Poisoning your child is not a good idea!


In today’s world of “modern scientific medicine” you are expected to poison your child. But that is not a good idea! I can provide some pointers.

Vaccines "protecting" from diseases depends upon two big assumptions;

  • Germs and viruses cause disease
  • Antibodies can prevent infection

Are these assumptions valid?

  • Germs and viruses follow neither Koch nor Rivers postulates to be established as disease agents
  • Till date all attempts to introduce germs and viruses into healthy individuals have failed to produce the diseases they are credited with
  • Doctors and scientists have injected/ exposed themselves with disease matter (Cholera, AIDS, Smallpox) to prove that pathogens do not cause disease
  • The presence of any pathogen during any disease does not prove that it is the disease causing agent. Firefighters are present at spots of fire. They douse the fire. They are not the cause of fire
  • The presence or absence of antibodies do not correlate with disease or its prevention. You may have truckloads of antibodies and come down with disease, you can have no antibodies and be protected
  • Infants do not produce antibodies. That ability can take up to 7 years to develop
  • As detailed by investigations into cellular immunity by the reputed immunologists Dr Karl Landsteiner and Merril Chase in 1937, natural immunity obtained through natural exposure is the only immunity
  • The concept of herd immunity was conceived around natural immunity. The claims of vaccine marketing agents that vaccination leads to herd immunity has no basis

Vaccines ignore the facts;

  • Disease is an internal mechanism in response to waste accumulation and toxicity
  • Pathogens are cleaning agents used by the body to eliminate waste and tackle toxicity
  • Acute diseases are beneficial as they clear waste and toxicity. Studies reveal children who go through normal childhood illnesses do not develop chronic diseases and cancers later in life
  • Acute diseases are mostly seasonal diseases; detoxification triggered by changes in temperature and weather pattern. The common cold, for example, comes in winter months and disappears when summer sets in. Fevers and diarrhea appear at the onset of/ during monsoons   
  • The intensity of acute diseases depends upon the extent of toxicity, the nature and amount of waste, the state of vitality, and lifestyle factors

What vaccines do;

  • They add immensely to the toxicity leading to extensive poisoning of the body
  • They disrupt the functioning of the body and do not allow the body to form and grow naturally
  • They predispose the body to chronic disease
  • They cause inflammatory and autoimmune conditions that are the base of all chronic diseases in society
  • They cause immunotoxicity
  • They disrupt the blood brain and placenta barriers allowing all vaccine ingredients to cross over
  • They impact the gut microbiome and cells
  • They affect the energy producing mitochondria
  • They cause genes to switch on and off
  • They introduce animal and avian diseases
  • They cause nerve damage; both central and peripheral
  • They cause paralysis and various motor disorders
  • They are behind a host of serious mental conditions ranging from depression to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's
  • Vaccine adverse effects can appear immediately, or after 4 to 5 years (short term), 10 to 15 years (mid term), after 30 to 40 years (long term). They can travel across generations. Toxins can impact at least up to 15 generations as per experiments with fruit flies!

404 conditions are associated with traditional vaccines as per 1349 peer reviewed studies in the Pubmed database. 210 diseases are listed in vaccination package inserts. All of today’s chronic degenerative diseases are found in these lists.

There are 12,000 studies so far of the Covid vaccines and the nature of adverse effects are mind boggling.

People think vaccines are effective, but;

  • Vaccines are not subjected to disease challenge and therefore not tested for efficacy
  • Vaccine "failures" are routine
  • Vaccines are known to increase susceptibility to the very diseases they are supposed to prevent
  • Vaccines are known to cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent
  • There is actually no way to determine the efficacy of vaccines as many factors are involved and not all can be located and measured
  • There is a saying among medical practitioners; diseases come and go, vaccines take the credit!
  • During Covid times the CDC has changed the definition of vaccines

How then do vaccines "prevent" disease?

  • The number of disease cases are increased 100 times or more prior to introduction of vaccines as "estimates"
  • After vaccines are introduced, the diagnostic tests are changed so as to make it difficult to report the disease
  • Name of the disease is changed post vaccination and new categories created where the number of cases are pushed to
  • The "estimates" fall to actual, providing the illusion of elimination
  • The disease caused by the vaccine is given another name
  • The whole process us under the control of "experts" chosen by the industry

The above was first used for the small pox vaccine, as revealed by Prof William Muraskin, and is known as the "small pox vaccination strategy". It was gainfully employed to create the illusion of polio elimination. Today we have "non polio acute flaccid paralysis" which is absolutely identical with polio!

How are vaccines tested for safety?

  • Genuine placebos are not used. Another vaccine, a combination of vaccines, the previous version of the vaccine, or the same vaccine without the antigen, or the highly reactive adjuvant is used on the "placebo" group
  • Trials are of a very short duration. They are stopped when major adverse effects start appearing
  • The adverse effects are compared with "noise";  that is the perceived general rates of disease in society; the victim would have fallen sick anyway! So the vaccine is condoned
  • Trial data is not released. For the rotavirus vaccine the excuse was "it will alarm the public". I was the one who sought information
  • Vaccination trial reports are known to reflect the adverse effects but have as conclusion that the vaccine is safe! 
  • Vaccine trials are conducted by people and instructions that gain from it and therefore suffer from conflict of interest
  • Research institutions risk getting blacklisted if they deliver negative trial results in their reports. Once blacklisted they just disappear as they do not get any more grants 
  • The institutions that study and recommend vaccines gain from their sales. In India during Covid times, the ICMR received more than 171 crores as royalty from the vaccines as on 8th February 2022. The US CDC has a for profit wing that gains from vaccines 
  • For the Covid vaccines the trial was never completed and the "placebo" arm vaccinated. Even today when there is no emergency, the vaccines are being given under "emergency use authorization" 
  • In the US the Supreme Court declared that "vaccines are unavoidably unsafe" and granted legal immunity to vaccine manufacturers as they could not possibly manufacture safe vaccines
  • Vaccine ingredients are shocking. More so are the non declared ingredients. They are rationalized as "contaminants"
  • Bad batches, that is batches that are extremely problematic, are not destroyed, but shipped to developing countries
  • Vaccine manufacturers have been caught including disease causing agents in vaccines (The Baxter incident)
  • Vaccine manufacturers have been accused of including anti fertility agents in vaccines (Tetanus vaccine campaign in Asia and Africa)
  • Vaccines are illegally tested in Asian and African countries
  • Vaccines are administered with other vaccines. No safety studies of combined administration are conducted
  • The impacts of the entire childhood vaccination schedule has never been studied
  • Vaccines are not tested on pregnant women as it is unethical to do so. But they are routinely recommended during pregnancy
  • Vaccine safety has become a matter of great concern as plans are afoot to convert all vaccines to the mRNA platform

Vaccine adverse effects;

  • While the claim is one in a million is affected, studies have shown 1 in about 700 very serious adverse effects
  • For the covid vaccines the rate is much greater. UK data showed 1 in 136 to 137 affected
  • In India during Covid the officials and ground workers were instructed not to record adverse effects
  • A govt list of 10,600 deaths in a 9 year period and 600,000 annual adverse effects from routine immunization extracted through RTI lies unaddressed
  • Vaccine injury, even injection errors, are dubbed coincidental
  • Vaccine compensations are denied in India on the ground they would "set a dangerous precedent", once again I was the one probing. In the USA $ 2.5 million is paid to vaccine victims out of a fund created through a surcharge in vaccines but the process is very tedious and the harm is routinely denied
  • Information regarding known adverse effects is suppressed as "parents would not vaccinate wards if the adverse effects are known" as argued in the Delhi High Court
  • An executive committee member of the IAP was physically assaulted when he revealed the nexus between vaccine manufacturers and the pediatricians as per a report in the Outlook magazine which investigated and found his claims to be true
  • He directly revealed that vaccines are given because pediatricians earn in thousands of crores annually
  • At another level vaccines are given because high rate of vaccination is a condition for WHO and world Bank loans that countries take
  • The poisoning of the child is good for the economy. It benefits all except your child and the parents

What is unknown:

  • Edward Jenner was the first anti vaxxer. He refused to vaccinate his second child after the first succumbed
  • The godfather of vaccination Stanley Plotkin has confessed under oath he has not taken any vaccines apart from a small pox shot in his childhood
  • Vaccine lobbyist Dr Paul Offit backed off when he was asked to comply with the number of vaccines he said was safe for children
  • Vaccine exemptions are available for children of members of the medical associations!
  • Doctors refuse vaccines that are mandated in hospital settings
  • Dr Tedros, the Head of the WHO, has not taken the Covid vaccine. It is also known that placebo shots were given to important people. Many officials were exempt from taking the vaccines. The employees of vaccine manufacturers were also provided exemptions
You should also keep in mind;
  • It is very difficult to treat serious vaccine injury. Families get bankrupt addressing the many needs of the vaccine injured children. Vaccine injuries are lifetime conditions
  • Children have developed serious chronic diseases and developmental disabilities in today's society. 54.1% children suffer from chronic diseases, 1 in 6 children suffer from developmental disabilities, 1 in 36 suffer from autism as per CDC
  • The very doctor who is adamant about vaccinating your child will ignore and abuse you once your child is damaged and you demand answers
  • While there will be a whole gang out to convince you that vaccines are necessary, not a single person will come near you once the child is damaged
  • Healthcare workers are trained to offer excuses once deaths or disabilities occur post vaccination
  • During vaccination campaigns the vaccine is protected by all stakeholders; the subject becomes a guinea pig
  • Doctors are not taught about vaccines. They are mostly told the schedule and about anaphylactic reactions (immediate allergic reaction). They are programmed to believe that vaccines are extremely safe and that vaccine efficacy cannot be questioned. Therefore the doctor who argues against you is ignorant
  • Doctors who have gone against vaccines have been deprived of their license, dubbed quacks, subjected to character assassination, and have even died under mysterious circumstances.

Vaccine scandals are so numerous that the word vaccination has become a synonym for scandal. 


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And yet, the public is expected to submit in good faith!