Why the hatred against holistic systems is not justified


Hatred for what is right is ingrained in the medical profession. What are their arguments?

  • The Ayush doctors are prescribing steroids
  • The Ayush doctors are encouraging hysterectomy for leucorrhoea
  • The Ayush doctors are being utilized for unethical practices by hospital chains
  • Ayush doctors are cheap labour for ICUs
  • Ayurvedic drugs are being advertised and marketed to gullible public

In what way is the holistic systems responsible for this?

Then who is responsible? The very systems that is pointing out!

Who corrupted the holistic systems? Who introduced pathology, disease based drugging, and reductionism into holistic systems? Who took away the philosophy behind these systems arguing they are unscientific? Who is employing the confused graduates of the holistic system for their own nefarious activities? Who has shown the path of advertisement and marketing to the holistic health sector?

The very system that is criticizing it!

Life and the human body has defied materialistic science. What appears to be obvious and scientific is leading to disease, disability and death! Why?

Because the human being is much beyond the physical body. There is a life force behind its functions which is invisible and therefore outside the purview of physical probes. The disease process is invisible. The curative forces are invisible. The mind too is invisible and so are emotions that are vital for both disease and cures. The goal that propels the human being is also invisible.

Tampering with the visible without knowing the vital invisible factors is causing unprecedented suffering.

The ills are being countered by blaming the holistic doctors who, thanks to the machinations of the system, are deprived of holistic education.