Beware of The Great Deception


The enemy is in plain sight and is relentlessly marching towards you. Replace the word enemy with the savior and you will understand how the game is being played.

Beware of the words necessary, protection, life saving, disease prevention, safety, security, world peace, unity, sustainable, green, one world, stability.... These are the words that are clouding your vision and lulling you into a sense of complacency.

Nobody is taking care of you. Nobody is cradling you. Nobody is looking after you. It is all an illusion. Wake up. The person that is supposedly guarding your door is the wolf ready to devour you.

The key word is transformation. The world is changing very fast. The events that are happening are shaping that transformation. Even if you understand the implications things do not change. The fraud is blatant; the power behind it seemingly infallible. It is marching ahead confident of its brutal force.

The world has been captured by money power and false knowledge. A spider’s web has engulfed everything and the spider pretends to be the savior.

The spider is the one who is fooling you with his knowledge and ideas. The world is dancing to his tune because he has created a structure where obeying him brings in the moolah. He is filthy rich, in control, sure of his objective, does not care about opposition, and has the attention of the world.

Behind him is a structure that is dark and foreboding. The wars are happening because that dark and foreboding structure is shaping another world. Whatever is good and wanted stands in its way. Whatever is good has to go for it to build its own world and establish the face of evil as the ruler.

Remember, the new world religion is the most important objective of this game. This game is very old. The creation has to be distorted. The creator has to be replaced. The world has to be totally divorced from what has created and nurtured it. The one banished has to keep his word. He has to ascend the throne.

When he ascends the throne and people accept him everything is going to fall apart. The violence he has unleashed, the forces he has nurtured, the evil intent lurking in him will turn against and consume him, destroying itself in the process. The final war will be its own solution.

Keep your sanity and watch what is happening with a prayer on your lips. God is the only guide, the only protector. The rest is the path to the holocaust.