There is no tomorrow


There is no tomorrow.

(I wrote this because as per the Malika, tomorrow 23rd April, Lord Lingaraj will send a message from his temple at Bhubaneswar to Ma Biraja of Jajpur that is supposed to activate the Mother element to take part in the destruction. It is very clearly written; on Tuesday of the month of Chaitra in the 24 anka. Interestingly from tomorrow to 31st May is Angarak Yoga as Mars conjoins Rahu. Astrologers have warned of wars, unrest, accidents, water related disasters, fires, and earthquakes. Tomorrow is also Hanuman Jayanti, activating Lord Hanuman the warrior who still lives and will participate in the coming war)

People have realized that a new way of life is coming where they have to deal with technological restrictions. They want to adapt hoping that they will sail through and circumstances will deliver them from the prison.

What we should know is that what we consider normalcy now will never return once we enter the phase that is coming. The destruction of the enslaving system will also involve the destruction of the civilization as everything will be methodically taken down.

Starting this month, events will escalate. The events are slow because Israel wants the red heifer sacrifice and associate rituals to be completed without a hitch. Whether that will happen peacefully is another matter.

Things will escalate to an extent that it will seem that everything will fall apart. It is at that time that a 7 year peace deal will be signed. If we go by the predictions, the person who will play a key role in this will be the dreaded person we are to watch out for.

This deal will fall through half way as the two warring sections take up positions for the ultimate showdown in sometime 2029. That event will be the trigger for the finale.

The 3.5 years will be torture for a major part of the world as the good are persecuted. Not that the rest of the population will experience anything remotely peaceful as the system toys with them.

Will India experience the NWO? It will happen. The citizen will be forced to follow the rules for a time. But a war will also tremendously disturb the country. A person who takes up the realm during very disturbing times will steer the country and not submit to any kind of interference. The NWO grip on the country will be shaken off.

Many will leave before things get really bad. The soul knows what is coming. Many souls would just take off unwilling to experience it. People will be dropping dead for various reasons.

I think this has to be on the minds of people. Adjustment is not going to help. The system that will seek to impose itself has to be rejected. There is no escape even if you submit.

There is no tomorrow.