Why the earth has chosen destruction.


Why the earth has chosen destruction.

What have the elite done? They made evil look good and acceptable. They corrupted human beings. These beings, unable to be good and resist evil, then found solace in evil. They fought tooth and nail to bury all that is good and establish the reign of evil. Evil has become fashionable. It has become the goal. Good bashing is the in thing. Everyone revels in it.

Today it is a crime to be good, loving, and innocent. These qualities were once in plenty. Today they are not only rare but despised. There is so much charm in distortion! Evil runs today's economy. Without it we would all be poor. Evil justifies itself at every step to build its empire. It employs logic and common sense. It invents science.

While the corrupt have found life easy, the earth thrives on good. Good is the basis of all life. Evil is a pain in its neck. So while the empire of evil has grown and is ready to establish itself, the earth is ready for the destruction that is needed for it to survive.

The elite have a plan. The earth has a plan. Both match in the process. But they differ in the outcome. Evil will destroy all that it has painstakingly built, blind and drunkenly immersed in the quest for supremacy. Once it gets to the tipping point, good will emerge and reclaim its due. Evil will be banished till its term comes again. This is the cycle of creation, progress, and destruction.

Let us prepare for the next world. There is no harm in becoming loving and kind. There is no harm in finding the child within us.

We are all children of the same God.