Is a living earth planning our demise?


We commit a mistake when we think that the globe we live in is an inert object. It is a living being that operates with the same principles as the human body. Just as the human frame is considered to be the vessel of the Atman or the Soul, the world too has a consciousness of its own.

The earth flourishes when nature is in full bloom and the elements; space, air, water, fire, and earth are happy and balanced. It then begets perfect life forms and spreads cheer and contentment.

Human beings are dependent on nature for survival. They also derive pleasure from it. It is a source of good health and provides all the inputs required. There are destructive phases. These phases are equated with anger and displeasure and human beings find ways and means to placate and pacify it. Many chants and rituals owes their origin to this need. Many more exist to tap into nature as well as to merge in it for self fulfillment.

Communities all over the globe are rediscovering these rituals and are benefitting from practicing them. They are finding relief from stress, strain and tensions and regaining the peace they have lost.

At the Soul level, human life is about progressing spiritually. When this goal is lost, a great dissatisfaction builds up within. Unable to recognize it for what it is, the ego indulges in materialistic pleasure that further heightens the discomfort and there is a misalignment with nature. The protector becomes the destroyer.

At that point arrives the Avatar. The consciousness from which the world emerges, takes on a form to directly interact with its creation. The methods adopted are often beyond the human mind but the effects are visible. The obstacles are removed, life is pumped into the lifeless, and the goal of life is established once again.

Currently we are waiting for Kalki. He and the group he has brought along with him are already engaged in their task, preparing for the battle ahead. Destruction for the sake of destruction is not the goal of the Avatar. The laws of Karma are followed. The troublesome elements are humbled; they realize their folly and repent. The unrepentant are banished. The devotees are protected for their potential to launch the new earth.

Our task is to align with the work of Kalki just as in the battlefield the warriors align with the goals of their leader even as they know their lives are at stake.

The current civilization has softened us. We have become like eunuchs; neither here or there. Those who have designed the change know fully well that there will be a divine retribution and therefore corrupted the divine vessels so that the task becomes difficult.

But no task is beyond the Avatar. The final battle will witness heroics and the demons will find their strength waning and plans failing. They may have mapped everything but their intent to harm will be their undoing. The divine favours the wise and destroys the fools who pretend to be wise.

There are physical forms. There are also invisible forms. The invisible forms will play a very important role. Our ancestors were aware of the dynamics and therefore shielded themselves from the destructive invisible forms. However currently they are being invited into the world.

These entities are unpredictable. They are designed to destroy and own allegiance to none. They will hold the key to the final outcome. Lord Shiva is their Lord; the reason why the Nataraj idol adorns the CERN project.

The armies of today are equipped with the most destructive of weapons. AI, robots, and drones add to it. But all of these are composed of the same elements; space, air, fire, water, and earth. As the elements rebel, the weapons too may be affected. The coming pole shift will also render all electrical and battery operated equipment useless.

The elements have their task cut out; they have to find their balance and cleanse the earth. Floods, great fires and wind, earthquakes and landslides will level all manmade structures. Islamic literature details the phases; earthquakes and land subsidence, absolute darkness engulfing the world, and a global fire as the cleansing takes place. The Bible talks of a bitterness spreading through an asteroid strike that will cleanse the poisons.

All the scriptures of the world match as they describe the coming events.

The earth knows how to create and nurture. It also knows how to destroy. It is a living entity.