What Big Pharma has deprived us from


What Big Pharma has taken away from us;

  • Our health and happiness
  • The purity of our body and mind
  • Our internal connection with nature
  • Our internal connection with God
  • The love that naturally blossoms within us
  • The path to fulfill the goal of life
  • The orderliness that is a blessing for society
  • Our peace of mind that enables peace in society
  • The conscience that guides and takes on responsibilities
  • The strength that makes us bear the worst of adversities

It has done this by;

  • Severely poisoning our body, mind and soul
  • Disturbing the microbial world within us
  • Not allowing the body to grow and perform naturally
  • Suppressing the healing efforts of the body
  • Divorcing us from our natural wisdom about health and life