Do we really need all those medical tests?


The MBBS doctor did just fine with the stetho, tongue presser, the knee hammer, and a torch.

His real tools were the power of observation, experience, intuition, common sense, and the art of interrogating and listening to the patient. If these return the majority of the current tests can be pushed out. The tests in fact push the healer out of the unfortunate doctor.

The holistic healers depend on symptoms; physical, mental, emotional. Homeopaths will require a case history in addition, that will extend to family history. The vaidya depends on the appearance and the pulse. If there is no overt attempt to sicken the person, complications that require further tests will not occur. The body is designed to protect and heal itself and it prefers to make its needs felt through direct communication.

The person that understands the art of listening to the body will not need any external person to fix it. Today the wild animals still have this faculty but humans have lost it. They eat only when hungry, have their diets mapped out, rest when tired or sleepy, fast when the appetite goes in sickness, and thereby allow the body to heal itself. They can smell bad food and water and stay away. They are known to chew bitter grass or herbs and vomit when sick and regularly visit salt licks. The movements and stretches of birds and animals is behind healing exercises like yoga and Qigong.

When we fail to listen to the body, do not understand and provide its needs, ignore the way it heals itself we create disease. When we persist and go against it we create complications. When we push toxins into the body we create monstrous diseases and disabilities that are intergenerational. 100% of today's suffering is iatrogenic and unnecessary.

Medicine is an art. We have converted it into an engineering subject. Our objective is to control every cell of the body when what is required is to simply watch as the body rectifies itself. The doctors presence may be needed but not his interference. If he can understand how the body heals itself and what it needs while doing so, he becomes the facilitator.

Upon healing the body and mind is restored to the state preceding the illness. Bouncing energy levels and happiness, cheer, and renewed interest in work are indicators that a person has healed. A healthy person does not think of the body and feel its burden.

A grave mistake is the excessive importance on the physical aspect. It is the environment, mind and emotions that are important. The modern doctor has completely lost contact with the patient as a human being. He is a case. Both have become objects. This causes disease both in the patient and the doctor. Humanity is the basis of health. Loss of it is the path to sickness of individuals and society.

The disease approach must go and the health approach embraced. Cures must be the focus and not disease management.

When the focus shifts and the pathways to cure are understood the undue animosity between the present system and the holistic systems will evaporate. A whole new vista will open up and both the doctors and patients will benefit.

The human being is a miniature Cosmos in which dwells the universal consciousness. In health it is perfectly aligned with cosmic forces. We have reduced this vast expanse and interplay to a mere physical body.

If our interest can shift to health and cures we can be cured of our ignorance.

Medical Tests: Whose Interests Do They Really Serve?