What is this "scary bird flu"?


We are being scared with bird flu that has jumped from cows to humans is supposed to take a huge toll on both humans and animals. It will be 100 times more destructive than Covid.

Flu is a reaction to toxicity and waste accumulation.

Now where is this toxicity coming from?

- It is now emerging that there is a virus research laboratory near the first case of cow to human transmission of bird flu

- When the Covid vaccines were being rolled out, the knowledgeable had warned of a phenomenon called antibody dependent enhancement that could kick in and take a lot of lives

- Dr Geert Vanden Bossche has just warned (on 1st April 2024) that this phenomenon is imminent and the deaths would cause chaos and collapse in society

- The cattle are being subject to tremendous medication and vaccines. After a wave of vaccines against foot and mouth disease, there was another round for lumpy disease and now a campaign has started for a hemorrhagic disease that is appearing in them. In the US the cattle are being given mRNAs

- In India the vets warned that faulty vaccines were given for the foot and mouth disease that led to the lumpy skin disease which is a known adverse effect of the foot and mouth vaccines

So it is not very difficult to know the cause behind the coming crisis. Our experts of course will be baffled when the crisis erupts and will prescribe more of the same thing and again be baffled at the results.