Thoughts On Spiritual Healing.


Faced with impossible situations and writhing in pain, people cry out "Oh God help me!". Rejected by doctors people turn to God, earnestly pray for healing, go through rituals, visit places of worship, and often get healed.

There are many recorded instances of spiritual healing prompting MDs to investigate and write on it.

There is no clear idea about how spiritual healing comes about. This is a combination of an intense yearning and a response from an unknown dimension.

Often death too heals! Anita Moorjani, stricken with terminal cancer, died to be healed. She returned and her body that was in a really bad shape started healing and she finally became free from cancer. There are many such instances. A Tibetan monk has also written about how meditation healed his wounded leg that doctors said they had no other go but to amputate. The monk's only regret was that the doctors did not investigate the miracle.

My life too is a complex miracle of a kind. I really do not know how I have survived the tremendous amount of pain, suffering, and agony that I have undergone. Who bore that pain, stayed mobile, worked, studied, campaigned, and still continues? I really don't know. It is not possible and not my doing, is all that I can say. I have carried a mass of flesh that is intensely painful praying for death at every breath. I was instead instructed to stay alive.

There are several dimensions to life. The one we think is real is in fact unreal. The hidden dimensions are closer to reality. We have the right to appeal for health and cures, particularly when the prevalent medical system prefers to criminally inflict disease and earn from the misery of people. We should not ignore spiritual healing but embrace it, as it is the only hope in the present age.

Spiritual health is more than cures. It is a catharsis and the means to grow out of the shell that imprisons us. Faith moves mountains; it also cures us of our attachment to this world. Suffering cures atheism and takes us to God.

It also requires a tremendous amount of sincerity. The healer has to go through a fire that burns the gross and purifies him and hones his or her intent to heal. To heal is to receive the blessings of God who works through the healer.

If one deceives and poses to be a healer for the sake of money or propaganda then one is preparing to enter the gates of hell. The Indian scriptures proclaim that medical practitioners who ignore ethics and inflict harm do not receive a body post death. This is a terrible affliction. All those who are trapped in the present system must go down on their knees, pray, repent and mend their ways. They may not get that opportunity once the body drops.

Prayers work in mysterious ways. They work. There are no unanswered prayers. Only we may not understand the way of working. If they do not directly lead to healing, they can also clear the obstacles and steer one towards the healing path.

When we seek help from God we also should not forget our responsibility. If we can rectify ourselves with our own effort or strive to do so, we travel faster on the path. A very important thing is to understand the natural path to healing and adopt it. Detoxify, pay attention to safe nutrition, exercise, expose yourself to nature, stay away from health endangering elements, drive away negative thoughts, struggle against the devil within, seek the light and it will come.

It is said, there are delays on the path to God, but there is no darkness in his world. His lamp always burns for you.