The war on cures


The whole concept of holistic medicine is centered on cures. There are clear cut scientific principles that are employed. The patients want cures. They do not want to be rendered sick and then their sickness exploited by a profit seeking industry.

The criticism is not against a system of medicine. It is against a system that is proven to be the third largest killer (as per pre Covid figures). It claims to be science but scientists who have studied it have other things to say. All its findings are dubious.

Can a system say the following and be scientific?

  • Disease is normal
  • Complications are normal
  • Pharma products are the only solution
  • Cures are unscientific
  • Disease management (something that benefits all except the patient) is scientific
  • Ethics is not a part of medicine
  • Patient rights are dangerous for health
  • Hospitals are profit centers
  • All need to shut their eyes to the atrocities being committed

What is happening is extremely unfortunate.

How do we fight the pharma sorcery?

When I realized what vaccines really are, I was taken aback. How can this be adopted, how can this be about public health, how can this be administered to children; these were the thoughts that ran amok through my mind.

I was a lad of 23. I did not understand the ways of the world. I thought people were generally good. I thought medicine was about health. I thoughts governments acted for public good. I thought medical institutions and their members were genuinely occupied with the search for cures.

These ideas made me think that if I shared what I had learnt with others, the practice would be questioned and it would stop. So I started writing letters to the authorities and institutions; at that time there was no internet and the facility of emails.

I wrote these letters for 15 years. Those 15 years taught me a lot. I realized to my horror that the menace and its effects were not unknown. The truth was there for all to see, and yet falsehood was being protected.

At first I received gentle letters asking me to desist from such efforts. Then there were sterner missives. Over phone I was told I was an anti national and was working against national interests. But I was adamant. Then the last weapon was tried. I was offered whatever sum I would like as the price to stop my campaign.

The person who offered it was a well known member of the IAP and a hospital owner.

I understood that there was one thing sorely missing in members of the medical profession: Conscience. They were happy with the harm. They were happy they were protected. They did not feel it wrong to suppress criticism. They found no qualms threatening and bribing people. And yet they felt they were indispensable and demanded respect.

I accepted the bitter truth. I stopped communicating. I then decided to educate the public. The only way to stop the harm was to become aware and avoid it altogether.

The profession should realize that the people are not criticizing them. They are simply protecting themselves. Nobody wants to invite disease and disability. Nobody desires a premature death.