Plight of Patient: Incomplete, Damaged, Unclean, Confused.


Incomplete, Damaged, Unclean, Confused.

These are the emotions and feelings being experienced widely by the multitude that are sick. At the other end is anxiety, fear, depression, anger, hopelessness, fatigue, and pain. There are so many symptoms and so few ears to listen. The patients are mechanically put through tests that do not reflect their misery. Patients stay silent unable to express themselves knowing the doctor would not understand.

Most people are sleepwalking through their lives, taking heaps of medications, burdened by surgery, religiously visiting doctors, getting admitted when they collapse, emerging as zombies, becoming burden on their families, and wishing for an early death. Parkinson's and Alzheimer’s deprive from even that.

Doctors are witnessing patients who are collapsed sacks of different disease names, adding layer after layer of confusion, worn out of vitality, expressing extreme mental states, and unable to bear the pain. When these patients leave the hospital the doctors hope they do not encounter them again.

Treatment has become a farce. The tests are meaningless; most not conducted. Medicines are useless and yet given as placebo for the patient, and as a part of fulfilment of hospital and individual targets. Doctors pose as the experts but are so very unsure within!

Why are things so?

  • Medications and vaccines, and the various medical procedures, are not allowing the body and mind to develop naturally. Consequently the person feels incomplete. This fuels the consumer industry as the person seeks to make up with external possessions that bring more trouble in its wake
  • The ingredients of drugs and vaccines damage cells, mitochondria, tissue, and nerves. They create an inflammatory state. This leads to a very painful existence and the person feels damaged
  • The tainted biological material in medicines and vaccines; belonging to strangers, animals and birds implant their own microbiome. This leads to feelings of being extremely unclean
  • The drugs and vaccines affect the brain and the gut. These two organs are primarily responsible for a sound mentality. Consequently people feel confused, anxious, fearful and stressed

The damage is deep. The people suffer and rush to the same system that has damaged them in the first place. Needless to say they are damaged further.

Currently we find people committing suicide in very large numbers. We find quarrels in every home. We find relationships falling apart. We see rise in hate crimes. Children are unmanageable. Addictions are common. Contact with life is lost; responsibilities forgotten. People have abandoned sanity and this reflects in the rising crime graph.

Our prisons are full. The judiciary is unable to clear the load of cases. The police force, equipped with the latest gadgets, try all their best but are unable to make an impact.

Are we willing to go to the root? Gandhiji had clearly pointed out the harm and declared that there is no place for jails and hospitals in a healthy society. What is central to all else is good health. A healthy individual is a self regulating entity that needs very little external guidance.

Today talking about health and cures has become a criminal act! The Epidemics Act, Public Health Act, and the WHO Pandemic Treaty have special provisions for punishing those who speak out.

The world is full of insane people. Sanity is a threat to the system.