The Allopathization of Ayurveda - Last nail in the coffin of health


Ayurveda has been a pain in the neck for modern medicine ever since the British imposed medical system encountered it in India. However much the British doctors tried, the people stuck to the vaidyas and were not attracted to the new brand of medicine.

Things aggravated when the vaidyas opposed vaccination. They informed the public that cow and other animal serum was an integral part of the vaccine and the public stayed away. They also started detoxifying those that were forcibly vaccinated and faced serious adverse effects.

In response the British declared a ban on ayurveda but it had absolutely no impact. Then a commission set up by the British declared that the concepts and philosophy behind ayurveda was unscientific and its individualized holistic treatment was quackery.

This strategy went a step forward and all ayurvedic colleges were instructed to drop the holistic concepts and adopt the disease based fixed medicine concept. The new ayurvedic texts reflected this approach as standardized medications were prescribed against allopathic disease names.

Ayurveda, as the doctors of the day commented, was circumcised. It lost its sting and curative powers. But this method was rejected by the local vaidyas and they continued with their old ways.

An extremely vitriolic campaign was launched against these vaidyas. They were declared quacks and their meeting places vandalized by police. The vaidyas were forced to go underground. The attacks on colleges that refused to toe the line and other more draconian measures (physical attacks on ayurvedic surgeons) ensured that the science was further crippled.

At the same time Indians were encouraged to go abroad to study medicine and the graduates were elevated in status to demi gods. However even with all of these measures there were very few who availed their services. Only the elite patronized them.

Post independence the Govt of India rejected the advice of Indian doctors to adopt ayurveda and other holistic systems and have allopathy as a mode of emergency medicine. India adopted the WHO model of medicine and dutifully set up allopathic medical colleges and hospitals throughout the country.

Allopathy was heavily subsidised and offered for free to entice the public. It entered the general education and students learnt that it was the only scientific method and the holistic systems were quackery.

Thanks to the small pox vaccine campaign the people were burdened with extremely toxic bodies, syphilis, and the 62 serious diseases that came to be recognized as adverse effects. With more vaccines and the rampant use of antibiotics, chronic degenerative diseases became common place.

The MD's assured the people that only they had the technology and the answers, and that "resorting to quackery" to treat these complexities would be suicidal. Disease became a status symbol and visits to doctors a publicly displayed ritual to assert the "scientific spirit". Devoid of recognition and deprived of skills the ayurveds were helpless against the iatrogenic (medicine induced) diseases that engulfed society.

There was another setback. The government MBBS doctors started prescribing ayurvedic formulations as they observed the benefits. They were generally reluctant to go the all chemical way, having observed adverse effects. The public came to know of branded ayurvedic formulations that became popular. The pharma industry retaliated by forbidding the practice through the medical associations set up to monitor the physicians.

Today there is a different kind of urgency. Diseases have become so complex that medicines are no longer working. This is being termed anti microbial resistance but the problem is much deeper. The body has lost the capacity to heal itself.

Despite lack of official encouragement the many ayurvedic drug manufacturers kept the pressure and marketed their drugs. Today as per the latest survey it is urban India that prefers these drugs, exceeding rural demand.

To complicate matters there is a government that talks of ayurveda and threatens to teach it in mainstream medical colleges. The opposition was approached but they refused to cooperate and instead pointed out (by Kapil Sibbal if I remember correctly) that it is they who had started the process of popularizing ayurveda.

The public has learnt its lesson from the Covid fiasco. They armed themselves with kitchen remedies, ayurvedic herbs, branded products, and homeopathy to boost their immune systems to prevent and treat Covid. The forcible administration of the Covid vaccine and the admission of serious adverse effects by manufacturers have further alienated the public who have recognized that the pharmaceutical sector is the number one enemy of health.

The vaccination campaign became intensely controversial during election times and the political slugfest did tremendous damage to the Indian pharma sector as big wigs joined the anti vaccine campaign.

Faced with these scenarios the profession has realized that ayurveda cannot be wished away.

They have retaliated in their own way by casting aspersions on herbs like giloy, questioning presence of metals in ayurvedic preparations (though it is known that these metals are burnt and processed before use), and constantly declared that ayurveda was "pseudoscience". They attacked Ramdev, the CEO of an emerging ayurveda brand Patanjali, and cornered him thanks to Judges who refused to listen to the other side (reported by lawyers present), and then attacked the common spices that the people used in Covid times. These were very well coordinated moves.

However deep within the profession knows that its pharmacopeia is in shambles leading the industry to concentrate exclusively on vaccines for revenue. Sooner or later ayurveda and its herbo mineral pharmacopeia have to emerge to save face.

Instead of allowing the ayurveds to rule and profit, the medical industry led by the WHO is now all set to convert ayurveda to an allopathic model so that the industry can manufacture the products and the practitioners can gain from prescribing them.

The WHO is thus setting up centers of excellence for ayurveda. The profession is harnessing ayurveds to malign the holistic concepts behind ayurveda and dub them non essential. The ayurvedic drug majors will be further maligned for their "failure to adopt stringent manufacturing practices" and the big manufacturers like Himalaya, Dabur & Baidyanath will be purchased by major pharma giants. This is certain.

It is a masterstroke. Allopathy gets a lease of life. Competition is eliminated. The angst is countered. The people support allopathy because it ostensibly accedes to and uses herbs.

Already herbs have been studied for their chemical components and medicines are being contemplated. The industry is unfazed that all past attempts to identify and duplicate "active components" have failed. The drugs will be useful for trade. The industry has never been responsible for its failures and is not bothered on that angle.

The uninformed will dance with glee that "ayurveda has at last been accepted by allopathy" without realizing that ayurveda has been buried for ever never to emerge again.

This process is taking place very fast, as the industry is preparing to launch the "bird flu pandemic" and does not want ayurveda to stand in the way as it did during Covid times.

With mandates being introduced via public health acts, rights taken away, every person becoming a threat unless constrained and poked, alternatives being eliminated, "misinformers" identified for persecution, journalists and media trained and incentivized to follow the mainstream, and the entire apparatus programmed to follow protocols the stage is set for the final assault.

This scenario is more intense than that envisaged by George Orwell in his epic futuristic novels. All follow orders they are trained to obey and the game is over.