It is the darkest just before dawn


The situation is very bad and fast moving towards the worst. But we should not be pessimistic. Rather this is a good sign. There is a concept in India known as the "container of sin getting filled up". Once that happens the situation gets reversed.

Exactly the same thing is happening now. The worst of atrocities are being committed. The process is speeding up. But at its peak the system will start crumbling.

Development that is enchanting people is the sin being committed. Nature is not meant for this kind of development. It is life giving. Development is anti life and life taking. With every step, development is filling the container of sin.

Chakradhar had told us, destruction will come when development is at its peak. We are heading towards it. The 4th industrial revolution and the new world order is the peak development that is being sought.

Strangely development will not stop when destruction makes its presence felt. The destruction being arranged to change the governance system and drastically reduce the population will be in parallel to the establishment of the new world order. The crisis will goad the population into it. The people will compromise and try to fit in, serving the interests of the elite.

The period from 2024 to 2027 will be mostly engineered chaos. However from 2028 the wheel will turn. 2028 will be a very unusual year. 2029 to about 2032 will see the worst events happen. All the indications support this.

People ask me, how do we prepare? How do we survive? Frankly you cannot prepare for the magnitude of events that are slated to happen. They also ask me, how the elite are planning to survive.

While the elite are acquiring land and building bunkers, we should not assume they will survive. Then why are they doing this? The answer is crazy. They are simply obeying instructions. The devil is guiding them. Nothing else explains what is happening. They worship the devil and are doing as they are told. No human being can be behind what is happening. The devils plan is being faithfully implemented. The devil will soon have a human face, a CEO, who will be delegated all the powers.

It is a pity the strongest force to battle the devil has been made the butt of ridicule by the powers that be. For evil to progress and own the world, the power and appeal of good has to be destroyed. Systemic corruption in the thinking process has ensured that. Today the world is built on lies and corruption.

This world has to collapse under its own weight. It will. But it will take down a lot with it.

Deep down we are divine and incorruptible. We are love, truth, and innocence. Our real nature will slowly emerge and establish itself. It will be aided by the divine interference. Wait with patience. There will be a false dawn. Do not get carried away. Be true to yourself. Trust God. Surrender.