Anti vaccine is neither anti-science, nor anti-modernity.


Dear ....

Anti vaccine is neither anti-science, nor anti-modernity.  

I have recently written a piece you may go through and find fault with. Criticism will help me hone it further. I can add more but the general public tends to shy away from long and technical articles.

Besides what I have pointed out, there are a whole host of ethical issues that I need to write about. There is now considerable opposition to vaccines post the experimental jabs being administered globally. We have once again reached the peaks of Small pox, DPT, and the MMR opposition, maybe this is on a much grander scale. Am I happy? No. I am sad because people only wake up once they are harmed. Today I wish I could go back and erase the day I took the shot whose impacts will stay with me for life. I did not question. I blindly trusted the system. That was my fault.

The dream that vaccines offer protection and is the easy way out is what captivates us. We feel we are saving lives. But as C... had pointed out long ago in this forum, there is no way of knowing;

  • The worst of epidemics affect up to 5% of the population
  • The rest 95% are naturally protected
  • We do not know who is susceptible, who is protected
  • Vaccines are given to 80-85% without knowing
  • Vaccine failures are somewhat mapped after the exercise
  • Whether the vaccine caused the disease is a worry
  • Whether the vaccine increased susceptibility we can know only after the exercise
  • We are not keen to map the entire range of adverse effects
  • Ignoring that vaccines have long term side effects and add to the disease burden in society
  • That victims are not compensated is an ethical burden on the profession

To this I can add, the profession is prevented from knowing and recommending the alternative. The alternative can emerge only if the cause is independently ascertained. During Covid times the causes according to the opposition camp were;

  • Inflating the figures using all opportunities and methods possible
  • Renaming a whole host of diseases as Covid
  • Inducing fear
  • Imposing an agenda
  • Adoption of wrong treatment protocol
  • Pollution. smog and EMF

But we went ahead with an experimental vaccine (can we call it that?) and justified it till the whole paradigm fell apart, 

It is said that there are two sides of an issue. Many doctors differ. They say doctors should have a 360 degree view to arrive at a clear picture. While earlier we had broadly lifestyle, diet and environment to watch out for, currently there are business and political angles that skew things. A good doctor must understand the extent of harm pharma and its cohorts are capable of. 

I have written about how disease comes to teach. I will also say, the patient too comes to teach. Patient feedback is the number one input for a health system that cannot be done away with. To club a substantial group of people who have experienced or observed extensive harm as "anti-vaccine" and to harass and harangue them is something that instantly affects the credibility of the profession. Today social media is full of people who are amazed that doctors are still supporting and justifying the Covid vaccines. It took just one adult vaccine campaign for people to understand what infants and children were unable to express. These people will never trust the system again. 

Regarding being anti-modern, everything that is beneficial will be accepted; anything that harms will ultimately be rejected. The word modern does not automatically translate to good.  

We are programmed to defend pharma. I will appeal that we be programmed to defend the public. I always talk of the MBBS doctors because they had this attitude. That is sorely missing in the profession today.