The Body's Housekeeping Activities Keep Us Alive


All households indulge in house cleaning every day. The waste of the house is disposed outside the house.

What if the municipality workers did the opposite of what they do? Instead of taking the waste away to garbage dumps, they pushed the garbage back into the house? And they did it repeatedly day after day?

What would happen? In a few days the house would become unlivable. It would be full of filth and stink. The family members would fall sick. Then one day, unable to bear it anymore, the family would abandon the house.

Similarly the body engages in clean up activity everyday. The lymphatic system is the body's drainage that collects the waste and delivers it to the elimination organs who filter and eliminate the waste in the form of stools, urine, sweat, and out breath.

But if the body is enervated due to disease causing factors like wrong diet, faulty lifestyle, vicious habits, lack of exposure to elements and physical labour, the waste and toxin load increases in the body and the elimination system becomes sluggish. At such times waste builds up in the body. There is mucous build up that tries to trap the toxins and minimize the harm.

To counter such waste build up the body then resorts to symptoms like fever, chills, inflammation, colds and cough, dysentery, diarrhea, vomiting, and skin problems to eliminate the mucous containing toxins and waste.

The medical system, instead of facilitating the process, stops the symptoms with toxic drugs and vaccines adding to the toxic burden and pushing the waste back into the body. This is done every time the body tries to eliminate.

The body full of filth then struggles, becomes sluggish, and begins to coexist with the waste and toxins to survive and travels the road towards the chronic degenerative diseases that have become epidemics today. Eventually when it fails to cope it gives up the ghost.

There are killer toxins that the body gathers into tumours that are diagnosed as cancer. Those toxins are gradually eliminated by the body, if the vitality permits, in the form of extremely high fevers, ferocious colds, extensive rashes, and vicious vomiting, dysentery, and diarrhea. These symptoms can be very inconvenient but the body has no other go as it seeks to survive.

Almost every day we come across patients who get much worse after biopsy. Once the tumour is punctured the toxins spread all over the body. The system then terms it aggressive cancer, ignoring its own role in the process. The patient is subjected to radiation and chemotherapy and dies a very painful death.

The body always seeks health and happiness. The doctor seeks disease. The economy seeks disease. The WHO exists to create disease so that the pharma industry grows and profits. Philanthropists engage in harm in this twisted world of ours. People clap unmindful of what goes on.