Mind the magician!


The entire creation, whatever can be conceived, is a projection of the mind. When there is no mind there is no world. The universe needs a watcher to exist. The watcher alone is real.

The mind creates the duality. It creates falsehood. It creates a mirage. It creates suddenly, just as the dream appears suddenly. The dream does not evolve. It is already there in full bloom when you dream.

The mind is the Lord of the Universe. It keeps all engrossed in its projection. Duality is the land of experiences; pleasure and pain. Pleasure has tremendous charm. Even a drop of it enchants and the pain is forgotten. Duality therefore is much sought after. It is nothing but the hankering after pleasure.

But every being also treasures sleep. Sleep provides rest and the utmost satisfaction. Strange. For in sleep everything is lost. There are no feelings, no possessions. We are happiest when we forget ourselves.

The teachers say one is awake in sleep and asleep when awake. In sleep we are closest to the underlying reality. When awake and experiencing the world we are farthest from it.

But sleep does not reflect the real happiness, only a shadow of it. It is like the light of the moon in the forest filtered by the trees before reaching the ground. The real happiness of the Self is the direct unfiltered rays of the Sun.

If the mind is projecting an illusion, everything within it is false; whether good or bad. All concepts belong to the false projection.

We are taken up with the illusion and steeped in falsehood. The mind creates an identity. That identity is the epitome of falsehood. By treasuring that identity we are hooked to the illusion.

Emerging from the illusion entails giving up everything, including the identity. This is difficult. We are not just intellectually bound. We are bound by instinct. That instinct is triggered and recoils when the identity and possessions are threatened.

Death is painful because the identity is threatened. Genuine spiritual experiences also threaten that identity.

When Sri Ramakrishna provided a spiritual experience to Swami Vivekananda he screamed in terror as he realized that the world he was in was disappearing and also his own identity. The instinct was triggered and he panicked.

You can untangle a lot with your own reasoning. But you cannot take the last step of abandoning your identity without the help of a realized Guru. At the verge of realization your instinct will rise and prevent you from doing so.

It is said that consciousness keeps moving between the heart and mind. To achieve liberation it has to merge in the heart. A Guru is required to subdue it and merge it in the heart.

While pleasure is sought and experienced, it is pain that rules in the manifested world. The greatest pain is separation from the Self. It is like moving away from the gaze and protection of your mother who takes care of all your needs.

Internally this pain is felt very deeply as an unexplained loneliness. The cure for loneliness is sought in the outside world by seeking companions and possessions. The result is again pain. The cure for loneliness is to move from the world of duality to advaita or non duality.

The mind is perishable. It waxes and wanes and disappears in sleep. Yet it seeks permanence. It has tremendous convincing power. Your efforts may cause it to subside but it resurfaces again. It is powerful enough to survive death and lead the ignorant to another dream.

It is said that the mind inflicts all the possible experiences before the desire for liberation appears in the person. Therefore if you seek or think about liberation, know that you have experienced a lot. You have paid a huge price to be here. Therefore you must never ignore this longing.

The desire for liberation is the most valuable treasure that is gifted to a person. Only a human being can make the most of it. A Guru comes to the life of such a person. Everything falls into place. The mind becomes a friend. The grace flows unhindered. All of this combines to bless the person.

The illusion is then shattered forever