Commercialization of medicine


Commercialization is a bane for every kind of medicine. Ethics in ayurveda expressly forbids it. Homeopathy was mostly practiced as a social service by those who studied it on their own. I have voluntarily supported a homeopathic doctor in his clinic for 15 years, till his death.

There are several factors that have led to commercialization.

  • Organized medicine. This was a mistake as health is natural and the medical approach is fraught with dangers 
  • Taking personal responsibility away from the person so s/he would become dependent on the system
  • Opening medical colleges and making medical education prohibitively expensive 
  • The emergence of the pharmaceutical industry and its absolute control over the system
  • Medical representatives arriving on the scene putting the stamp of business upon the profession 
  • Practice becoming a full time affair. Earlier medicine was a part time job as not many people were sick enough to merit treatment 
  • Conveniently forgetting the basic determinants of health 
  • Practice of vaccination, overuse of antibiotics and steroids leading to universal sickness 
  • Completely forgetting ethics 
  • Medicine becoming an attractive profession for the perks and income 
  • Corruption of the holistic systems on the pretext of making them scientific so that their sincere practice does not upset the apple cart 

Today there is no treatment. The patient is the pathway to income and wealth. Health and cures frighten the huge network. Disease is needed and all out efforts will ensure that this vital input never exhausts itself.

We may debate our heart out, volumes can be written, all the research can be done and studies published, but things are not going to change. The practice of medicine is a livelihood, no longer a service, and by people who, thanks to the system, are kept focused on targets and incentives. The Pandemic Treaty that will be signed in May 2024 will gladden many hearts as absolute power will be handed over to the system. It will be a dream come true.

People like us have studied what it takes to self treat and we are forced to act for ourselves facing derision and threats. When I stepped out on the streets during Covid times protesting the experimental gene injections the DCP personally filed an FIR against me. He withdrew it the next day as the local administration knows me well.

The people are helpless. They know they are being harmed. They know they are being looted. They know there is no justice. They now know that they are no longer wanted on the planet. The profession feels everything is hunky dory and it is the Ayush practitioners who are the trouble makers. 

It all started because an oil barron wanted to expand his business, the powerful quacks wanted his investment, and along the way many agendas piggy backed on the juggernaut to offer a lucrative career to those who would comply and not question. 

Things happen. Bad things happen. This is all a part of life. Sometimes we need big mistakes to learn and not make the same mistake in the next cycle.