Preparing for the coming collapse


We marvel at the growth of our civilization and celebrate its achievements unmindful of the fact that we have lost everything.

Traditionally all of humanity was connected via families, joint families, community, society, and identity as a human. The human being and his or her welfare, development, and growth were central to all philosophies. The goal was organized society where everyone had a place and was cared for, and the wellbeing of nature was central because it is the base of life. The benevolent human intellect was the tool that kept all alive.

Compare it to where we have reached today;

  • The human being is the most ignored person in the planet. He is steeped in anxiety and loneliness
  • Nature is in shreds. There is absolutely no clue about the implications
  • All bonding systems have collapsed. There is no family, no community
  • The human intellect has disappeared. We have programmed minds intent on self harm

And then there is the rise of machines, AI and robots. The way these things are being pushed makes me feel that a lot of people know there will be a population collapse and the world will thus "need" AI and robots to run.

The question is, run what?

The world has no place without life and nature. The universe is not a machine. It is alive. The universal eye has a benevolent heart behind it, a heart that is experiencing great pain at the way things are shaping up.

The universe has an order. It has a fabric made up of the elements; space, air, water, fire, and earth. As it is a structure, great care is taken to ensure balance based upon the qualities of these elements.

The universe is conscious. The universal consciousness is reflected in all of matter; alive or perceived as devoid of life. There is nothing except consciousness. The universal mind is all there is.

The present civilization is unmindful of the wisdom of our ancestors. The crazy retards that run our world are steering it towards wholesale destruction in the name of science. The entire thing is a deception. You cannot have science without a deep understanding of the consciousness that runs it all and the elements the universe is composed of.

The word science as used today is a sick joke. The scientists are masked agents of hell who ought to be shown the door.

The structures are today falling apart as all our development is a load that is straining it like never before. The elements are in great trouble as their capabilities are being tested by the numerous machines and devices that are being manufactured and used unmindful of the consequences.

The consciousness has therefore decided that it should end. The incidents that shock us are the symptoms that death and destruction is knocking at the door.

The very powerful are proud of a power that will evaporate after it consumes the topsy turvy world. The heroes of today will quake as they find the earth slipping from under their feet. The intellects that are dictating things will find their thoughts disappearing at the turn of events.

The universal mind will witness the destruction. The consequences will be borne by those embodied.

Be Prepared.

Since ages there have been warnings that a very big change will overtake the world. At the time of the change the world would be a strange caricature of normal life and events. What is good will disappear and what is evil would be embraced. The truth would be forsaken and falsehood will rule. Evil would rise to great heights and then will collapse taking the distorted world with it.

If a person from the age of normalcy could visit this world, he would realize that the the foreseen time is now. We fail to realize it because we are too busy with the world to realize where it is headed.

We are modern people. We are shaped by the very world we have been warned about. We do not have the standard with which to measure this world. We are told we are rising, we are progressing, but all the while we have been hurtling downwards.

The predictions from the likes of Guru Nanak, Guru Gorakhnath, Sri Chaitanya, Achyutananda, Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Aurobindo, Prabhupad and Haidakhan Babaji are not intended to create fear but to prepare people for what is coming. They were also to urge people to stay on the right path and not fall into the trap of the modern world.

The chilling predictions have helped tens of thousands of people keep their cool. They have helped people recognize the signs of decay and be wary of the world. They have helped people surrender to the divine. They have helped people create oases where the suffering can find solace. They have helped people recognize injustice and fight it.

Creating fear is not the intent. Warnings are about preparing for what is to come.

This is how we can cope;

  • Untangling from the intense involvement with the world
  • Practicing detachment
  • Developing the attitude of a witness
  • Realizing that we are not the body and mind
  • Trying to fathom our real nature

The tools are;

  • Cultivating humility
  • Praying
  • Chanting
  • Meditating
  • Reading the scriptures

Be alert to your surroundings. Stop fighting among yourselves. Realize the value of unity.

When we started warning that a huge planned event is coming, we were not trying to create fear. We were helping people prepare so they could protect themselves. Later when the event happened, those who were ready survived.

That was a single event. The kaleidoscope of the coming events will test us like never before. What kind of an outcome can we expect? It will be difficult to tackle. We should try not to be overwhelmed and get ready to cushion the effect with our intellect and actions.

Escaping what is coming is not easy. The events are slated to touch everyone and every region.

We do not know about our role in it. Circumstances will decide. We may be fighters; we may be those who serve the wounded and suffering. Let us strive to do our best in all situations.