Do not invite pain by judging others


Life can become a whole lot easier if we stop judging others. Spiritual life prepares us to be non judgmental by reminding us about the truth.

If the world is a dream, if there is just the supreme consciousness, if the events are playing themselves out, then there is no point in destroying our inner peace by judging others.

The world is a stage with actors playing their role. The situation and events are pre determined. We are so immersed in the role assigned to us that we forget we are actors going through an experience.

The more we criticize the more we get entangled, the more the events drag us within it making us suffer needlessly.

We need to let go. With detachment we find more time for ourselves. Detachment also denies the world the chance to pull us into the act. We fret and fume, get affected by anger and hatred, dissatisfaction wells up within us, and we keep on ruminating over events that are best forgotten and left alone.

Life is a flash in the pan. Nothing is permanent. We are passing through a phase that starts with birth and ends in death. Let us be the traveler. Let us stop carrying the loads we can do without.

Wish for liberation. Do not try to prepare a mansion when all you need to do is to be mindful and conscious of the journey. While travelling do you engage with all that you come across on the way?

Similarly, in life, meet and greet without expectation. Certain events will happen as we suffer the consequences of the past. Do not create more trouble for the future.

The world is a dog's tail. All your efforts to make it suit your needs and expectations will only be temporary. Therefore act and leave the results to providence.

Be a tree that gives.