A detailed note on death and its aftermath


When death visits a loved one it shakes you and causes a condition called "temporary renunciation" in those who are touched by it. For a moment the impermanence of this world troubles, but like the water hyacinth of a lake that is pushed away returns and covers the water, the world again imposes itself on the one grieving.

There are certain truths that cannot be wished away.

  • To the one born, death is certain
  • All relationships are temporary
  • All possessions are to be left behind
  • Death comes without warning
  • Life is compared to a drop of water on the lotus leaf, it can slip away at any moment

What happens after death?

  • The soul or the bundle of the impressions and karma carried by an ethereal body immediately goes into a fresh womb ready to be born again
  • It may experience a temporary phase where it witnesses the life lived, goes through the experiences it caused to others, is judged by its own mind which carries all the memories, and is shown its next life to which it agrees
  • If the mind is compassionate and forgiving, the judgment is likewise. This is why it is very important to cultivate compassion and forgive others while alive. Bereft of these qualities the mind that judges you is unforgiving. Your mind is the divine judgment that judges you post death
  • Many experience a great release and a new kind of life post death where it encounters another being that takes him to his ancestors or those who have been with him or her in many lives. Some are also taken to a great light and are blessed by the experience
  • Some experience a healing as they are taken to a chamber where a light heals all parts that are affected by the previous life
  • The return path abruptly overtakes and the person is again sucked into the life experience. It passes through a frequency that appears like the waves of a river that erases all past memories
  • The return journey is experienced as a crowd of grieving and weeping persons who resent the next phase as they will forget their true bliss nature in the next incarnation

All the above takes place in a fraction of a second as per the earthly plan, but time expands in the other plane

How to help the departed?

  • Do not grieve unnecessarily. The entity that lingers after death is troubled by this grief
  • Meditate on the person with loving thoughts of kindness. This creates an enabling atmosphere for the entity
  • The death rituals involve giving food. The entity smells the food for sustenance while on the earthly plane
  • The 12th day rituals actually celebrate the last day and release of the entity

What is the ghost?

  • The experience of the world creates a temporary body
  • This body that is close to the earthly body lingers till the body is cremated or returned to dust
  • It usually survives in full flow for 12 days. Therefore the death rituals
  • For people who are greatly attached to the world or have lived very negative lives, this body has a greater lifespan
  • This body has a sort of life and experiences misery
  • After death a portal opens that attracts the dead to cross over. Those very much attached to the world or who have died unnatural deaths and seek revenge may miss that portal and linger in the earth plane
  • These bodies are often seen as shadows or experienced as very cold and heavy energies
  • Mass ceremonies with goodwill can release these entities
  • These malevolent entities are utilized to create disturbances
  • Lord Shiva rules over these entities and uses them in end times

Who suffers less?

  • The wise one knows that the world is an illusion
  • He or she remains a witness to all that happens and knows it has come for a reason
  • He consciously and detachedly does his best, mindful of the exit
  • As he is ready for death, it does not frighten. It is just another experience to go through
  • He indulges in scriptural reading; knowledge that he has acquired in past lives comes unasked, and lives a life that is a blessing for all
  • As he develops he may be released from the earthly existence but be engaged in the spirit world. This comes after perfection is achieved and the person is ready to perform intricate tasks. It is these souls who look after the world and its residents
  • They will come sporadically to the earth plane to progress towards liberation. Progress is possible only in the earthly plane as it is composed of iniquities that prompt the experiences required for growth
  • There are also groups who are forever destined to take birth till the big cycle of creation is over. The great soul that is the Lord of the Universe gathers these souls together when it visits the earthly plane every four to five thousand years

The world is a self functioning model. Everything happens spontaneously here according to a set pattern. This is why events can be predicted. It is completely illusory in nature. Nothing therefore really happens here. It is a projection on the permanent indestructible base. Whatever the events, the base is never touched.

Therefore be the witness, realize that the world is an illusion and all are one, cultivate the right qualities, live for others, know that there is no birth and death, bear everything calmly, and remember your real identity all the time.

(This note is written in memory of a friend who has recently passed away)