Every large cycle repeats itself


The hologram repeats itself in every great cycle.

In Hinduism there is a character called Kakbhusundi. He has a crow like face and a human body. His appearance is the result of a curse. But he has a blessing too. He gets to witness every age. He thus has been witness to many episodes of Ramayana and Mahabharata periods! But one thing, the periods are not exactly the same every time. There are changes.

I have written about how Lord Rama had dropped his ring into a hole and asked Hanuman to retrieve it. Hanuman dived into the hole and after travelling a length of time found himself in a giant cave that was full of rings and all were exactly the same! He realized that Lord Ram manifests in every cycle and that those cycles are endless.

In the Gita Lord Sri Krishna broaches the subject of transmigration and tells Arjuna that human beings are a product of several lives. While the human forgets them, the God principle remembers everything.

The matrix is very puzzling. It is not possible for the human mind to comprehend everything. Infinite emerges from the infinite and yet the infinite remains the infinite. This is what those probing into sub atomic physics reveal. The same is also the conclusion of our scriptures.

And then some interesting facts about the Kalki Avatar;

  • He will have to go through hell
  • He will be carrying a disease that will be cured by Brahma
  • He will have lost his mental balance at a point of time
  • He will not be aware of his identity. It will be revealed to him
  • He will suddenly receive arms
  • His way of working will be difficult to judge

As the reverse process is expected to begin in 2028 his actions may become visible in 2027.