Please Order: "Why People Are Sick - And what can be done about it."

Dear All,

I am happy to announce that my book "Why People Are Sick - And what can be done about it" has been published. 

The book is aimed at the public as well as the modern practitioner. It points out the causes of suffering, the challenges that keep the pot boiling, details the solutions offered by various holistic systems, how to emerge from the quagmire of chronic disease, the lifestyle practices that ought to be adopted, ways to usher in health for the coming generations, the struggle between the early practitioners and the emergence of Rockefeller medicine, and suggests how the modern practitioner can change and contribute to health and cures.

In short, my book is about the following;

  • It details exactly why the world is sick
  • Analyses what is wrong with modern medicine
  • Provides the real cause behind sickness
  • Explains very clearly how the body deals with illness
  • Empowers you with a very easy health plan that will keep you healthy
  • Gives you a detoxification strategy
  • Provides the pathways to recover from chronic disease
  • Answers the many questions people have about health
  • Gives you an excellent overview of the holistic methods of treatment
  • How you can use the concepts behind holistic health to be healthy
  • How nature keeps you healthy
  • How food can cure your disease based on the taste
  • What has misled doctors and prevents them from embracing health
  • How doctors can change their practice based upon advances in medical science that the pharmaceutical industry does not want to be a part of medical education
  • How the MBBS doctors stood like a rock between the pharmaceutical industry and their patients
  • All the information you need about vaccines, why it is a false promise, the mechanism of harm, and why you should abandon the practice
  • The devious strategy that creates the illusion that vaccines prevent disease
  • How Covid fooled us all and formed the base for WW 3
  • The WHO and its evil intentions
  • How medicine is shaping to depopulate the world and enslave the survivors
  • How you can prepare for the future
  • How mainstream doctors can see reason, rectify themselves, and become healers 

Anyone desirous of having a copy can please write to the publisher at with full address. It costs INR 300/- . Post the introductory phase, a postal charge levied for sending the book through registered parcel is Rs. 42/-. The total price is thus Rs. 342/-.

Currently the book is not available outside India. However residents of the USA can write to Ms Venutha Chenagiri at is an arrangement through which the book can be delivered. This will entail courier charges.

For bulk purchases and multiple copies for libraries can be offered a discount.

For payment the details are;

Rosamma Thomas


Account No: 054201509979

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Address: Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi


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