The medical world is now crumbling.


Science does not say;

  • You cannot cure
  • You cannot criticize
  • You will be sued and penalized if you do
  • We have the right to manipulate data
  • We will not disclose the data
  • We cannot be held responsible or accountable for negative outcomes
  • We can fail all the time
  • We need to grow based on our failures
  • There is no problem with corruption
  • Our strength is our tremendous lobbying power
  • Our goal is growth, revenue, and profits

And yet, these are a component of the medical world

That medical world is now crumbling.

Despite the bravado, the power, and the backing of the entire system, the world of medicine is finding the going very tough.

  • Medical students are killing themselves
  • Many resent why they chose to study
  • The entire process of education is unbelievably corrupt
  • Whether anything is being taught is doubtful
  • Students have to cram rather than understand anything
  • It is like paying money and getting a degree
  • The mentality of professors, teachers, guides, and admin staff is on a downward spiral
  • The educational institutions know they are in it for money
  • Everybody involved is out to make a fast buck
  • Whistleblowers are being threatened with legal action
I am not concerned. I watch from the sidelines as the inevitable happens.