It is the body that heals


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The human body is magical stuff. It emerges from a process that is yet to be fully known where the physical processes combine with intent, emotions, and a chance that is often called destiny.

The seed comes from man, is implanted on a woman who contributes the other half, and it develops just as it should based on the vitality of the man and woman, till it gets a life of its own, starts moving and exhibiting the signs of life. The life comes from a region not visible.

The woman automatically supplies the environment with the womb and amniotic sac and the food it needs through the umbilical cord. When it fully develops the forces within the woman propels it out of the womb into the external world it is unfamiliar with but it adjusts and becomes a part of it guided by an unknown intelligence.

When in the world its food automatically appears within the mother and he feeds on her breast. The warmth of the mothers embrace assures it through a hormonal process that all is well. The instincts of the mother protect the child, the father provides the needs, and the child gets an identity and a name to operate in this world.

The invisible thus becomes visible in the material world and gets a distinctive identity separating it from the billions of similar human beings who adopt the same process to appear in the world. They are all unique; no two are exactly the same even if they are twins.

The child operates on the mental and emotional plane that too is ready for it according to its need. The body that has a life of its own is a highly sophisticated dynamic biological unit whose food too automatically grows in its surroundings. The body digests the food and uses the nutrients and energy to run the innumerable processes beginning in its cells, involving organs, regulating the mind and consciousness that emerges from food, and is again guided by that very energy and consciousness. It works using every component to create a symphony that builds the totality.

All of this is done on its own.

The operations of the body generate waste and the body uses its inbuilt clock to send that waste to the eliminating organs at night to be expelled the next morning.

All of the processes require elements that the body produces on its own; the hormones that are vital to work and coordinate. These hormones occur at the correct time, in the correct quantity, do the required work, and recede at the correct time. All of this is automatically guided by an intelligence that works in the background.

The body has an instinct for self preservation that warns the user at the correct time. When it requires an external input it guides the user through instinct and appetite. When it is in danger it warns the user through fear and a medium called discomfort and pain.

All of this it does on its own.

But it is unscientific to say that the body heals on its own! When we fall sick we are supposed to take external help without trying to understand through our instincts the cause, the effects, and the steps required to heal. The insects, birds, and animals, even trees do it on their own. Unless they are unfortunate to be adopted and caged, they do not need a medical system.

A friend of mine who is a veterinarian comments that it is a crime to cage wild animals and subject them to treatment. They invariably become sick unlike their wild counterparts. In agriculture and horticulture too we notice diseases that are not present in wild varieties.

The body expels what is unwanted and harmful. This takes place through the lymphatic drainage system that delivers waste to the elimination organs. The breakdown takes place using the body's own phagocytes, bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi produced through a fermentation process. The expulsion happens in the form of fever (that helps in the meltdown process), inflammation (as the internal agents do their work and spaces between cells enlarge to allow drainage), vomiting, diarrhea, dysentery, and skin eruptions.

The process needs rest and hydration. This is ensured through fatigue, weakness, and thirst. The sense of taste, smell, and appetite are lost as the body wants to concentrate its full power in the elimination and healing process. For some time the elimination organs are burdened and are aided by hydration. The elimination involves expelling fluids and minerals that are compensated by the automatic craving for water and salts. We provide this with oral rehydration salts.

These processes have helped life forms to survive millions of years. Nobody can do these intricate processes and work better than the body and the intelligent energy that guides and operates it.

Even the mighty medical empire survives because the life energy in the body does its own work despite the interference and obstructions. Even as the empire claims to have ownership over the entire healing process, it is obvious that it cannot do anything without the healing powers of the body.

Once the energy leaves the body, the corpse cannot be made to work even by the best of specialists. This proves that the energy in the body is the supreme master that we cannot do without.

The intelligent energy is vital and is being acknowledged by scientists and doctors who are studying cellular health. The mitochondria within the cells are the source of energy. Cells require an alkaline atmosphere and need nutrients to perform. They need to be free of waste to perform at their optimum.

When we fast, the cells utilize the fasting to clean themselves. This is known as autophagy.

The body can and does heal itself. It does it all the time, unknown to us. The holistic systems study this healing power and facilitate the process. Once the cause of disease is known, the irritating factors can be avoided to become preventive medicine. The holistic systems are 95% about prevention and 5% about treatment.

Let us treat the body with respect for all that it does. Let us give it the respect that it deserves. Let us be brave enough to acknowledge its powers. Let us be grateful as it does everything for free and with very minimal discomfort to us.