Surviving the coming apocalypse


                                       (All images in this blog are taken from the internet)

What is the chance that you will survive what is coming?

The following criteria will set you apart;

  • Are you simple and innocent?
  • Are you poor?
  • Are you humble and meek?
  • Are you honest?
  • Are you in touch with your inner being?
  • Are you detached?
  • Are you ready to lose everything?
  • Are you satisfied with very little?
  • Are you physically and mentally strong?
  • Can you overcome grief and operate as a loner?
  • Can you survive under extremely adverse conditions?
  • Do you live off the land?
  • Do you possess survival skills?
  • Are you part of a community that has a strong bonding?
  • Does the community live in very remote regions?

But even these may not be enough. The most important thing is you need the grace and blessings of God. Achyutananda says there is a list of people assigned to various deities for protection. They will be shielded from all threats and be the seed for the future generation.

You should also have in mind other issues;

- It will not be a cake walk for those who survive. They will have to deal with problems of immense magnitude. It is mentioned that hunger and exposure to extreme conditions will be the most pressing problem for the survivors

- The conditions of the world too will not be favourable. It will take at least a decade for the world to stabilise. I had written about the predictions of a senior astrologer who had informed in 2020 that the stars foretell harsh conditions for the next 45 years. So we arrive at 2065. Only the most hardy can carry the burden of the world and lead all to the next phase.

Why will it be so difficult to survive?

- The world will go through several stages of destruction. There will be ferocious wars, riots, accidents, scarcities, economic collapse, disease, and severe natural calamities

- The last destruction will come in the form of a cataclysmic earthquake that will last for 7 days. It will redesign the modern world. Even the people who feel they are the most sheltered have to feel the impact of this great upheaval.

How much time do we have left? The fire of end times is already upon us. We would be fools not to recognise the signs.

Those keeping watch are saying events will overcome us by June 2024, and accelerate from October 2024. 2025 and 2026 will see tumultuous conditions where people stepping out of their homes will not know whether they will return. 2027 will not be easy. 2028 will see evil machinations at their peak and will cause the final war in 2029-30. The ultimate earthquake also will strike amidst the war, ending it all. If there is a nuclear war you can imagine the conditions.

It is very clear that your efforts alone will not see you through. If you are chosen and destined to survive you will.

And again, you must have the strength and conditions needed to survive during the post apocalyptic scenario. It will be the ultimate litmus test.

All because we abandoned the natural world and the natural laws that would have kept us happy and contended. If you abandon heaven and embrace hell the consequences are very severe.