What is the present day diabetes?


(Sketch from internet)

Is it diabetes? Today's diabetes is different from traditional diabetes. That used to be age onset diabetes, a part of aging as pancreatic function declined, and cell aging led to less glucose being absorbed. There were the classical symptoms like increased urination, increased appetite even as one lost weight.

These symptoms are rarely found today. Therefore what is today's diabetes? It is a part of a whole body disorder termed metabolic syndrome. Obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, high cholesterol, neurological problems, PCOs, stress, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, excessive sleepiness etc. are all found in this state. Such a condition of the body was very rare earlier if not nonexistent.

It could be a combination of various factors - the drugging of pregnancy, caesarian childbirth, medication of infants and children, use of vaccines and antibiotics, suppression of acute ailments and skin problems etc. compounded by processed food, pesticides and disturbance of bodily rhythms due to modern lifestyle. Due to all of these the body is not able to develop normally leading to huge anomalies.

Today research says acute ailments including common childhood illnesses are essential. Traditional wisdom says disease results from accumulation of waste matter in the body and through acute illnesses the body seeks to get rid of them. If this does not happen then chronic diseases result. There needs to be an open and frank discussion around this.

The laws of cure as defined by Dr Constantine Herring, MD and the terrain theory of disease by Dr Antoine Beauchamp, MD are great starting points. Both did not accept the germ and virus theory of disease stating that germs and viruses in fact aided the disease recovery process by acting as scavengers. By disturbing them we are profusely complicating things.

This is obvious if you note the physical and pathological parameters of metabolic syndrome. These disturbances are today found even among children. 8 to 10 year old's are suffering from Type 1 diabetes and being put on insulin.

Everything that can possibly go wrong is observed and instead of taking the bull by the horns we are treating it part by part - diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, PCOS etc. What we should be doing is look at the whole picture and keep in mind the causative factors. Only this will lead to genuine cures.

What could be the way out? We should stop interfering in everything. Acute diseases like fever, dysentery, diarrhea must be allowed to return. Skin eruptions, eczema, psoriasis or fungal diseases whatever you call them must not be suppressed with medication and steroidal creams.

This is what Dr Constantine Herring pointed out. He said the progress of disease is from outward to within, from a less important organ to a more important one. Cure is the opposite moving from within outward, from more important organs to less important ones and finally the toxins surface on the skin in various forms.

This phenomenon was observed and mentioned by Hippocrates. Herring gave it a formal shape.

What is needed is a holistic understanding of health, knowledge about what disturbs it, removing the obstacles, and guiding the body towards health. In the process the mental state will also improve, bodily rhythms will return to normalcy and positive lifestyle changes can be observed.