Mental health deterioration: Causes and remedies


Mental health is not separate from physical health. Health does not come in bits and pieces. What is harming our physical health is also harming our mental state. 

The major threats are;

  • Vaccines. They contain blood brain barrier destroyers. These make the blood brain barrier porous allowing all the vaccine ingredients access to the brain. All heavy metals can be found in these vaccines as ingredients or contaminants. Heavy metals are known to corrode the mind. They also damage the gut - the primeval brain and also the vagus nervous system.
  • Damage to the microbiome. The human body is 90% microbes. The microbes are also responsible for mental and emotional stability. The combined attack of vaccines, antibiotics, and chemical drugs are destroying the microbial world at a great cost to the mental state of beings.
  • Medications today contain human, animal, and avian serum. These lead to introduction of foreign material that is known to negatively impact the mind. The small pox vaccine for example has introduced syphilis into the general population. Syphilis destroys and distorts the mind. Our present civilization is built on the impact of syphilis; mindless, selfish, based upon sensual pleasures, and destructive. Big Pharma has played the biggest role in the reshaping of society.
  • Pollution has a deep impact on the mind. It includes all kinds of environmental toxins including fertilizers and pesticides. The toxins impact behaviour. In busy roads vehicular pollution is known to cause road rage.
  • Excessive sensual pleasures, greed, and modern forms of peer pressure weaken the nervous system and affect the stability of the mind.
  • Human beings are under extreme stress. Thanks to reckless medical interventions the natural growth of the body and mind are inhibited. Consequently the immature mind is unable to take the stress and is breaking down.
  • Addiction to various substances in response to stress is compounding the problem.
  • High ambitions and pressure to perform is taking its toll.
  • The social fabric has broken down. Families are disintegrating. There is no one to turn to for help. The youth are facing a torrid time.
  • The form of education we have today is creating excessive pressure and mental breakdowns. This structure has to be dismantled and rebuilt to save our children.
  • All life forms on earth are under attack. Conflicts are raging. Stress is increasing. Just staying alive has become a battle.

By knowing about the above causes try to take steps to protect yourself.

  • Have a good balanced diet. Include fermented food like curd, kombucha and pickles in your diet. Give up junk food.
  • Try to use natural products instead of branded toxic substances.
  • Have enough rest and sleep. 7 hours of sleep is absolutely necessary.
  • Stay away from medical interventions to the extent possible.
  • Have a little exercise every day. Go out and enjoy nature. Be among good friends. Laugh. Avoid complex relationships. Don’t fall in love just for the sake of it. Meditate. These activities release the happy hormones; melatonin, dopamine, serotonin. The body knows how to take care of itself if you allow it to.
  • Have a group of reliable friends who can help you in times of need. Better still create a group and empower the members to help those who need it.
  • Do a naturopathic cleansing and panchakarma once every year to detoxify. This is essential.
  • Know the use of herbs and homeopathy. They are excellent for tackling all the negative emotions of today.
  • Do all your best to give up toxic habits. Cultivate good thoughts. Read books. Write. Communicate with friends.

A good and strong mentality keeps you fit at all levels.