Nothing can be meticulously planned with human effort.


Our world is pre programmed. For ages we have known that we have to go through a very difficult period that will end the civilization and usher in the next. In my childhood days I used to listen to the elders as they sat and discussed that all norms are set to collapse causing great disturbance to society. The reign of Kali (Hindu equivalent of the Antichrist) would be very harsh on the good and dubious people would flourish.

After the Mahabharata war Sri Krishna was returning with the surviving warriors - the best of men. The evil forces confronted them. They wanted the warriors. Sri Krishna placated them saying they could have them only in the last stages of Kali Yuga. There are many such examples. Kali Yuga entails the sacrifice of all that is good. What is harmful becomes the pursuit of society. It is a very costly delusion.

But yes, we can see the planning. Planning is the forte of the evil doers. They try to dominate by grouping together and planning the downfall of the rest.

It is said that the devil is the most intelligent person on earth. He has not only mastery over his craft but also has read all the scriptures. He uses everything possible to further his ambitions. It is very difficult to face his cunning. Like an eel he will slip from one argument and lead you to another. His intelligence attracts the fools and they seek to imitate him and work for him. For those who feel they should be practical, the devil appears very appealing.

How does the devil progress? He identifies problems and offers easy solutions. His promises are very alluring. He will reach the person suffering and provide him a short cut. But that short cut will require deviations that go against the laws of nature. Led by him populations are enchanted by the unlawful pleasures and acquisitions. By the time they wake up, if they do, they are well and truly ensnared. They have to continue on the path to preserve their ill gotten gains.

The devil knows that it is his time. So he builds his empire accordingly. He carefully exploits the loopholes and human failings. He tries to amplify the harm using the right time and the right sacrifice.

The evil forces of the world require inputs. These are broadly illicit pleasures, human lives, pain and suffering. By constant sacrifices, encouraging the public towards the lower forms of pleasure, inflicting pain, suffering and disruptions the evil entities are strengthened. They then gain in strength, help delude minds, amplify negative events and follow the orders of those who seek to propitiate them. This is known to the tantrics.

The rulers of this system are masters in black magic, Chakradhar had told me. They pray to and seek to appease Lord Shiva who is known to be very magnanimous to whoever that worships him diligently. Ravana was a devotee of Lord Shiva. It is Lord Shiva's idol that adorns the CERN project.

What is the mistake that the devil tends to make? Its objective is to destroy the divine structure and rule. This is how the battle between good and bad is triggered.

Such battles are very chaotic and problematic. They have a life of their own determined by spiritual rather than material elements. Thus they seem to go from one end to another with disturbing consequences. It is only in the end that the process is understood. In the Mahabharata war the events seemed erratic but at the end Dharma triumphed and adharma was buried.

This is such a time. It is said that one day of the Mahabharata war will be fought in this period. That day is about thirteen months if I am correct. That war is upon us. It will be a very nasty war. It will target us physically and also be a test of our karma. Our ego and pride will be our Achilles heel. Humility and aligning with the divine forces will be our strength.

Globally we are seeing this happen. Whatever be the conjuring power of the devil, the battle lines are being drawn between good and evil. We will suffer because we have chosen what is convenient over what is right. By our actions we have debilitated Dharma - the power that keeps things together and ensures happiness. Indians were taught that if you preserve Dharma it will preserve you. But then our intellectuals became enchanted by foreign ideas and ditched their own wisdom.

We will see the leaders getting into very difficult situations. This is the cleaning process. If they emerge from that they become qualified to fight.

We live in a world we love to call modern. We take pride that we have overcome superstition and embraced science. In the coming battle we will witness the consequences of our choice. We will observe the eternal rules taking over to destroy the imposition.

Yes the devil is the master of black magic but Lord Shiva is the origin of the magic called tantra. It will be a fight between the master and the errant servant.

You can plan all you want. You can do all your best in creating artificial structures. But you cannot overcome the matrix. It is designed to overcome and survive.

Human effort has its limitations. Thank God for that.