The world is a self evolving matrix.


The world is a self evolving matrix.

I was exposed to predictions at an early age. It is natural for a Hindu because the scriptures speak about the past, present, and future. The Sages of India were known as Trikaldarshi - they had the ability to see through time. Therefore we have texts that inform about the turn of events.

In my childhood I used to listen to the village elders talk of changing times and how the worst was yet to come. They could sense that a terrible time was ahead when human values would crumble and society would disintegrate under the negative vices of negativity, selfishness, greed, and passion. They expressed hope that the Kalki Avatar would come to restore dharma.

Similarly the advent of Rama and Krishna was known before they appeared. Swami Achyutananda foretold the arrival of Chakradhar, how he would be in his mother’s womb for 12 years, live a thousand kilometers away from his birthplace in Odisha, extensively travel across the land, acquire a huge number of followers, and hold secret meetings with his followers in forests, mountains, and faraway places. It happened exactly as he had predicted. Sri Krishna too had foretold his next incarnation to his close friend Uddhab.

I became interested in predictions in my high school days as I observed the predictions I had ridiculed coming true. I studied Achyutananda, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Veera Brahmendra Swami, the American Indian prophecies, and many others and came to realize that they were predicting the same things. I then realized that the world was programmed and the program was revealed through the human mind.

The world and its events are described as a game - to be witnessed in a detached fashion and only involve when a spiritual soul arrives to straighten things and infuse life. Currently all the characters who will involve with Kalki are present on earth and waiting for him to reveal himself.

The world is thus a self evolving matrix. If you dive deep you understand how events happen and unfold by themselves, including the efforts of seemingly moving creatures that appear to have a will of their own. The will is an illusion. Everything happens as is programmed.

The Sages therefore talk about introspection. That is the only way one can untangle. Connecting with the base frees oneself from the illusion and the experience of pain and pleasure.

Life is both enchanting and terrible. As our nature is bliss we enjoy the pleasures and tend to forget the suffering once it is over and gone. We become attached to the small pleasures and forget the infinite bliss that we are.

Material pleasure is always followed by pain. Pain is the friend that forces us to think and develop dispassion - an essential quality that propels us towards freedom. Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi has pointed out that the only free will and choice we have is to turn inward.

The matrix is known to quantum physicists who are amazed by their findings and tend to become quiet after trying to express themselves. They realize that the materialistic civilization is not ready for the knowledge. Similarly those who undergo near death experience also tend to keep to themselves fearing ridicule.

The Sages fall silent because they become full and realize that there is no other to preach to. Only those destined to speak can take up the task. Sri Ramakrishna and Ramana Maharshi as also Nisargadutta Maharaj belong to that category.

It is foolish to think we can change the world. When it blooms we can enjoy and feel happy. When it busts we have to bear the pain. To escape the matrix we need to shift our perception. We should stop thinking that we are an individual living in a world full of people and activity. We should align with the thought that we are the energy that forms the base on which the illusion is projected.

If we are worried about ourselves, if we are proud and egoistic, if we prize material possessions and achievements, then we live in ignorance. The wise silently do the work they are assigned to do knowing full well they are merely instruments.

Any other way of working leads to suffering.