Are we being fooled about climate change?


Is it climate change?

  • The climate follows a cycle. It has changed many times in the past. It is changing now
  • Is it global warming? Evidence suggests extreme weather patterns, hot and cold
  • Will the world experience a meltdown? It is likely heading towards an ice age
  • What is causing the intense heat? A lot of spraying has taken place over the past many years. We know them as chemtrails. Barium and aluminum are the major components. What is the impact?
  • Weather modification is taking place without regard to the consequences
  • It is known that cities are becoming urban heat islands due to various known factors
  • Solar activity is increasing. The earth is heating up due to magma flow. These are contributing by changing crucial atmospheric components
  • Is carbon dioxide responsible? No. Its presence is miniscule compared to other gasses. It is necessary for vegetation growth. A zero carbon approach will cause serious problems
  • Why are we not able to tolerate the heat? One of the main reasons is, thanks to pharma, we are all sick
  • Who is responsible? If the 1% elite restrict their activities, emissions will drastically fall
  • Is "green technology" that still depends upon electricity and fossil fuels the solution?

The changes are informing us that we are reaping the consequences of blindly following the pied piper. That piper now wants us dead to stop climate change.