There is hope, but...


There are two groups of people;

  • One who feels the human created world is an unending show
  • The other is concerned about the real world and are waiting with bated breath for the crash

The first is considered pragmatic; the second fall in the category of conspiracy theorists.

  • One group feels now that humans have the power they have the right to do as they please
  • The second feel humans are to be responsible and rectify their behavior and attitudes

The ruling powers are trying to be the sheep in wolf's clothing and projecting the aspirations of the second group as their own.

  • One group feels human beings are objects to be owned, manipulated, managed, and done away after the need is over
  • The other group feels humans are to be respected as they are either God's image or are sensitive beings that have rights

The first group is powerful and has molded the world to accept its premises. The second group is fighting among themselves trying to fix the real identity of man.

  • One group feels the world is a resource to be exploited
  • The other group feels the world is alive and is providing for its children in a very orderly and compassionate fashion

We have reached a stage where the limitations of the first view are evident and the second view is taking over. This offers hope.

The old Indian prophecy of fire predicted the exploitation and foresaw the people trying to nurture and rebuild the world presenting their viewpoint to those exploiting it. The fate of the world depends upon whether the sane option is accepted leading to a new era.

If not, the prophecy continues, the world becomes a battlefield and the earth decides the fate of the occupants.

2024 is the year of transition. That transition can go either way. People feel the pinch. The earth shows its dissatisfaction. The people rise. The rulers either see reason or go forward with their own plans that run counter to the needs of the earth.