As destiny unfolds


Destiny unfolds.

People are elated/ sad/ angry at political developments in India. On the surface there is not much to be worried about. We have been saved the fate of being served on a platter to the NWO monsters. But that is about all.

What I see is the problem with people who are full of hatred and generating hatred. Once upon a time they were very stable and doing constructive work. Then they sided with politicians and lost their brains. In the process we lost good men we could depend upon.

Look at the politicians. They appear to fight. We side with them and participate. Then one day we are stunned when they turn around and embrace for their political survival. But we remain trapped in the maize of hatred and choose another party to justify and continue with our hatred.

I too fight. I fight a system that is much more convoluted than the political system. But, as a person who understands health, I know the power of negative emotions. Hatred is not my cup of tea. I fight the medical system but you will rarely find a doctor who hates me or considers me to be an enemy. Some who do have met me and changed their opinions.

Dear friends, do not carry hatred in your hearts while chasing your political dreams. Tomorrow when the system collapses you have to turn towards people; seek their help and also help them.

I try to be a witness to what goes on. Difficult but I do try. I know that the events of the world are more or less pre determined. We are all actors playing our part. What more, we are all parts of the same consciousness. My emotions are therefore not cast in stone but shadows.

We are now into the most difficult stage. The wrong emotions can only make things worse. Let us try to come together. Calling each other names does not help. If we are human beings let us show it in our actions.

Destiny can hurt us but whether it can break us is entirely up to us. The system wants us divided. It wants us to fight. It rewards or punishes us according to how much we follow it. But in the end it wants us dead. We are like the gladiators fighting lions in the Roman stadiums. The crowd cheers till we die.

Let us live with our heads high, hearts clear. If we can emerge from the environment of hatred, we can maybe see a path that leads to a completely different world.