Why the patient needs to be protected with an Ordinance


India is the land where holistic systems like ayurveda and naturopathy have their roots. It has a long tradition of being educated on holistic health that gives great emphasis on keeping people healthy. The strength and the vitality of the people nurtured on holistic concepts is reflected in the country's robust art, culture, philosophy, trade, and the warriors who were famous for their vitality, strength and skills.

However inexplicably independent India decided to abandon its own systems to adopt the reductionist system pushed by the WHO. This was despite recommendations that ayurveda should be at the core and the dominant system. Perhaps not so surprisingly there was absolutely no provision for the holistic systems that sustained India for ages.

The ensuing years saw the explosion of chronic disease states like acidity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart ailments, cancers, insomnia, stress, depression, and irritability. The sane voices that tried to ascribe this to the treatment system in vogue remained unheard.

The answer to the plethora of chronic diseases was more of the same system. The number of medical colleges and hospitals grew to take advantage of the situation and the people became accustomed to paying high medical bills. Disease became a part of life.

Bowing to pressure and Parliament debates a department of alternative medicine was opened but right from the beginning it was neglected. Paper work was all that happened. It did not stop at that. The "experts" took it upon themselves to "modernize" the courses of the ayurvedic and homeopathic medical colleges. As a result the students learnt the allopathic approach and felt that modern medicine was superior to their systems.

Bereft of alternatives and fed the garbage that the prevailing system was scientific and "alternatives" quackery, the people accepted that they needed to go to the mainstream clinics and hospitals to be treated, and that they had no hand in their own health.

Disease Management, not Cures;

The treatment the people receive does not lead to favorable outcomes. There is no concept of cure. Lifelong medication and deterioration of health is what is expected as normal.

This abomination costs the world as it entails repeated visits to the doctor, periodic hospitalization, surgeries, physiotherapy, investment in diagnostic tests and procedures, increased medication, and the new trend, end of life medication. From the womb to the tomb one is "taken care of".

All of this exposes the patients to a grave danger called medication and procedural errors. A Harvard study in India has revealed that such errors lead to 5 million deaths annually in Indian hospitals. The outpatient figures are not available.

It is not that medical errors are alone responsible for the deaths. As revealed by the Gary Null et al report in the USA, perfectly prescribed medication and surgery also takes a big toll. The person entering the gates of this system sacrifices his longevity. The figures are difficult to obtain in India because no one is interested to find out.

Errors are not by doctors alone. The pharmacists are known to dispense wrong medicines. Nurses err in giving medicines and injections. There are instances of surgeries being performed on wrong patients and on wrong organs. Even glucose drips that are the first intervention upon hospitalization is known to kill. My mother suffered septicemia after being subject to hospital procedures and died an excruciatingly painful death, spasmodically vomiting coagulated blood for days.

And then there are protocols. Protocols are standard practices but they do not suit all patients. In vaccination we see children get the same dose as adults. This is accepted without question as are many other glaring anomalies.

During Covid it is now very clear that it was the WHO Solidarity Protocol that took lives. Things reached a comical stage when in Madhya Pradesh it was revealed that genuine Remedsivir shots took a large number of lives, but fake Remedesivir failed to take lives and was much safer!

It has now come to the fore that patients put on ventilators died while they could have been alive without it. Not a single component of the protocol worked. WHO admitted to the failure in a matter of fact way but never said sorry.

The most telling evidence was that hospital doctors who treated their own at home did not follow protocols so that their family and relatives were spared the worst.

Drug Delivery the Motive?

The Covid vaccinations should set alarm bells ringing. We take pride on vaccinating with 220 crore doses but we never approached even 2 to know how they fared! Vaccine delivery was ensured, the outcome never examined. Parents of children who succumbed narrated how they were treated like pariahs while trying to report the adverse effects.

I have visited rural areas where people have taken all the three shots as they were "mandatory". When I asked them who said that, they named grassroot workers  doctors and officials. They also took me to a government poster where the word "badhyatamulaka" was prominently displayed. On close examination I found that registration was mandatory, not the vaccine. The villagers were taken for a ride in the quest to push three experimental shots into them.

The patient desperately  needs legal protection. Even an Ordinance will perhaps fall short because the traps are so many and widespread that one will definitely succumb to one. We are in a structured hell for all practical purposes.

The Nightmare called Covid Vaccination!

Talking of the Covid vaccines untold harm has been perpetrated on the people. It is now being acknowledged that the shots are a prime suspect behind the large numbers of heart problems and sudden cardiac deaths that have become the new normal. The vaccinated people have panicked and are visiting doctors to ask if they are next.

Besides cardiac problems, blood anomalies, nervous system disorders, skin disorders, heightened anxiety, Parkinson like tremors, body and joint pains, buzzing sensation within the body, damage to fetus and child, and many others are being noticed.

Some private hospitals are now wary of giving these shots though they are protected in all ways.

What are the consequences of the PCR tests being regularly thrust up the nose? Are they leading to brain infections? Have they damaged the blood brain barrier? We don't seem concerned to know the outcomes. We are busy recording Covid figures and from time to time scaring the people.

What is this Covid? We do not have any clear answer! It is an enigma that points at several directions; from a mass social experiment to a huge transfer of wealth. Meticulously planned in advance the whole game was designed to benefit those who had invested accordingly.

If you have survived Covid consider yourself lucky. You will be luckier if you can survive the preventive shots. Keep your fingers crossed. I myself survived by absolutely refusing to be hospitalized and sticking to my own routine.

Doctors get Taste of their own Medicine!

Are the people alone suffering? How many doctors and health care workers fell a prey to the protocols and shots? Many of the lobbyists who proudly campaigned and displayed their vaccine status are now watching from the other side unable to admit their fault.

When doctors become patients they go through an unnerving experience. Doctors and nurses have written about their experience of what they have undergone often in their own hospitals and in the hands of their own colleagues. One such registered nurse in the US has written about how as a patient she was listening to her own recorded instructions in the hospital she serves and realizing how foolish they were!

There are doctors who have realized what the  vaccines are after observing the horrendous adverse effects on self, children, family members, and patients under their care. For their attempts to warn their colleagues they have received threats, loss of employment and faced arrest.

The system we face is far from being benevolent. When you fully realize what it is your heart goes cold and mind numb. You feel that you have been born in the wrong age and fear for the future of self and loved ones.

You seek protection and find there is none. There are wolves to herd you into the trap. There is no one to deliver you from it. No one.

Patient Rights Anyone?

We have plenty of patient rights that put the patient at the top and make him invincible. But they are not legally enforceable. You cannot refer to them and escape because no one within the system will care to accept that you have rights. You will be laughed and scoffed at, and even punished if you try to establish yourself.

The doctor has taken the oath of first do no harm. But he knows that he has to break it at every step to follow instructions and protocols. It is normal. His job and salary are important for him, like any other.

Then there are those who have fallen into the pharma trap and operate in the world of targets and commissions. Being awarded the incentives in advance there is no scope for them to show any kind of mercy. The industry has a strangle hold on them they cannot escape. They have assignments they cannot get away from. They try to work without thinking.

Dr Jacob Puliyel, MD calls this cognitive dissonance. The truth is obvious but subconsciously ignored and perceived to be false. He and many others like Dr Manu Kothari and B M Hegde, have tried their best to lecture doctors with the best of evidence  on how they have become hypnotized by the industry but failed to rouse them from their slumber.

The medical world is dark. It is worse than any horror film. It is real life. You are alone when in its cage. That helplessness can be known only when it is experienced. During Covid times an MD known to us, and who was trying to guide, cried out to his relatives to take him away from the hospital but they could not and simply watched as he succumbed.

Pandemic Treaty - The Assault Continues

What has happened so far is set to repeat. The WHO is setting up a Pandemic Treaty and its worthy CEO Tedros has already declared that the next epidemic will be deadly and widespread. He has inside information. He intends to acquire dictatorial powers and has asked for more funds for the vaccine only approach that is being pursued. From the look of things he is going to get it.

The recent 76th World Health Assembly has meekly submitted to him without any kind of questioning. The members are ready to supply tax payers funds for the grotesque exercise. Funds paid from the contributions of those very people whose demise is being planned!

What about choice of treatment? Though all the systems of medicine are now officially recognized in India, the vast majority were not able to access the system of their choice during Covid. The AYUSH officials revealed that a lobby was working against them.

A Parliamentary Committee  Report found that ayurvedic treatment had benefitted the patients, even critical ones. A review by the National Institute of Nutrition found that a raw food diet had worked miraculously. Homeopaths recorded their success stories and submitted them to the government. All of this fell on deaf ears.

It is time for the civil society to wake up. Not a moment should be lost. The plans for the next pandemic have been drawn. The name is SEERS and the time is 2025. The drill has been conducted in 2022 just as the Covid drill was conducted in October 2019 - prior to the pandemic. We will be fools to not take heed this time.

I appeal to all to organize and ensure that lives are spared. We need to confront the authorities and ensure our protection, choice, and legal rights. Nothing short of absolute power to the people and community should be accepted. We can no longer trust the  industry funded experts who stand unmasked. They have repeatedly lied and misled the public.

There will be no Escape!

Things will be extremely difficult in 2025 as our cities are now under extensive surveillance and reinforced with a digital cage. Advanced technology will ensure that we are mercilessly "traced, tracked, isolated, and treated". The vaccines will have fluorescent dyes so that it can be easily discerned whether you have taken them. 

Under the new scheme of things it has been decided that the "health approach will be awarded the utmost priority" in a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach under HiAP (Health in all policy). Nothing will be left unturned in the "quest for health". The intent behind this can be imagined. You will also be provided a health ID upon total compliance that will be mandatory for you to display to operate in society and travel. Sit for a moment and visualize what is set to happen.

Covid was a real life rehearsal. Each public response has been noted and dissected and plans formed to counter. This has been openly admitted. We are up against formidable adversaries.

Can we rise to the occasion? Can we save ourselves? Each and every one of us is at risk. Remember, those who fully cooperated during Covid were not spared. We are in danger either way, whether we cooperate or rebel.

I sincerely hope this note spurs one into action. Like the proverbial squirrel I have done my bit. Please make full use of it. Very few listened to me the last time. I have lost classmates and friends. I do hope things are different this time around. Let us not become willing guinea pigs, but search for a way out.