Realization is a shift in perception


Each one of us is a mold created to act in a certain way. To know what we really are we need to go beyond that mold. The gold ornament thinks it is a necklace or ear ring. But in reality it is gold. The shape is useful for the wearer. The ornament itself does not gain in any way.

Breaking out of the mold requires a process;

  • Dissatisfaction over the limitation
  • Awareness of something beyond
  • Striving to shift focus

The mold lies in the realm of duality. It perceives different forms and acts accordingly. The actions bring results. Some please. Some torment. There is the fear of discontinuance or death.

In the singular or non duality there is no difference but a continuum. Thoughts end. Actions end. Fear disappears. There is nothing to gain. There is nothing to lose.

How to achieve the non dual state?

One needs to slowly dissociate from the world. The world is an illusion. The problem starts when we consider it to be real. While watching a film we get engrossed and experience different feelings and emotions. But deep within we know it is not real.

What is real? The observer is real. The witness is real. The watcher of the film is real.

One needs to go deeper still. There is a witness. But there is also something that watches the witness. You think you are the witness. But you also can discern that something is watching you. You can observe your thoughts. You can also observe the one who is watching the thoughts.

That observer is the awareness. It is beyond consciousness. Consciousness too is a product of food. The awareness is extremely subtle and independent.

You must rest in that awareness. Slowly the thoughts will cease to bother. Your opinions will not matter. You will no longer be on the surface reacting to everything. You will recede into the witness; and then the awareness of the witness. And finally the awareness will consume you and you will become it.

Try this. Resting in the awareness is nothing but resting in the Self. You will notice a transformation as the Self slowly takes over you. The gold will shine and the ornament will become secondary.