What is behind the current turmoil?


Attempt to explain what is happening.

The agenda;

A predetermined plan - carefully crafted crisis - people feel helpless - the planners come forward as saviours - present the predetermined plan - say it is the only option - people agree and accept - find themselves in a prison - the majority get to love the prison. This is the Hegelian Dialectic presented in this age by Georg Hegel, a member of the Illuminati club.

The predetermined plan:

New world order. One world government. Central bank digital currency. One world health under WHO. AI controlled digital framework that controls everything. New "woke" religion. Transhumanism. This plan was conceived more than 300 years ago.

The carefully crafted crisis.

Covid 19 and coming plandemics, climate change and disasters, famines, wars and riots, political instability, fall of paper currency, stock market collapse, huge unemployment, banking collapse, wars, riots, perverted humanity, alien invasion. Creating issues, dividing people, engaging in perpetual fights. Creating a huge entertainment network to keep people busy. Creating pornography, encouraging perversions and addictions, full power to pharma to demean the human psyche. Made possible by invoking dark forces, total control of technology by the dark forces, using expert speak and the media to create fear and panic. People feel helpless.

The facilitating agencies;

WHO, UN, WEF, Federal Reserve, World Bank, IMF, Pentagon, NASA, scientific institutions, Governments, NGOs, Social media platforms, TV, newspapers.

Who are doing it?

Research: East India Company, 13 families, Committee of 300, Illuminati, City of England, Washington DC, Vatican.

Visible faces;

Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Tedros, Anthony Fauci, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, George Soros, big industrialists, prominent politicians, prominent celebrities.


- Those who think the world belongs to them want total control

- Extreme hatred of the natural world and the urge to prove that artificial is better

- Distortion and enslavement of humanity by beings that are not human; called reptiles by those who expose them.