The corrupting power of Kali Purush


The advent of chemicals into the world was a curse for human health. The use of metals was another blow. The transition from the biological to the artificial world brought suffering in its wake. Complexity in life also made the mind complex. A complex mind lays the base for disease.

Not knowing worldly knowledge and complete dependence on nature is ideal from the health point of view. That is Eden.

Better still is searching for and knowing the inner world. In Indian scriptures the Satya Yuga or the age of truth is about a natural world where inner knowledge is actively sought.

The world is a passing phase. The spirit has to experience this world to progress from one plane of existence to another. The planes of existence vary from extremely dense to lighter ones. Existence in the dense realms is very painful. Thus the spirits choose to dip into the material plane to progress.

Thinking that this world is everything is the thought process of Kali Yuga or the base age. Here the being is almost completely cut off from the source. It is a very painful age for the soul to experience and it suffers. Being cut off from the source also leads to lack of distinction between right and wrong and acceptance of wrong norms and practices further complicates matters.

People want the world to be peaceful. But it is actually a battlefield where ideas need to clash to establish themselves. The debates take place in all the Yugas apart from the Kali Yuga that forces all to accept its logic.

In all the other ages there is also the concept of sacrifice. People undergo great hardship to set an ideal for the others. They even give up their lives. This is called tyaga in India. This tyaga is what keeps Dharma or the natural order alive. As the world is based on the natural order, keeping it alive ensures the preservation of the world.

In Kali Yuga this concept not only crumbles but is replaced by extreme selfishness. This is the corrupting influence of Kali. Kali attacks Dharma and its principles and makes it seem foolish. People then follow adharma or the opposite of Dharma. Dharma is made to appear the villain in Kali Yuga.

The Antichrist is described as Kali Purush in Indian scriptures. He will appear as the one who will project adharma as Dharma. That will be the "one world religion" that has already been launched. It will be the false religion that the majority will bow down to. Adharma will seek to replace Dharma.

While it is frightening to contemplate but it is also the opportunity to rejoice. Once adharma reaches the peak Dharma will stand up to oppose it and all hell will break loose. The change will be triggered by the appearance of the Kali Purusha as the false God with his false religion.

People who are members of large religious institutions must be wary. These institutions have succumbed to the Kali Purusha and are preparing to be a part of the one world religion. The corruption is complete.

Now is the time to break away and find one’s own feet.