Covid, the Covid Vaccines, the WHO, and The Pandemic Treaty


Covid, the Covid Vaccines, the WHO, and The Pandemic Treaty

Jagannath Chatterjee

The Covid 19 was declared a Pandemic by the WHO on 11th March 2020. India had already experienced the first case on 27th January 2020 in a 20 year old lady who had returned to Thrissur, Kerala from Wuhan. She reported with a dry cough which she had suffered for one day and recovered in three days. She did not infect anyone during her treatment. The first Indian fatality reportedly from Covid 19 occurred in Karnataka, observed in a 76 year old man who had returned from Saudi Arabia. The elderly person had a history of asthma, hypertension, diabetes, and also displayed severe appendicitis. He too infected none.

This would be the characteristics of Covid throughout the Pandemic in India till the WHO declared the Pandemic over on 5th May 2023. The majority (up to 90%) were asymptomatic meaning fully healthy, most cases mild, and the deaths occurred in people who had other serious diseases that were probably the cause of death. Whether those affected infected others always remained the bone of contention with the largest study in Wuhan, China questioning the infection theory as it was observed that 1174 close contacts of 300  Covid positive cases did not get the disease.

Was there an overreaction? The WHO was criticized when it changed the definition of a pandemic before the Swine Flu Pandemic of April 2009 by disassociating the widespread deaths that was earlier a part of the definition. Thus the declaration of a pandemic became easy as only the spread of disease was enough. The WHO also accepted the PCR test in a hurry without a peer review even before the claim of isolation of the Covid virus, and later critics alleged that it was calibrated to detect the common cold. FDA documents revealed "as Sars Cov 2 samples were not available" a sequence of the common cold virus was used. The test packages also bore this admission and had a warning. The test turned out to be a disaster as it was a laboratory tool that was never intended to determine any disease. Faced with criticism, the US based CDC decided to stop using it in December 2022, asking all stakeholders to switch to another test that could "differentiate between the Sars Cov 2 and influenza". Influenza cases dropped to zero during 2020. But the cases detected by the PCR test still continue to be valid Covid cases.

Doctors worldwide declared that it was difficult to distinguish Covid 19 from influenza and other respiratory disorders that had the same fatality rates. Was Covid 19 the killer it was made out to be? Once again the CDC conceded that only 6% of the fatalities could have been due to Covid. 94% had comorbidities that were the cause of death. Over time it emerged that Sars-Cov-2 was not the lethal virus it was claimed to be. Chances of survival of a healthy person below 60 was 99.95%. Average worldwide infection fatality late was 0.23%. In India it was 0.05%. Case fatality rate of influenza in India studied for the years 2010 to 2017 was 7.5% (Pranab Chatterjee et all, Pubmed, Nov 2019)

While the PCR test went haywire, a system of hospital based incentives on declaration of Covid cases further inflated the incidence. Patients already in hospitals suffering from severe conditions were declared Covid positive by a dubious test and when they died were recorded as Covid fatalities. As the days progressed it also became clear that the use of controversial anti viral drugs like Remdesivir, the injudicious use of antibiotics and steroids, the overuse of fever reducing drugs like Paracetamol, and the careless use of ventilators aggravated the outcomes. Clearly the declaration of Covid 19 as a disproportionately fatal disease had led to aggressive measures that were not necessary. It was also reported that once a person was declared positive by the PCR test, any subsequent cause of death like accidents, suicides, were ignored and the death was ascribed to Covid. 

In this backdrop the creation of a panic and the desperate call for a global vaccination program has been questioned. When there was talk of “warp speed” development of Covid vaccines it set off alarm bells in the scientific community.  The Coronavirus vaccines have a history of serious adverse effects, making the disease worse in vaccinated, and vaccine failure. These adverse effects were reflected in the animal trials. All the vaccinated ferrets that were exposed to the virus to check the vaccine efficacy died. This phenomenon is known as antibody dependent enhancement. However the Covid 19 vaccines glossed over or skipped animal trials.

Ironically the proponents of these vaccines like Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and even known vaccine lobbyists like Peter Hotez and Paul Offit warned about the many concerns from the vaccines. Bill Gates in a televised address informed that 1% of those vaccinated would come down with severe adverse effects. Mr Gates compared the vaccines to the small pox vaccine that was infamous for spreading the disease as well as the causative factor behind a wide array of adverse effects ranging from tuberculosis and leprosy, to schizophrenia and cancers.  

Dr Anthony Fauci conceded the vaccine may make matters worse. Drs Peter Hotez and Paul Offit decried the speed of the clinical trials, and wondered what vaccines with new untested technology would do to populations.  The concerns are valid. Ordinarily it takes 10 to 15 years to see if the vaccines are relatively safe and can perform. Even at the end of that period vaccines fail on several parameters and very few are approved. The Covid vaccines were ready in eight months and the trials cannot be completed as the placebo arm is vaccinated.

The inevitable consequence of such rushed attempts is unintended adverse effects. To deflect attention from their culpabilities the manufacturers, including Astra Zeneca whose vaccine was adopted by the Serum Institute of India, asked for legal indemnity. They wanted to be protected from legal action as they felt the adverse effects will start showing up after 4 years; that is by 2025. Countries in all probability promised them the protection they need.

The vaccine trials conducted in phases threw up a plethora of issues. The Astra Zeneca trials were halted after volunteers suffered from serious neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis and transverse myelitis. Facial paralysis (Bell’s Palsy) and viral pneumonitis are among the other adverse effects reported. The rate of systemic adverse effects was found to be high. Volunteers have narrated they were unexpected and one reported he shivered so bad he broke a tooth. Experts have warned that the systemic adverse effects are “not a walk in the park”. Ignored by the medical community as of no consequence, these adverse effects can proceed towards serious disease.

In India trial volunteers have backed away fearful of the impact as reported by NDTV. It has also emerged that 168 adverse effects were reported in the Brazil trial of the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine. The regulators could see the hand of the vaccine on only two of them, ignoring 166. 

An Indian volunteer of the Astra Zeneca vaccine being produced by the Serum Institute of India (SII) has suffered encephalopathy and memory loss. The victim sued the SII for five crores. SII responded by suing the victim for 100 crores, denying the harm and leveling the accusation of trying to undermine the image of the vaccine manufacturer. However the doctors attending to the victim and treating his symptoms acknowledge that they are indeed caused by the vaccine. Experts have criticized the way the volunteer has been treated, and how the government institutions involved in monitoring the trials have not acted upon the outcome and stopped the trial. Alarmingly in Australia the vaccine trial was cancelled because the subjects tested positive for HIV. 

The FDA inadvertently revealed a list of 21 serious adverse effects that will follow the vaccines. The adverse effects in the list include Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, Transverse myelitis, Encephalitis, demyelinating disease, stroke, autoimmune disease, Narcolepsy, cataplexy, Acute myocarditis, Anaphylaxis, Thrombocytopenia, Disseminated intravascular coagulation, Venous thromboembolism, Arthritis and arthalgia, Multisystem inflammatory syndrome and Kawasaki Disease  in children, risks to pregnancy and fetus, disease enhancement, and death. These are all devastating and crippling disorders that are being reported in vaccinated subjects.

The author has attended a series of webinars titled “Ethical and legal challenges in research in preventive vaccines and in making vaccines available.” The webinars dwelt on several aspects of the Covid vaccines and had panelists ranging from trial volunteers, lawyers, journalists, doctors and medical ethicists. A volunteer reported how he was pulled up for talking about his experience to the media. A woman volunteer narrated how she was repeatedly asked whether she was pregnant or intended to have a baby as the impact of the vaccine on the fetus and on fertility was unknown. There is a lot of concern about its impact on fertility. And this is exactly one of the concerns expressed by a group of highly qualified doctors in an appeal to the European Medical Association. They wanted the vaccine stopped!

It emerged that the placebo being used in the Indian vaccine trial is the same vaccine! The vaccine is being compared to itself. Elsewhere too it has been reported that the Astra Zeneca trial is using the meningococcal vaccine as the placebo and a Brazilian doctor administered that as the “placebo” has died. There is passive surveillance on the volunteers and the onus of reporting adverse effects lies on them. As opposed to a promised two year follow up on foreign volunteers, the Indian volunteers were followed up only for six months. Journalists reported how their efforts at contacting the vaccine manufacturers came up blank.

The lawyers rued the fact that Indians remain unaware of Big Pharma tactics and will be easy prey to the politics of the vaccine. They narrated how the unethical HPV vaccine trial on 30,000 tribal girls of Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat in 2010 led to seven deaths and thousands of adverse effects. The issue is still in Court and the delay is justice denied. They opined that Corona crisis has revealed potential corruption in a grand scale and legal recourse needs to be taken to protect the people.

The doctors decried the lack of transparency and pointed out irregularities. They pointed out that the results of trials would take a minimum of two years to be properly reported and the vaccine will be administered to the public before it happens. In fact the government decided to go ahead with the vaccination process despite the regulators seeking more data before authorizing the emergency approval. The ICMR and Government officials denied any wrong doing. And yet they conceded that revealing trial details could antagonize the vaccine manufacturers who could then file court cases. They said emergency use of the vaccine was justified as this is a very big crisis.

The clinical trials were a sure indicator that things are not hunky dory. What queers the pitch is that doctors and scientists studying the Covid vaccine trial protocols have revealed that the trials are not about checking transmission, and preventing serious cases that lead to hospitalization and deaths. Pune-based public health specialist Dr Anant Phadke said the main issue with the vaccine is lack of transparency. "There seems to be a rush to get approvals and start the vaccination process. We need empirical evidence that the vaccine works for Indians. Without prejudging the vaccine, we should wait for the results and analyze them," he said. While trials done so far say the vaccine offers protection, there is still a question mark over its ability to stop transmission. "Only one of trials is looking at the transmission aspect. Others are not even tracking it." So what is the purpose of this largest vaccination exercise in history? Is there an agenda behind the exercise?

The vaccine ingredients do not inspire confidence. The adjuvants being used are Squalene and Aluminum Hydroxide Gel (in nanoparticle form). Squalene is a controversial adjuvant that has been used in the Swine Flu vaccine that was discontinued because it induced disabilities. Metal nanoparticles are extremely toxic to cells. The mRNA being introduced to instruct the cells to make the spike protein requires the use of synthetic mRNA, lipid coating and nanoparticles. The lipid coating (poly ethylene glycol) is of a substance present in the human body and its use can lead to autoimmune disorders. Nanoparticles are known to cause adverse effects. 

The vaccines, including those used in India, involve introducing mRNA for the production of spike protein within the body. What the mRNA will do is being speculated. Doctors believe it could have long term consequences and lead to genetic modification. There have also been studies that show a modified RNA can alter DNA, brain function and behavior. The use of Fetal Bovine Serum raises ethical concerns as it is derived from live fetuses extracted after killing pregnant cows. The vaccines also contain the controversial ethylmercury compound named Thiomersal, linked to wide array of neurological adverse effects that is a disinfectant.

The vaccines are using aborted human fetal cells. It is yet another means to disturb the host genetic makeup. Simian (Chimpanzee) viruses are being used as vector. These viruses have been used in past vaccines like the small pox and oral polio vaccines and been connected to diseases like cancer and AIDS. Scientists have warned regarding this possibility.

Governments worldwide ignored these concerns and went ahead with the vaccination campaign. India launched the vaccines with great fanfare on the 16th of January 2021. The author on Zee Odisha TV covering the program live on that day was the lone person protesting the launch of the experimental vaccines without informing the public about the adverse effects and long term risks involved. The logic of launching a vaccination campaign during an ongoing Pandemic was questioned by experts. The small pox vaccine was similarly launched and how it aggravated and prolonged the epidemic was a hot debate. Dr Mike Yeadon, Ex CEO of the Pfizer declared that the concept of extinguishing any ongoing epidemic with a vaccine was “nonsense”. 

Doctors and scientists worldwide pointed out that the majority of the population (68% in India) were already exposed and had acquired natural immunity. The young were not at risk and the decision of the Government to vaccinate teenagers was a “political decision”. After the campaign began Doctors reported that as the elderly were vaccinated, they returned home and entire families fell sick. That the second wave, the one that spread widely, was observed after the vaccine campaign was launched was revealed as per a study by K Beattie of the University of Alberta, covering 145 countries that was presented before the US Supreme Court.

Indian health officials failed to inform the public about the risks involved. Beginning March 2021, several European countries, starting with Denmark, suspended the Astra Zeneca vaccine due to its ability to cause a fatal condition called thrombotic thrombocytopenia. In May 2021, as a precaution, the United Kingdom government had advised against the use of Covishield, or AstraZeneca, for those below the age of 39 if an alternative vaccine was available. Gradually more than a dozen countries discontinued the vaccine. As on April 22, 2022 the Serum Institute of India had to halt production with unsold stock of 200 million doses as more and more countries discontinued it. This vaccine has been used extensively in India. On 17th May 2021 the Health Ministry of India issued a circular to all States and UT's informing that TTS was being reported after administering the Covishield vaccine and that they should be prepared to treat the cases.

In The Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Neuropsychiatry UK stroke specialists reported three cases of brain stroke from the Astra Zeneca vaccine. “In all cases, the ischaemic stroke was associated with blockages of large arteries (both carotid and middle cerebral artery) and two patients also had venous thrombosis involving the portal and cerebral venous system. All three also had extremely low platelet counts, confirmed anti-PF4 antibodies, and raised D-dimer (also linked to clotting).” On February 23, 2024 the Hindustan Times quoting from a large study involving 99 million in the Global Vaccine Data network pointed out that the Astra Zeneca vaccine was linked to acute disseminated encephalomyelitis – inflammation in the brain and spinal cord, and cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (a type of blood clot in the brain).

The eminent British-Indian Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, who visited AIIMS, New Delhi in December 2023 and urged the country to exit the WHO as it has lost its credibility, opined that Oxford-AstraZeneca's jab, administered in India as Covishield, was "even worse" in terms of cardiovascular effects, heart attacks and strokes. He pointed out that 9.5 million doses of the vaccine administered in the UK had resulted in about 800,000 adverse effects. An analysis in the UK found that Astra Zeneca had resulted in more adverse effects of the severe kind than Pfizer. Dr Malhotra, who has demanded a full safety review into the use of AstraZeneca's Covid vaccine, told PTI that Covishield "should never have been rolled out in the country in the first place". He also stressed that the Covaxin too must be investigated. 

Covaxin, manufactured by Bharat Biotech in India, found itself in a soup as its reporting of the trial data was questioned. The Deccan Chronicle of 27 November 2022 reported, “Inquiries and investigation into the three phases of human trials of Covaxin have found grave reporting errors – some that appear to be deliberate — about the clinical trials, placing a huge question mark on whether or not there was possible doctoring of trial data to suit a predetermined end result that would, in turn, ensure quick approval for the vaccine for public use.” The implications of these findings were ignored but they soiled the reputation of agencies like the ICMR and AIIMS, New Delhi that were involved. 

There is serious underreporting of cases. The Scroll reported on November 2, 2022, “According to information on CoWIN, the government portal that records daily vaccinations, adverse reactions have so far been noted in 0.006% of all vaccine doses administered in India. Across the world, countries have reported far higher AEFI rates. Argentina has reported AEFIs in 0.06% of vaccinations, ten times more than India. Canada, Brazil and Colombia’s AEFI rate is 0.05%, eight times higher, while Chile and Paraguay reported AEFI in 0.03% of vaccinations, five times higher than India. Dr Jacob Puliyel, a former member of National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation, which advises the Indian government on vaccines, noted that this discrepancy was unusual, since it is unlikely that “the Indian population is immune to adverse effects of vaccines”. Puliyel concluded, “There is underreporting.” By this time as per the Govt of India 1148 deaths had occurred post vaccination and 89,231 had suffered adverse effects; that was even lower than the rate reported by CoWIN.

Relatives of the Indian citizen who suffered adverse effects as also the victims informed the media that the phone numbers provided for reporting adverse effects were either not working or not responding. Physical reporting was hindered by officials referring them to other centers. They narrated how they ran from pillar to post and were not able to record the deaths and adverse effects. It is ironic that Dr Shahid Jameel, Head of the India Sars-Cov-2 Genomic Consortium, was not able to record his adverse effect after receiving the vaccine. 

According to Dr N K Arora, who heads the national expert group on vaccine administration, India tended to report only cases that occurred within 7 days of administration, whereas in Western countries usually 28 days was the cut off. This resulted in mass under reporting. Long term adverse effects beyond that are not entertained. Malini Aisola, public health activist, accused the officials of hiding adverse effects so that the public would not reject the vaccines. The majority of the people simply did not know what and whom to report. A Bengaluru study found that 76.5% of Covid vaccine recipients who suffered an adverse effect did not report it. Thus a lot of manipulation went into asserting that the vaccines were safe.

India allowed the Astra Zeneca vaccine “Covishield” and “Covovax” by the Serum Institute of India, Bharat Biotech’s “Covaxin”, “Sputnik V” imported by Dr Reddy’s Lab, “CorBEvax” by Biological E, and Cadilla’s “ZyCov-D”. While it celebrated the safety of the vaccines, an RTI application by a Pune based businessman Prafful Sarda to the ICMR and CDSCO stirred a hornet’s nest when these agencies admitted in the RTI reply that all the vaccines had a string of serious adverse effects following administration. They ranged from chest pain to paralysis, and serious neurological disorders. Considering that the Government pushed the people into taking the shots using various restrictive and punitive measures that it later denied when questioned about compensation, the extent of the adverse effects on the population is yet to be known.

The efficacy of any vaccine can only be ascertained through a disease challenge. Also the extreme adverse effects of the past Coronavirus vaccines could only be known as the condition of the trial animals aggravated after a disease challenge. Disease challenge in human trials is avoided as it is deemed to be unethical. However in this case the experts pointed out in a BMJ article on 8 January 2021 that the test would not be an issue as there was an ongoing Pandemic and the subjects would be exposed anyway. However the disease challenge that allowed to judge efficacy was not satisfactorily conducted. 

In the Covishield trials the vaccinated wing came down with Covid symptoms that had to be managed by administering Paracetamol, another anomaly in the trials whose transparency was decried by experts. It was soon observed globally that the vaccines were not preventing infection and transmission. Dr Balram Bhargava, Director General, ICMR stated that the Covid vaccines are “disease modifying”, they do not prevent infection. The Govt of India advertised this and yet urged people to vaccinate. Later it also transpired that the vaccines were also not preventing hospitalization and death as figures tumbled in that the hospitalization and deaths were significantly higher among the vaccinated.

The people remained blissfully unaware of these developments as it is only the national dailies that selectively reported the anomalies. However an article by the Odisha Bhaskar dated 9 April 2024, warned the readers that the Covid vaccines are reducing immunity and increasing the incidence of infections. It quotes Pediatric Surgeon Dr Shilpa Sharma of AIIMS, New Delhi that the increase in viral infections that are taking a long time to resolve, skin allergies, appendicitis, cholecystitis (inflammation of the gall bladder) are due to the impacts of the vaccines. 

All over the country the hospitals are reporting an alarming increase in the incidence of heart attacks and brain strokes, adverse effects of the vaccines that were very early on admitted by the Govt of India. The heart attacks and sudden deaths among the young and old alike are troubling the public who are also suffering from various neurological disorders ranging from tremors and paralysis to Parkinsons like ailments. Skin ailments like Shingles are spreading. Daily wage earners are reporting that they are no longer fit for strenuous work after taking the vaccines. The women are troubled by gynecological problems. The number of doctors and healthcare workers who have died after taking the vaccines is not being revealed.

The entire controversy has taken another turn with Astra Zeneca admitting before an UK Court that the vaccine can in rare cases cause Thrombosis Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS). This has prompted the Indian media to go on overdrive and people have panicked. A lawyer has filed a case in the Supreme Court asking for an expert panel to examine the adverse effects and also seeks compensation for the victims. The victims and their relatives are getting together to sue the Indian supplier of the vaccine. These efforts are being countered with the experts informing that there is nothing to worry. The ICMR has conducted two studies that purportedly show that no serious adverse effect has been associated with the vaccine. Two doctors from Kerala have shared a study with the same conclusion. There is also a large study of 21 million that shows the Covid vaccines have a protective effect on the heart. The medical world is used to controversies and have strategies to emerge unscathed.

The Covid 19 vaccine campaign, that has been needlessly imposed, is clearly the largest medical experiment in history. A Pandemic has been conjured from thin air to inject the public with a product that cannot be called a vaccine. The alleged virus could not induce Sars Cov 2 in volunteers when they were injected with large doses according to a study reported in Nature. Whereas it was argued that the spike protein in the Sars-Cov-2 was causing the problem, using a vaccine to introduce mRNA to mass produce the spike protein indefinitely within the body is a perplexing exercise. Countering the claim that the vaccine ingredients are limited to the injection site, autopsies have revealed they are spread throughout the body. The ingredients of the vaccines are wireless sensitive. Why have they been used? Why has the CDC changed the definition of vaccines after the Covid 19 vaccines have been introduced? Why are the countries that have introduced the vaccines reeling under the weight of unprecedented excess deaths? Why is the media reporting a global population decline?

No lessons have been learnt from the Covid 19 fiasco. Klaus Schwab, the CEO of WEF, has famously declared that the Covid 19 was an opportunity to reset the world. The WHO is forcing countries to sign the Pandemic Treaty and IHR regulations that provide full control to the WHO once a Pandemic is declared. It will involve suspension of constitutional rights, and all kinds of patient’s rights and declarations, and impose the same draconian measures including mass vaccinations with mRNA vaccines that have drastically impacted populations. Countries will be fined with hefty penalties if they do not follow orders under the “One Health Policy” being imposed by the WHO. Already the WHO is warning about a bird flu that will be 100 times scarier than Covid and has vaccines ready. It is not bothered by the revelation that the first case of this bird flu, that the WHO claims will affect cattle and humans, was detected near a facility that is involved with gain of function research.

Clearly the civil society organizations have a great role to play to see through the rouse and engage with policy makers and governments to ward off another Pharma engineered crisis. No moment should be lost, no effort considered superfluous, to stop the WHO in its tracks. The advice of Dr Aseem Malhotra that India should quit the WHO must be the priority. The medical profession should emerge from slumber and address the mother of all crises that is staring at us and protect the populations from the agenda of corporate philanthropists.