People ask: How are you preparing for what is coming?


How are you preparing?

People are calling me up and asking this question. How are you preparing for what is coming? People have sensed that changes are happening; events foretold are taking place, the headlines are reflecting their worst fears, and are adding up two and two to get the inevitable four.

The events in the Middle East have shaken people. They are predicted, yes. But the perpetrators feel that they have the whole region under control and they can launch their psy op to achieve their objectives. But as I have pointed out in a separate post, they are inviting trouble. They are offering themselves for annihilation.

This year will be violent; the new year has the term Krodhi or the angry one. It matches the Saturn Mars and the Saturn Rahu combinations that are ushering in the new year. The year has troublesome periods in April May, July August, and October November. The in betweens will not be pretty.

We are observing how social media is becoming violent as ideas clash, political issues are discussed, and religion becomes a contentious issue. This reflects very clearly the events ahead. The general population will be influenced by the malefic planetary combinations and lose their cool.

What am I doing? I am yet to prepare for anything. I feel very helpless. The magnitude of what is coming is simply beyond me to prepare for. I live from day to day and will continue to do so. I have no appetite to witness the coming events, have had enough of this world, and therefore would welcome all adversities that promise the end. I am perfectly comfortable with that.

I am in the most vulnerable zone where wars are predicted to happen, earthquakes and sea incursion awaits, the entire city is destined to be decimated. But then in 2027 this city is the place from where the Lord is slated to begin his tirade. The world famous Lingaraj Temple is where the Lord and his devotees are to meet. The caveat is 50% of the world's population will be gone by then. Amidst the chaos and darkness the Lord is destined to rise and make his presence felt.

But 50% will still be there. Hope you will be among them. It will take an iron resolve and nerves of steel to survive, maintain oneself, and fight.

As Haidakhan Babaji says, the mantra Om Namah Shivay will be the talisman in the end times.