Shock & Awe and the 4th Industrial Revolution


The present industrial world was established on the shock and awe principle. Two world wars, strife, governments taken down, famines, huge displacement, and disease combined to bring people to their knees. They then accepted the solution with open arms.

The 4th industrial revolution will involve the same but on a grand scale. This period is in any way very problematic. The earth is past its carrying capacity. To save itself it will launch a blitzkrieg. The establishment will push in its own plan to add to the chaos.

The digital prison is ready and waiting. The events will open the door, governments will act as the wolf to goad people into it. People will be more than willing as otherwise they will lose everything. Therefore people are closing their eyes and ears. They feel they have to go through the grind. They feel that sheep behavior is justified.

But what will they gain? Therein lays the key to understanding what is being offered on a platter. Go back and watch Hunger Games again. You will get an idea. Combine it with 1984, Animal Farm, and Brave New World. Put in a sprinkling of Toffler's Future Shock. The result is not pretty. You will be tortured and you will agree to the torture to get a morsel of food. Still not convinced? Well those experiencing the inhuman Covid vaccine torture are better poised to know.

Your basic decisions will be taken by the idiots that are discussing your future in the WEF and other congregations. Everything we have been talking about has been openly and officially discussed. From Digital ID, the chip, the rationing, 15 minute cities, the vaccines, digital currency, pandemics and their solution, the horrendous IoT, climate change, and that Noah Harari wooing the audience with his human experiment speeches. Unless you are a pineal gland destroyed educated fool you have a good idea of what to expect.

It is better to roam around begging than to accept what is being called the next scientific upgrade.

The choice is not easy. Our survival instinct is too great. Our families and possessions are extremely important for us. The routine of the present life is too alluring to cut things short.

That torture will last 3.5 years. The next 3.5 will witness the wrath of God.