Be the presence. Be still.


You always exist. There is not a point when you did not. Try to imagine non existence. You cannot because you will be there to imagine it.

But this existence is different. It is not that the person you are has always existed. The person takes birth, enjoys life or suffers, and dies. You do not. You transcend death. You were never born.

What is it then that is immortal?

  • The consciousness? Conscious of what?
  • Awareness? Aware of what?
  • Witness? Witnessing what?

There is no existence. Existence assumes non existence. Therefore everything fails at its door. This is why Krishnamurty stresses that we need to go beyond concepts.

Abangmanasagocharam. There the words cannot reach. That the mind cannot conceive.

The one that is present is engaged in a play projecting different forms. Thanks to an illusory power, the forms take on different identities. Then starts the drama of life.

The same presence peeps through every form. The same presence IS every form. There is only the presence.

You are not the named you. You are that eternal presence. You have to only be, for you are THAT whom you seek. No effort can take you there, for there is no here and there.

All of sadhana (spiritual effort) is a waste of energy. The grassroot saints of Odisha talk of a-sadhana - the art of not doing any sadhana. It is the "Be as you are" advice of Bhagavan Ramana. It is the silence of the Buddha. It is the cry from the soul of Sri Ramakrishna. "Mother you are within me. I am awake. Yet the thief steals this knowledge!"

What do you seek? Examine yourself. Who seeks? There is the form I, there is the presence I. Whom do you seek? The form I is destined to die. The presence I is immortal.

Do not seek the continuance of the form I. Do not seek the continuance of your identity.

Be the presence. Be still.