Five types of vision


There are five types of vision that I can think of;

Physical vision that sees the objective world

Mental vision that sees the ideas and thought processes behind all that is happening. These can manifest as gnomes, fairies, demi gods or demonic entities

Matrix vision is very interesting as it watches the events unfold as set of images that roll on the screen. The quantum physicists say the world is still pictures that roll to create the illusion of activity. Neuroscientists call it the continuity illusion

Energy vision sees energy everywhere. This confirms that everything is energy. The energy structures could be the Gods people pray to

Pure vision that becomes the consciousness ending the duality.

We express surprise at the statements of saints, Sages and seers and often feel they have gone mad. But they speak from the level of vision they have attained.

Creation is an illusion. Our perception of it changes as we progress from total involvement to gradual disentanglement. Then we sense the reality and become it.