Israel war changes the whole world


Two fires are raging; Ukraine and the Israel Palestine conflict. More conflicts are waiting in the wings.

  • Indo China Pakistan
  • China Taiwan
  • The inevitable flare up of the Arab Iran Syria region and politics
  • North Korea's antics

Violence will now become a part of our lives. All the negative forces will be utilized in a bid to reshape the world. Those engineering this remain hidden. What is happening is not entirely due to human planning. The powers that rule are worshippers of a different kind. Their worship has activated a force that is manifesting.

The other activities continue;

  • Disease X and the vaccines
  • Transhumanism
  • The AI revolution
  • Digital ID and currency
  • Redesigning cities

But as is written, "The best of plans shall go awry." They will torture us for some time but then things will go out of control.

This is not the time for worrying about individual survival. For many this is the end game. The bubble is ready to burst.

The Divine Will is working. Time is pregnant with the next age that is waiting to be born. The birth pangs will be very severe.

Surrender to the flow with God's name on your lips. There is nothing called death. You have always existed as consciousness. The body and the world are illusions. Everything is consciousness, everything is you. Cling to this knowledge as you go about doing your work.

There are many souls that are in this world who will shape the transition. You will see them as warriors. Many will work silently. Many will seem destructive but they are bringing down the old to usher in the new.

As a Hindu I see everything as God's plan. The evil is but the consequence of our own karma. It has to emerge, manifest and consume our sins.

Let God's will be done.

The Israel incident is a grim reminder that the worst is inevitable. It has ignited the animosity of various groups and brought two of the world's largest religions to the battlefield. This was the plan anyway. The hatred generated over the years between groups is being utilized to the full.

We could have avoided this by eliminating hatred from within us. All issues can be settled by love and dialogue. However the money pouring into the hatred campaign outsmarted us. If hating others can be a livelihood option and the passport to power many will jump at it.

How do we protect ourselves? The words of Mahasambhuti Chakradhar directed at me always ring in my ears, "All must prepare for what is coming." This was in the year 2013 or 14. No one at that time would be willing to believe that the world is headed towards a catastrophe the magnitude of which has never been seen before.

Community cohesion and mutual discussion is an essential part of life. This is how the community wards off dangers and remains alert to threats. This is why differences were created and communities broken. A society where members hate each other is very easy to manipulate.

Fighting each other, accumulating wealth, entertainment, pleasures of the flesh mesmerized individuals who did not care for consequences so long as the fun lasted. Well the fun and games are not going to last much longer.

How do we unite? At present this seems an impossibility and frankly I am flummoxed. I see very small groups that are still pursuing the right path. They give me hope. They again remind me of Chakradhar. "I do not need a large army, if there are a few that are mindful of what is to be done, that is enough."

Chakradhar was a very practical person. He was very precise in his dealings with me probably because he knew that I would write about him. He did not want an inch of publicity, but he was certain I would break the pledge.

He reminded me of a great war strategist. He was aware of subtle and physical forces of the world and how they could be harnessed for victory. He was a Kung Fu fighter in his approach. The strength of the enemy was his weapon. The stronger the enemy, the greater the ego, the greater the complacency, the easier to defeat.

The great war that is coming will engulf the world and enter every home. Haidakhan Babaji had come to warn the world that a great change is coming. He warned about the end of this civilization and the world war and civil wars coupled with natural calamities that will be its end.

The trick is to position oneself in knowledge that one is immortal, and to take the name of the Lord. Om Namah Shivay was the mantra he gave to the world. One should pray earnestly and depend on the protective power of the divine. This is the time when devotion will be tested. This is the final examination that will separate the grain from the chaff.

Fight O Arjuna. You are a cog in the wheel. The happenings are divinely ordained. The result is already determined. Do your duty and win the karmic results. Take the name of the Lord and jump into the fight. This is the message of the Gita. Death is certain and therefore not to be feared. The body falls off, you remain with the knowledge and satisfaction that you have done your best.

The good should be the goal. Fighting evil the objective. This fight is already won at the spiritual level. It has to be reflected at the material level.

"People should be ready to give up their lives to counter what is coming" - Mahasambhuti Chakradhar.

He gave up his body but is present as the Chakra. It is the most powerful weapon that determines the fate of the world. It is the fulcrum of energy, power and action. The cyclical power that decimates and rebuilds. No force can stand before it. Align with the Chakra and participate in the convoluted war that has gripped the world.