lord Krishna's time), when all the great warriors were killed.

"Be strong in the time of great revolution which is coming. No one can stop the fire coming in the world now. The bells of great destruction are already ringing. The war will be such that people sleeping will die immediately. There will be atomic war. People will die immediately in their houses from gas and atomic and nuclear radiation."

A person who does not do some kind of constructive work is like a dead person. A new kingdom is coming very soon. When the new kingdom is established, only the person who does karma (i.e., works) will survive.

While working you should always recite the mantra you like; you should always recite the mantra.
The coming destruction is going to take place in such a manner that only, the person who is doing some karma, some work, will survive it. One should not lose courage, one should always be enterprising, trying to do something more than what he is doing.

A person might argue that when destruction is going to take place, why should I work? Why should I do any karma? But that is not right. One should work to his last breath. Idleness should always be avoided.

Babaji likes human beings. Humanitarian work should be done by all of us. Babaji wishes humans well. A person who follows this and who always keeps humanitarian rules in mind will be loved by everyone and shall survive all this destruction and shall remain happy. One should try to bring these humanitarian ideas to everybody who does not have them.

Predictions of Baba Gorakhnath

Listen Kamalo, such hard times are coming that men will not be able even to breathe any more. There will be a great change and turmoil on this earth. No king will remain, no leader. This earth will destroy everybody. A time is coming soon when a light will be visible on earth every 240 km only (that is, small habitations will be visible and they will be distantly located, very far from each other). Kal forces everybody to dance. Who will listen to My teachings of wisdom now that bad karma engulfs all of creation? Look attentively at Mahakal's wheel and his strange ways. Who knows if tomorrow will come?

My Sikh friends tell me Guru Nanak had made this exact same prediction.


When Sodom and Gomorrah will be brought back to Earth and men will dress as women and women will dress as men you will see Death pass riding the white plague. And the ancient plagues will be like a drop of water in the sea, compared to the white plague.

Mountains of corpses will be piled up in the squares and millions of men will bring death without a face ... Cities with millions of inhabitants will not find enough arms to bury the dead and many country villages will be erased with a single cross...

No medicine will be able to stop the white plague because this is the antechamber of purification. And when nine out of ten men have rotten blood, the scythe will be thrown on the earth because the time has come to return home.

(Our present decaying society is a major prediction in itself)

The Advent of Lord Kalki.

I came to know about another prophecy from a very learned person. He is more interested in the forgotten history of Bharatvarsha but knowing my quest he informed me about a prophecy involving the coming of Lord Kalki.

I will try and put together what he said. I may be corrected for any inaccuracy and will be pleased to know more. Please do share anything you know.

In 1757 a person was born in North India who claimed to be an incarnation of Hanuman. He informed that within the next 250 years Lord Kalki would incarnate on earth to end the Kaliyuga at a time when falsehood would be at its peak and the truth would be submerged.

According to our scriptural accounts Lord Kalki would be different from the other Avatars. It is said that Lord Rama was to marry Vaishnavi but he said that he was obliged to marry Sita and the marriage was to be held in a future Avatar. Vaishnavi was the daughter of a Devi Devotee who wanted the Devi's to be born as his daughters.

Vaishnavi and Padmavati were born to him. Both were incensed when Lord Rama refused to marry Vaishnavi. So Padmavati cursed Lord Rama that in his Avatar as Kalki, he would marry Vaishnavi (who will be born and known as 'Rama' - pronounced as Ramaaa - a female name ) and would not be known to the world till Padmavati declares him as Lord Kalki.

This account finds a place among the writings on the wall of Mata Vaishno Devi.

Accordingly the invocation to Lord Kalki as practiced by a sect goes like this;

"Jay Kalki Jay Jagatpate, Jay Padmavati Jay Ramapate"

Devotees chant this mantra with devotion as they believe that this charges the body of Lord Kalki and leads to his incarnation on earth. They just participate in the process knowing fully well that they may not meet Kalki. This is a form of nishkama bhakti or desireless devotion - the highest form.

Raja Jaisingh was a contemporary of the person who claimed to be an incarnation of Lord Hanuman. It is however not known if they interacted.

The Raja or King engaged a bevy of the best of astrologers to divine the coming of Lord Kalki. Based on that he built three Kalki temples of which only one is widely known though ignored.

That temple is built just in front of his palace in Rajasthan. The point of interest is that a marble statue of a horse - a replica of the horse Raja Jaisingh loved - was placed opposite to the temple. The horse is not perfect. It has a wound in one of its hind legs. Usually imperfect statues are not the norm. But this wound has a prediction attached to it.

The prediction is that the wound will "heal" and when that happens the people should know that Lord Kalki is present on the earth. The wound is actually healing and is now 98% healed. The locals and outsiders who know regularly visit the horse statue to see the progress of the healing.

The second temple also has a horse statue. The characteristic of this statue is that one of its hind legs is raised from the ground. The prediction is that the leg will slowly lower itself and touch the ground. This is actually happening and the leg is now almost touching the ground.

The third temple has a marble figure of Lord Vishnu. This is regularly annointed with a mix of chandan and turmeric. However the right hand of the idol has a peculiarity. It does not allow the mix to stand for a long time. The mixture is applied in the morning and it invariably flows down from that hand in the evening.

The prophecy here is that the day Lord Kalki marries Vaishnavi this phenomenon will stop. The interesting thing is that this phenomenon has suddenly stopped in August 2015! Has the marriage already taken place? So when will Padmavati declare the presence of Lord Kalki?

Very interesting is it not? How can such events be arranged? What force is behind these sculptures? Earlier also I have written about Bhavishya Badri where two similar things are happening.

The first is an idol near Jashi Math in Uttarakhand. Here the prediction is that the right hand of the stone idol will drop denoting that a huge earthquake of immense proportions will hit the Himalayan region rendering it impossible to visit the Badrinath temple whose access and location will be lost. Currently that hand hangs by a thread and is due to fall any moment!

Keeping this prediction in mind Shankaracharya established the Bhavishya Badri at a remote place in the hills of Uttarakhand where he established a piece of stone as the deity. He predicted that Badrinath would incarnate here in the stone. That is happening. Currently the stone has already taken the form of a human being.

India is a land of surprises. Our ancestors lived with the full knowledge of time and space. They were aware of the past, present and future.

Update on 9th April 2022

Yesterday I was talking to a very senior expert on the Veda's. He provided me the following information.

If you remember, I had written about the King of Rajasthan building three statues heralding the end of Kali Yuga and the coming of Kalki. This was after a huge congregation of 6000 astrologers and the writing of 6 voluminous books predicting the coming events. Based on this the King had constructed 6 observatories. But the British destroyed all of them.

Coming to the three statues, two were of horses and one was the statue of Lord Vishnu. The statues are marble statues that developed peculiarities. One horse statue (statue of Devadutta the divine horse f Lord Kalki) developed a big wound. The other horse statue had a raised leg that started descending on its own. The statue of Lord Vishnu developed a wound on the right hand and water started seeping out of it. The statue is anointed with sandalwood paste everyday, but due to the seeping wound, the coating on the right side would fall off in the evening without fail.

Now the predictions were the Kali Yuga would end and Lord Kalki's presence on earth would be felt when;

- The wound on the horse would heal completely

- The raised leg of the second horse would touch the ground

- The falling off of the sandalwood coating would stop

The current developments are;

- The wound has so far healed 99.9%. Only a small mark remains which too is reducing by the day. It is predicted that the day the wound fully heals the Devadutta or the divine horse of Lord Kalki will come alive and visit the Temple of Kalki in its premises. It will take Lord Kalki on its back and fly away.

- The sandalwood coating has ceased to fall on 18th November 2015. As per prediction Lord Kalki has married Rama (pronounced Ramaa) on that day. Now it remains for her to declare the advent of Lord Kalki


Correction made in above statement as per the comments of the gentleman I spoke to;

Subhodayam. I have seen the FB post. One correction. According to Balmukundji who is considered as hanuman avmmsha avatar the wound on Vishnu idols hand heals when he marries his second wife Rama. As rama is considered as incarnation of maya vaishnavi it is she who identifies the kalki and marries him and declares to world as to which he is. The role of first wife though significant it is symbolic in the sense that he be guided to her by lord mahadeva his guru.


Now to continue....

The most interesting part is;

- The leg of the second horse has touched the ground on 22.02.2022. 22nd February 2022. We had discussed about this date and how it could probably herald a very important event. Is this it?

A festival is held in the Temple of the horse. The instructions were the rituals would change from the day the raised leg touches the ground. Every day the Temple authorities check the progress by passing a paper through the space between the hoof of the leg and the ground. On 22nd February 2022 the paper would not pass signifying that the hoof has indeed touched the ground. The temple authorities have therefore changed the rituals after that.

The locals are elated. They know something very significant has happened though what exactly it could be is lost to time as the 6 volumes of predictions are lost. But to the ordinary person it heralds change and freedom from the oppression of Kali Yuga. It may signify a huge destruction but yet people are happy because the load of injustice has become difficult to bear. They know that destruction is the inevitable path through which change can be heralded.

The gentleman I was talking to listened patiently when I narrated some other troubling events. Then he said, "Yes all rules will be broken, all atrocities committed. Then would come the change that would shock everybody. But no one can complain because the destructive change will simply match the huge blunders committed by man."

Significant words. Words to this effect were also uttered by MahaSambhuti Chakradhar. He had added, "The magnitude of what is coming has never before occurred on earth."

At a point of time I had written about his statement, "Whenever I appear on earth cataclysmic changes happen" and received many adverse comments. But that is what happens when Shiva takes up a physical form. His Tandava destroys and also builds, but destroys first. In March the planetary positions made astrologers comment that the Shiva Tandava phase has begun.

I was wondering why many astrological predictions were simply not happening. Astrologers themselves are pointing it out. But then I came to know that this too has been predicted by Swami Achyutananda the great prophet of Odisha. He has said that as end times draw near astrological predictions would go haywire.

The explanation is, as Chakradhar had said, "The Supreme will directly take over the reigns." We can now feel it happening. But it does not mean the predicted events will not happen. It is as if the events are being delayed to gather power. We will witness the Rudra rupa of Shiva very soon.

Another thing. There is also an idol near Joshi Math in Uttarakhand. One hand of the idol is slated to fall of heralding a huge earthquake that would destroy the path to Badrinath. People would then start going to Bhavishya Badri, a shrine atop a hill, installed by Sankaracharya centuries ago.

Now the hand of the idol has thinned and hangs by a thread. I think the news of its fall will also reach me soon.

14th April 2022.

This Baisakhi is supposed to be significant. The Guru Granth Sahib, I am told, has indicated that the time has come for an Avatar to reveal himself. He will be noticed and his word will spread.

I have also been told of a monk in the Ganganagar village of Rajasthan in India who it seems appeared out of nowhere at the age of 11 or 12. He used to toil in the agricultural fields and distribute whatever he earned among the people. He had revealed that in his past birth he had made a great effort to see God but was thwarted as miscreants had killed him. In this birth he was continuing his effort.

Beginning 2020 he had warned about the coming difficult times. He also foretold a great destruction that is to come and the coming of the Kalki Avatar.

He used to shun publicity. People wanted him to reveal what he was saying to the media but he never agreed. Then one day he declared that he would go into Samadhi on 1st June 2021. He also declared that the Lord would make his presence felt 287 days post his death. He indeed passed away on that day.

In the year 1964 many monks of India had come out with a compendium of whatever is written in the scriptures about Kali Yuga and Kalki Avatar. Comprehending that the time would arrive after cows would be neglected and slaughtered in the country they had appealed to the government to stop the killing of cows. Angered by the apathy at their demand they had gathered before the Indian Parliament for a protest. The government had responded with violence and more than a thousand monks perished.

Swami Achyutananda has also predicted in his Malika that a time would come when suddenly cattle would start dying in very large numbers. The next event would be mass deaths of human beings.

You cannot stop destiny. What is to happen will happen.

There is also the story that is unfolding in a place called Talegaon near Pune in Maharashtra. A person searching for God had reached a spot in the Banks of the Indrayani River. He received instructions that a yagna needs to be conducted on that spot till the Lord appears. He settled down there and began the yagna. His progeny too is engaged in the same. Two generations are conducting that yagna without regard for their own upliftment. Working as labourers they are engaged in the job.

Incidentally Talegaon is the place where MahaSambhuti Chakradhar used to meet his devotees once every year on the 1st of January.

India has always been a land of spiritual seekers. Materialism has today engulfed the country and the huge flame of spirituality is today reduced to an unseen light that still burns somewhere. There is a big group of people who are engaged in chanting the name of Kalki who feel that such chanting will induce the Lord to appear as Kalki.

In Odisha it was predicted that a huge cyclone would break the branches of the banyan tree called Kalpavriksha in the premises of the Jagannath Temple. Then Lord Jagannath would emerge riding a black horse with a sword in his hand to slaughter the erring populations. The massive Cyclone Fani that hit Puri on 3rd May 2019 indeed broke the branches of the tree.

While we await with bated breath for the saviour we must also know that his task would be to ensure the destruction of this civilization. He is unlikely to be a benevolent personality. He may well be in the news for wrong reasons. There will also be others associated with him. 

Who will assist Kalki? 

Ashwathama was a great warrior who fought for Duryodhan. Circumstances arranged for him to kill the children of the Pandavas. Sri Krishna cursed him to a lifetime of pain and suffering. He is one of those who still live. The pain remains with him. Ashwathama resented the curse upon him. "I was destined to fight for the Kauravas. Why do you curse me for what was bound to happen?" He also wanted a chance to fight on behalf of the Lord.

(Image from internet)

That wish of his will be fulfilled. One of the first tasks of Kalki would be to search him out. The moment they meet the curse on Ashwathama would be lifted. Fully able he would then recover his weapons and be by the side of Kalki. There will be other warriors too including Parashurama from whom Kalki will learn about the use of divine weapons. The formidable weapons hidden since the Mahabharata would be at their disposal.

Om Namah Shivay.

Prophecies of His Holiness Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy

1) Women will become more powerful and will start to dominate in all spheres of society.

2) That a pig will enter the mecca masjid in Saudi Arabia which will lead to a great war between Muslims and non-Muslims with the army of Muslims standing till the Krishna River in India.

3) That Muslims will fight ferocious wars and will finally lose their importance because of their wars. He said they will be destroyed fully because of the wars. 

4) That all the creatures of the seven seas will come to the shores and shout we want to die and kill themselves. 

5) There will be two beautiful devata pakshulu or in English two birds of gods will roam the four corners of the earth. These two birds will shine like gold and will be very very beautiful and he says "papatmulaina manushulu.... means sinful men will say we will trap these birds and capture them and they will try to hunt them down and all these men who go after these birds will be destroyed. 

6) That he will be born as Sri Veerabhoga vasanta rayalu and when the total power of all the earth will go to women it will be an indication that i have been reborn. 

7) That there will be showers of flowers like rain 

8) People who walk and are normal will die in thousands at a time and people who are of good health will have their heads split and men will have sores on their bodies suddenly and die. 

9) Kings will fold hands before the people and stand. 

10) In one particulate year and he gives the name of the year 21 big Indian cities will be destroyed on one day. 

11) There will be explosions all across the country so many times and so frequently that men will be afraid of each other and of fire. 

13) There will be a tremendous fight in Kashmir and also there will be a big war and fight in the holy city of kashi. 

14) In the end of kali Yuga Ganga River will not flow in will flow from another route. 

15) People will die of hunger and famine and children and men will eat mud to satisfy their hunger. And those who are bhaktas are the only ones who will survive these hard times. 

16) In future at one point white men will again come to India and try to bring the whole country together. They will then change all the laws and bring harmony to a problematic country. Then it will be so wonderful that swarna Yuga will come to India during their reign everyone will have equal rights and peace will be enjoyed by all. 

17) The people of higher castes will become inauspicious and will lose their importance. 

18) The people of dommari caste will become Doras or they will be the rulers of all. 

19) Hyderabad will have severe water problem with all the lakes drying up and people leaving it in droves. 

20) At the end of kali Yuga the Shiva of Sri Sailam will talk to ordinary people and tell them about the future happenings. 

21) the idol of tiruvallur veera raghava swamy will start to sweat....the idol of kanchi kamakshi will cry and tears will come out of the idols eyes....the venkateswara swamy idol in tirupati right hand will move ...and the kanchi kama koti peetam will have a person of the lowest caste heading it in future. 

22) the Christians and Muslims will go to tirumala and worship the deity there and that madigas and malas along with other castes will be the priests of the temple in future.... and during the end of the kali yuga as people lose their faith in all religions the temple of tirupathi will lose its prominence and pigs will roam in the temple with no one to take care of its up keep. 

23) There will be a jala jeeva nadhi or a life giving river that will flow from the seven hills of tirumala and this river will give employment to a lot of people. 

24) In between the Krishna River people will find a golden river that will cause people to loose their eyes when watched. 

25) The river Krishna will touch the nose ring of kanaka durga idol in Vijayawada at the end of kali Yuga. 

25) Six major religions will combine to become one religion. 

26) There will be climatic changes and they will be so bad that crops won’t grow on time and there won’t be rains on time. 

27) He says that if this is the bad situation which our punya bhoomi will face in this Yuga what should i tell of other countries which don’t care of god. The other countries will face terrible problems when compared to India. 

28) Two golden bulls will be recovered and in Nellore a cock will talk like a human being and that will bring untold calamities to that city....a three year kid will foretell future events. 

29) An elephant will be born to a pig. 

30) A date palm tree (eeetha chettu) will fall and raise by itself in a piece of land in Andhra and this will happen for six years. This tree will lower itself and stand erect all by itself for six years and at the end of six years it will completely die off. After it dies there will be a big famine in the land for six years hence. 

31) In the end of kali Yuga people who believe me will be very poor and insignificant but they are the only ones who will survive these calamities. 

32) A lot of people living between Godavari River and Krishna River will die in one period. 

33) All the prostitutes will leave their profession and live respectable lives by marrying. 

34) In hampi hanuman after seeing the sinful ways of people will lose his cool and raise very high shouting with anger very loudly. People who hear him shout like that will fall to the ground like leaves and die. 

35) a lot of false gurus will come all over the time till the end of kali Yuga saying " i am kalki ...i am kalki etc".the real kalki when he comes he won’t say that because everyone will know in their hearts

Who is Veera Brahmendra Swamy?By Subrahmanyam MarriPoodi 

Sadly, Kaala Jnaanam has been sorts of lazy entertainment in the Telugu states, as people woefully miss the serious and lofty purpose with which Brahmam Gaaru wrote it. He was clearly a worried man on the future of the world and the tragic fate of the humanity. He longed to help them escape it in the best way possible. He wanted to awaken them to the bitter realities of the future and mentally and spiritually equip them accordingly.

He mentioned in his book that almost all people in the world would die of water at first and of fire at last. The huge fire balls will be man-made and so potentially destructive in their power that even mighty rivers might get evaporated. The fire balls will blaze like the second Sun on the horizon and people will become blind at their sight. They will die in an instant in their immediate positions of sitting, standing or sleeping. People will die such mass deaths that no one is left to perform funeral rites for the dead. Several lakhs of survivors will flee their devastated villages, towns and cities for the woods where they die ultimately.

Afterwards the sky will lose its pristine blue and assume redness (like on Mars). The Earth will look like a vast empty ground (భూమి బట్టబయలై కనిపించును — Bhoomi baṭṭabayalai kanipintsunu - भूमि बट्टबयलै कनिपिंचुनु). Later, six prominent religions of the world will merge as one. (“ఆఱు మతములు ఒక్కటౌను - ఆకాశము ఎఱ్ఱనౌను” - Aaru mathamulu okkaounu, aakaasamu erranounu - आरु मतमुलु ओक्कटौनु - आकाशमु एर्रनौनु)

Still he said that a few people in the world would survive these mass deaths including 20 families from Andhra Pradesh. He also said that - after the destruction, some great saints equal to the Creator by their spiritual power would be born on the banks of a local river called Zurreidu (జుఱ్ఱేడు or जुर्रेडु) ) in the Southern Andhra Pradesh. According to him, they would re-create the lost species of animals, birds, fish and trees, besides detoxifying the atmosphere. He also mentioned the Srisailam mountains in Andhra Pradesh as the safest hideout for those who wish to escape this impending inferno.

He however adds that there would be several precursors in the run-up to the final destruction. It can actually be said that Kaala Jnaanam is all about such portents, like sex change operations, a rise in incest cases, an elevation in the status of the untouchable classes, use of high technology, the ill-effects of pollution, the Northerners immigrating to the South consequent to the drying up of the river Ganges after the 5,000 th year of Kali, various political developments etc. There are hundreds of such things that he spoke of - which do not fit in this small space. He predicted that Brahmins would lose their dominance to Dalits and their priestly posts taken up by Viswakarmas. The dates given for the events predicted in Kaala jnaanam do not go beyond the 6th millennium of the Kali era. (It is only 120 years since we got past the 5th millennium of Kali). So it can be assumed that the end is NOT MANY millennia away.

Like several other saintly aphorisms on the world’s future, the style of Kaala Jnaanam too is mystical and subject to multiple interpretations as well as being abstruse at times. Besides, the prophesied events do not seem to be arranged in a perfect sequential or chronological order. Generally people come to know of their actual purport and veracity only after they came true. For example, Brahmam Gaaru prophesied that male children would be born with their testicles very close to their anuses. A few decades ago, people did not have the faintest idea as to how this could happen. Now, a few of such cases are slowly coming to light and they are understood to be a result of the environmental pollution.

Another interesting thing about Kaala Jnaanam is - that Saint Brahmam Gaaru wrote it as a teenager while working as a shepherd under a local landlady. But you will rarely get to stumble upon its original full version which lies hidden in his Aashram at Kandhi Mallaya Palle of Kadapa district (कंदिमल्लयपल्ले कडपा - AP). I accidentally came across another full version in Coastal Andhra in 1986, but hardly realized its importance, as I was young and inexperienced at that time. But fortunately I still remember some of the prophesise therein which are not to be found in the abridged editions currently available in the market.

In one of his songs, Brahmam Gaaru says,

చెప్పలేదంటనఁగ పొయ్యేరు,

జనులార ! గురుని

చేరి మొక్కితె బ్రతుక నేర్చేరు.

(चेप्पलेदंटनँग पोय्येरु जनुलार गुरुनि चेरि मोक्किते ब्रतुक नेर्चेरु)

Meaning : Folks ! May be you are going to say (in future) that I did not forewarn you. But you will survive all this, if you take shelter in the Guru.

So, I personally deem Brahmam Gaaru’s work to be the first and last warning from God, of the possible fallouts of the mankind’s blatant misuse of its knowledge and abilities. This negative future will change only if we change ourselves. Apart from his book of prophesies, Brahmam Gaaru’s very life and deeds make a very interesting reading.

A commercially successful biopic on Brahmam Gaaru was made in 1982 by the legendary Telugu actor and politician late N.T. Rama Rao with himself in the lead role. Unfortunately, it is devoid of Hindi dubbing but has subtitles in English. 

The Hopi Prophecies

"The Fourth World shall end soon, and the Fifth World will begin. This the elders everywhere know. The Signs over many years have been fulfilled, and so few are left.

  • ·        "This is the First Sign: We are told of the coming of the white-skinned men, like Pahana, but not living like Pahana men who took the land that was not theirs. And men who struck their enemies with thunder.
  • ·        "This is the Second Sign: Our lands will see the coming of spinning wheels filled with voices. In his youth, my father saw this prophecy come true with his eyes - - the white men bringing their families in wagons across the prairies."
  • ·        "This is the Third Sign: A strange beast like a buffalo but with great long horns, will overrun the land in large numbers. These White Feather saw with his eyes - - the coming of the white men's cattle."
  • ·        "This is the Fourth Sign: The land will be crossed by snakes of iron."
  • ·        "This is the Fifth Sign: The land shall be criss-crossed by a giant spider's web."
  • ·        "This is the Sixth sign: The land shall be criss-crossed with rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun."
  • ·        "This is the Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it."
  • ·        "This is the Eight Sign: You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like my people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn their ways and wisdom.
  • ·        "And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease.

"These are the Signs that great destruction is coming. The world shall rock to and fro. The white man will battle against other people in other lands -- with those who possessed the first light of wisdom. There will be many columns of smoke and fire such as White Feather has seen the white man make in the deserts not far from here. Only those which come will cause disease and a great dying.

Many of my people, understanding the prophecies, shall be safe. Those who stay and live in the places of my people also shall be safe. Then there will be much to rebuild. And soon -- very soon afterward -- Pahana will return. He shall bring with him the dawn of the Fifth World. He shall plant the seeds of his wisdom in their hearts. Even now the seeds are being planted. These shall smooth the way to the Emergence into the Fifth World.

The signs are interpreted as follows: The First Sign is of guns. The Second Sign is of the pioneers' covered wagons. The Third Sign is of longhorn cattle. The Fourth Sign describes the railroad tracks. The Fifth Sign is a clear image of our electric power and telephone lines. The Sixth Sign describes concrete highways and their mirage producing effects. The Seventh Sign foretells of oil spills in the ocean. The Eighth Sign clearly indicates the "Hippy Movement" of the 1960s. The Ninth Sign was the U.S. Space Station Skylab, which fell to Earth in 1979. According to Australian eyewitnesses, it appeared to be burning blue.

Another Hopi prophecy warns that nothing should be brought back from the Moon -- obviously anticipating the Apollo 11 mission that returned with samples of lunar basalt. If this was done, the Hopi warned, the balance of natural and universal laws and forces would be disturbed, resulting in earthquakes, severe changes in weather patterns, and social unrest. All these things are happening today, though of course not necessarily because of Moon rocks.

The Hopi also predicted that when the "heart" of the Hopi land trust is dug up, great disturbances will develop in the balance of nature, for the Hopi holy land is the microcosmic image of the entire planet; any violations of nature in the Four Corners region will be reflected and amplified all over the Earth.

In 1959, a six-man delegation of traditional Hopi leaders led by the late spiritual leader, Dan Katchongva, traveled to the United Nations Building in New York to fulfill a sacred mission in accordance with ancient Hopi instructions. Because of their prophetic knowledge, the Hopi leaders felt it was time to go east to the edge of their motherland, where "a house of mica" [The United Nations building] would stand at this time, where Great Leaders from many lands would be gathered to help any people who are in trouble."

They were to go when the motherland of the Hopi and other Indian brothers were about to be taken away from them and their way of life was in danger of being completely destroyed by evil ones among the White Men and by some other Indian brothers who were influenced by the White Race. This is a clear and present danger: the betrayal of Indian-U.S.A. treaties, land sales, and coal and uranium mining are destroying the Hopi land and its people -- and all other peoples and lands, in eventual effect

According to prophecy, at least one, two or three leaders or nations would hear and understand the Hopi warnings, as "It is told that they too should know these ancient instructions". Upon hearing the message of the Hopi, they would act immediately to correct many wrongs being done to the chosen race -- the Red Man who was granted permission to hold in trust all land and life for the Great Spirit. This prophecy would seem to have failed. Hopi prophecy also declares that the doors of the "Glass House" would be closed to them.

This was the case at first, though they have delivered their message to the United Nations Assembly since then: "When the Great Leaders in the Glass House refuse to open the door to you when you stand before it that day, [Repeated, again in 1993] do not be discouraged or turn about on the path you walk, but take courage, determination, and be of great rejoicing in your hearts, for on that day the White Race who are on your land with you have cut themselves from you and thereon lead themselves to the Greatest Punishment at the Day of Purification. Many shall be destroyed for their sins and evil ways. The Great Spirit has decreed it and no one can stop it, change it, or add anything to it. It shall be fulfilled!"