People are still in love with quackery.


People are still in love with quackery.

An US investigative report that trashes all the Convid response measures has an interesting point.

"Using the language of science to promote mysticism is particularly egregious".

What else?

  • Jenner and Pasteur whose ideas were used to set up the atrocity were both well known quacks. Pasteur was known in his times as plagiarizer - imposter - fraud
  • There was a very efficient system of integrated medicine in the US and other countries. People were being effectively treated and cured. The powerful quacks of the day felt threatened. It was the quacks who prevailed upon Rockefeller to sponsor their idea of medicine
  • The system had at its base the ideas of the dreaded scientists who were allegedly punished by the Nuremberg trials. Most of the perpetrators were stealthily whisked out of the country by the CIA and employed in the medical industry. The act has a name; Operation Paperclip
  • The American Medical Association was set up by quacks to prohibit doctors from practicing holistic systems. They drafted a document to outlaw the genuine systems of medicine. This document was used by a school headmaster called Abraham Flexner who was sponsored by Rockefeller to do just that. It became the famous Flexner Report of 1910
  • The modus operandi of the current system was worked out in the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research that has currently morphed into the Johns Hopkins

The signs of quackery are obvious;

  • Practitioners do not know about health and cures
  • Health is not the goal
  • All factors that are known to lead to good health are ignored
  • Full emphasis is on selling drugs, devices and services
  • Reductionism is practiced. The human body is considered to be a machine
  • Cause of disease is never investigated
  • Outcomes are never determined
  • Complications are rationalized as "normal course of disease"
  • Diseases are aggrandized to impose false methods
  • Diseases are launched to sell medicines
  • Informed consent is not obtained
  • Fleecing patients is the norm; hospitals are profit centers, doctors have targets to fulfil
  • Victims are left to fend for themselves and not compensated
  • Assuming importance and posing to be scientists is the strategy
  • There is no transparency and accountability
  • The patients are unprotected. All protection is offered to the industry, their products, and those who participate in the marketing exercise

300 years of quackery has the following outcome;

  • 95.4% of the world's population is sick (Lancet, 2015)
  • 54.1% of children suffer chronic diseases and disorders (NIH, 2011)
  • 1 in 6 people globally suffer from infertility (WHO, 2023)
  • 74% of deaths in society is due to chronic disease (WHO)
  • Cancer slated to rise by 77% with 2022 as base year (WHO, 2024)
  • 32% of global deaths are due to cardiovascular disease (WHO,2021)
  • Cardiovascular deaths increased 60% globally over past 30 years (World Heart Federation, 2023)
  • Cancer cases in people below 50 up nearly 80% in last three decades (Lancet Oncology, 2023)
  • Autism 1 in 36 children (CDC, 2022)
  • 1 in 6 children suffer from neurological development disabilities (CDC, 2022)

I don't find words to describe this mayhem.