Science owes everything to nature


What is science?

How did science begin?

Nature nurtures. Nature deviates. Nature destroys. Nature again rebuilds.

These actions fascinated men living in a natural environment. They knew that their existence depended upon the way nature behaved. They wanted a nurturing and blooming nature. They wanted to know how to cope when nature deviates. They wanted less of natural destruction. They wanted to know how nature rebuilds.

Nature is about vegetation, forests, rocks and pebbles, hills and mountains, ravines, water bodies, rivers and oceans, minerals, Sun and Moon, planetary formations, birds and animals, unknowns and mysteries, spirits, and its reflection within human beings. There was a lot of interest in these components.

The deep study of the above led to the discovery of many natural laws that led to respect for nature as it was discerned that a great intelligence was working behind it. Respect for nature graduated into worshipping nature.

The subtle elements were found to be the most powerful; air, water, fire, light, and sound. People wanted to align with the power and shamanism was born. Prayers, chants and drum beats, ingesting hallucination inducing mushrooms led to trances and the human mind could contact the powers as spirits and could converse with them. A lot was gained from this method of communication that was also found to rejuvenate man and creation.

The invisible was found to be the source of creation, the power behind rejuvenation, and the destructive power invoked when natural laws were broken.

The communication between man and nature sharpened the powers of investigation and reasoning and also the transfer of intelligence from the invisible to the visible. Nature allowed itself to be known and revealed.

All of this was a community affair. The community worked towards the welfare of its components.

When personal egos surfaced, the knowledge was claimed to be personal, no longer shared, used for personal gain, used to dominate others, used to earn money and ultimately used to destroy nature.

Modern science was born.

The egoistic scientist will never acknowledge that science emerged from the realization that there are natural laws, and the efforts to study the same. Nature is the giver and provider, the scientist is the usurper, the destructive force behind the exploitation of nature and her components.