Black magic behind world events


What is behind the big events?

We observe big and complex events taking place that have far reaching impacts. We know that a lot of effort has gone into them. We recognize that from physical preparation to setting up Hollywood's style psyops for mind manipulation, there is a pattern behind these events.

But is it only planning?

We see staged events. We witness global subterfuge. There can be no denying that there is a lot of planning behind these events.

But look at the impacts. They are huge. They fool at an unprecedented scale. Is it only because they are meticulously planned and executed?

Is it possible to plan global events with the exact intended outcomes?

What else is involved? Those examining such events reveal that;

  • The intent is decided and agreed at a set date and time
  • Preparations for the event are set in motion
  • The intent is publicized beginning at a particular date time and place that is favourable for the purpose
  • Certain powers are invoked through symbolism
  • The work is taken forward by performing rituals

I read recently that the Georgia Guidestone with the NWO declaration is at a very strategic spot and designed in a particular manner. It took a lot of skill to set it up.

When this is done according to set rules, certain forces are set in motion.

There are many such energy spots all over the world. A survey done many years ago revealed such spots were occupied by temples and structures devoted to many religions.

In India temples are constructed and aligned in a particular fashion. This was done so that benevolent powers could be harnessed to protect the world.

The elite occultists do the opposite. Their intent is malevolent.

I had cautiously broached the subject with Mahasambhuti Chakradhar. "How do the rulers of the present civilization have absolute control over the population? Do they use black magic?" He surprised me with the answer.

"They are tantrics adept in perverted Tantra. They are masters in black magic."

Very soon a one world religion will be launched. In fact the current Israel conflict and the coming third world war is a very important step towards it. The objective will be to create chaos, helplessness, destroy the basic tenets of all religions, potray them to be violent and destructive and skillfully impose the satanic religion. The new religion is the "Light of Lucifer". It will be the opposite of Dharma. Many will submit for various reasons.

One other objective will also be accomplished. All religious structures located in strategic places will be taken over. Once the structures are taken over and redesigned according to Satanic plans it will be tantamount to the Satanic energy taking over the world.

It is therefore not just planning. It is much beyond that. Not everything can be written. It is also not advised to investigate for the reality is horrendous and nauseating. We are not aware what we are up against. The coming events will shock those who are not awake to what is happening.

Behind the veneer of rationality and science there is the machinations of a very old perverted religion that has used subterfuge to shape the world. The followers of this religion become active at the end of every civilization. Their actions provoke nature to counteract and destroy the entire set up. The more powerful they are the greater the destruction. This time they seem to be at their peak.

When you see false flag events you cannot fail to notice that they generally involve loss of lives. That is the sacrifice for the ritual and it takes forward the plan to manifest at the material plane.

Learn to look at symbols. Learn to recognize the rituals. They are in plain sight. Counter them with the name of God. Pray and if possible conduct prayer sessions.

Peace will temporarily depart from the world. If you are noticing world events it will become clear that global disturbances are all set to happen. Both the sides are using symbols. The war bugle has been blown. We have entered the most difficult time in history.