Warriors of Kali Yuga.


A very distinguished person has been born in the year 2003. The configuration on that day indicates a personality like Lord Ram who is predicted to appear in this age.

Kalki is what the world is waiting for. He will not be born from a mothers womb. He will appear in this world. This form of entry is not new to Indians. Mahavatar Babaji appears like that. Kalki will make himself known through his actions. Two dates are being discussed. One is April 2026, the other April 2027. He will be powered by the Lord of Death - Yamraj. So you can imagine what he is coming for.

As Narasimha Rao has predicted 2023 will be the last peaceful year in this phase of the end of Kali Yuga. 2024 will see huge unrest and upsetting events. 2025 will witness war. This war and associated events will totally change the world.

Kalki will be invincible as his body will not be of this world. His vehicle and weapon will also be extraordinary. He will have power over the elements and will kill with air, fire, water, and earth.

Lord Vishnu's powerful weapon, the Chakra is already present in this earth. It will take over in 2024. It will distinctly be felt that the world is being dragged through a series of events when it fully activates.

The world has accumulated a lot of very powerful weapons. The divine personalities who appear as warriors will have technology that will be different and more powerful.

There will also be an army man who will be active. When the war engulfs India and the enemy forces will seize key positions, he will force them to flee. In the process there will be a big fight in Kashi. Somehow the entire region will be flooded.

At this time many will project themselves to be Kalki. They will be charlatans out for publicity. When Kalki and the warriors appear, their actions will identify them. Many mythical warriors who we know through the Ramayana and Mahabharata are present today. Some are in India, some in foreign countries.

One great villain is Bhurishruba who is currently the premier of China. He will, along with Pakistan and 13 other Islamic countries, launch a ferocious attack on India. Many Islamic countries would not like to go against India but they will be forced to. The lead in motivating the dissenting countries will be taken by Turkey. Many Muslims in India too will not like this assault and will play key roles in the fight back.

There will be a distinct class of warriors - the youth of today. As Chakradhar had told us, there will be many Arjuna's in this battle that will engulf the world.

In India the entire north east, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Odisha, Jharkhand, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, will face the burnt of the battle. Many astrologers are warning about a major invasion through the sea route in the Bay of Bengal.

The war will start in 2025. The state of Odisha will be affected in 2026. This war in the Asia Pacific region will last for 13 months. There will be a regime change within the war that will see India under Presidents rule. A fiery monk will take over. He is Balaram who is predicted to rule India in this critical juncture.

A series of nuclear weapons will be directed on India but none will explode. This along with some other events will terrify the enemy and they will flee.

Kalki will not only win the war, he will also establish the new age. He will be present in the world till all systems are in place. The process will start in 2030. The next government with Kalki at the helm will begin in 2065. These dates are indicative as post destruction a new calendar will start.

Two of the world's largest religions will disappear in this period.