Achyutananda Malika had predicted political instability


Political instability.

Achyutananda calls it "rajnaitika asthirata". Just as he has predicted we are headed towards an era of coalition politics. The winners are a coalition, the losers are a coalition: Coalition of selfish interests.

Politics is about ambitions and serving ones personal interests. Politicians spend a lot of money and put in a lot of effort to establish themselves so they can earn huge sums of money and enjoy power. Outwardly they claim they want to serve the masses. The masses believe them because they hope things will change. That hope is just that. Hope. Nothing changes on the ground.

That the greedy and ambitious always tend to become rulers is a norm. They become conquerors. They commit atrocities. They demand respect. They surround themselves with sycophants. They get all they want till they can retain power.

Now we have a set of people who operate from behind the screen. They exploit the ambitions of others to further their own interests. They have been exposed but they continue because they have infiltrated all sections of society. They promise a wretched life and succeed because people are scared of death and accept whatever that comes their way. If a little entertainment can be thrown into the plate it hooks them and they are willing to do anything they are told. This is the Roman model that has shaped our world.

The elite want political instability. They are moving into an era of direct rule. The way they go about their work requires assent. That is why we have system of voting. By voting we give our assent to whatever that comes. Political instability leads to unrest and pain. People then seek stability. After a huge debacle they can be convinced that local and national politics is not the solution. They are then amenable to the suggestion that global rule, through institutions like the UN and the WHO is the better option. This is the plan. This is why we witness political instability in a global scale.

This game of ruling by proxy was begun by the East India Company. They withdrew from their conquered territory, established a global framework, placed their trusted men at the helm, stoked discontent among the people, offered solutions as the carrot; solutions that led to more discontent. A brand of politics emerged that depended upon discontent to thrive.

The party that agreed to all of this in India was the Congress. A huge propaganda was unleashed to portray its leaders as the saviours. They became larger than life, projected to become posters for years to come. What they did in return was to serve their masters and obey their command.

We accepted the international model, the international institutions, and the slavery for 9 to 5 jobs and entertainment. We gave up our indigenous wisdom, independence, our productive land, our skills, our connection to nature, our models of rule, morality and ethics to adopt the Roman model of debauchery.

Today we feel the same Congress, now even more under the influence of foreign forces, will be our saviour. The job of the Congress is now very clearly marked out. It has to fan political instability till the whole system collapses. While we think it has our best interests at heart, its existence depends upon how useful it can be as the tool.

And so we move from one extreme to another hoping for peace and stability while the system gains from our blindfolded approach, unable to get the bigger picture. That picture would have come had we been united. Many of us exist because, propelled by our own ambitions, we excel in the art of dividing people.

Achyutananda has foretold the total collapse of the political system. We will witness our favorite politicians lead us to that state. We will clap thinking that something good will emerge from it. That "good" is getting ready, being discussed in WEF and Bilderberg meetings.